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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

apadana the great hall or throne-room of an ancient Persian palace.
attar otto ottar a fragrant essential oil made from the damask rose.
azedarach the stringent bark of the chinaberry, used as an emetic and cathartic. [Persian 'noble tree'].
backsheesh baksheesh backshish bakshish bakhshish buckshish in Eastern countries, a gift or present of money, a tip; (verb) to give a tip. [Pers. bakhshish, from bakhshidan, from baksh, to give].
baseej basij in Iran, volunteer vigilantes who enforce strict Islamic behaviour and dress code, esp on women.
bazaar bazar an Eastern market-place.
bezoar a concretion with a hard nucleus found in the stomach or intestines of certain animals (chiefly ruminants), formerly believed to be antidotal. [Pers. padzahr, antidote, through Arabic and Spanish].
bukshee bukshi a paymaster. [Persian bakhshi].
buzkashi a game played in Afghanistan by teams of horsemen contesting for possession of a goat's carcass.
chadar chaddar chaddor chador chuddah chuddar chudder the large veil worn by Muslim women. CHADOR takes a plural of CHADORS or CHADRI. All other forms simply take —S.
chenar chinar the oriental plane tree.
dargah durgah a structure over a place where a holy person is buried.
deev div in Iranian (esp. Zoroastrian) mythology: a demonic power.
firman a decree or judicial decision; a passport, a licence. [Persian ferman].
gambroon a twilled cloth of worsted and cotton. [Gambrun, a town in Persia].
gul a design in Oriental carpets: a stylized rose motif.
handjar hanjar khanjar a Persian dagger.
hom homa a sacred plant of the ancient Persians.
houri any of the virgins of the Muslim paradise, promised as wives to believers; hence, a voluptuously beautiful woman.
julep a cocktail of bourbon, sugar, and mint. [Persian gulab, rosewater].
kalam a type of Muslim theology.
kalamdan qalamdan a Persian writing-case.
kalamkari a method of colouring and decorating by several dyeings or printings.
kalian a Persian hookah.
kenaf a fibre-yielding plant of E. Indies, aka AMBARY or AMBARI.
lasque a flat thin diamond, common in India. [Persian lashk].
markhoor markhor a large wild goat with huge flattened spiral horns. Also MARKHOR.
mirza a Persian title of honour.
mogul moghul mughal an influential person, a magnate.
mohur a Persian gold coin. [Persian mohr].
narghile nargile nargileh narghilly narghily nargilly nargily narguileh a HOOKAH, an Oriental tobacco pipe in which smoke is drawn through water by a long tube. [Persian nargil. coconut].
padishah padhsah a chief ruler; monarch; sovereign. [Persian pad, master, + shah, king].
pagod pagoda an Eastern temple, esp. in the form of a many-storeyed tapering tower. [Persian butkhada, idol temple].
pahlavi a gold Iranian coin.
pashim pashm pashmina the fine underfleece of the goats of N. India, used for making rugs, shawls etc. [Persian pashm, wool].
peishwa peshwa peishwah the chief minister of the Mahrattas.
peri one of a race of superhuman beings, originally represented as evil but subsequently as good and graceful.
pilaf pilaff pilau pilaw pilow pillau pilao pulao a dish of rice.
pir a Muslim title, given to a holy man.
poshteen posteen postin an Afghan greatcoat.
pul a monetary unit of Afghanistan > PULS, PULI.
roc ruc rok rukh a fabulous bird.
saz a stringed instrument of Turkey and the Middle East > SAZES or SAZZES.
seacunny a Lascar steersman or quartermaster. [Persian sukkani].
seersucker a light, thin fabric, such as cotton or rayon, with a crinkled surface and a usually striped pattern. [Ultimately from Persian 'shir o shakkar', or literally, 'milk and sugar'].
serang sherang the boatswain of a Lascar or E. Indian crew; hence in Australian slang a head honcho.
serdab an underground chamber; a secret chamber in an ancient Egyptian tomb.
shah (a title of) the monarch of Iran (Persia).
shahdom the domain of a SHAH.
shatoosh shahtoosh a fine wool made from the throat hairs of the chiru antelope; a shawl made from this wool.
shiraz a type of wine grape, aka syrah.
simorg simurgh simurg a monstrous bird of Persian fable.
tebbad a sandstorm. [Persian 'fever wind'].
toman a former Persian gold coin and money of account, nominally worth 10,000 dinars. [Persian tuman].
usnea a genus of lichens, most of the species of which have long, gray, pendulous, and finely branched fronds. [Persian ushnah, moss].
yakhdan a box used for carrying ice on the back of a pack animal. [Persian yakh, ice + dan, box].
yarak of a hawk, in a fit condition for hunting.
zakat in Islam, a tax payable on certain types of property.
zerumbet an E. Indian drug, related to CASSUMUNAR and ZEDOARY. [Persian zerunbad].