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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

beersies slang for beers.
benchy of a hillside, hollowed out in benches > BENCHIER, BENCHIEST.
booai a remote rural place, as in up the booai, thoroughly lost.
booay a remote rural place, as in up the booay, thoroughly lost.
boohai a remote rural place, as in up the boohai, thoroughly lost.
califont a kind of gas water heater.
carbonette a ball of compressed coal dust used as fuel.
cavel a drawing of lots among miners for an easy and profitable place at the coalface.
chamberhand a worker in the cold storage area of a slaughterhouse.
chur an informal expression of agreement.
cowfeteria a calf feeder with multiple teats.
cuzzie a close friend or family member.
donko an informal tearoom in a factory.
doolan a Roman Catholic.
drainlayer one whose job is to build or repair drains.
dunger an old decrepit car.
fibrolite (tradename) a type of building board containing asbestos and cement.
gooby spittle.
graunch to crush or destroy.
grauncher a clumsy and incompetent mechanic.
grundies (colloquial) men's underpants.
hirage hireage the fee for hiring something.
homey a British person.
huckery ugly.
jafa an offensive name for a person from Auckland.
labellist one who wears only clothes with fashionable labels.
lemonfish shark meat sold as food.
lux to clean with a vacuum cleaner.
mallowpuff a white marshmallow on a biscuit base covered in chocolate.
masterate the status of a person holding a master's degree.
mooloo a person from the Waikato.
motelier the owner or manager of a motel.
munga an army canteen.
munted destroyed or ruined; drunk.
muttonbirder a person who hunts muttonbirds.
perfing the practice of taking early retirement, with financial compensation, from the police force.
porina the larva of a moth that damages grassland.
rark to reprimand.
ronz acronym for the rest of New Zealand.
ronzer someone from the rest of New Zealand i.e. apart from Auckland.
sad to express sadness or displeasure > SADS, SADDING, SADDED.
scody unkempt, dirty > SCODIER, SCODIEST.
scroggin a tramp's homemade high-calorie sweetmeat.
shagroon an early settler in New Zealand of other than British origin.
sharemilker a sharefarmer on a dairy farm.
sheepo a worker who drives sheep into a pen for shearing.
shippie a prostitute who solicits at ports.
skitch of a dog, to catch.
snitchy bad-tempered or irritable > SNITCHIER, SNITCHIEST.
spottie a young deer up to the age of three months.
stopbank an embankment to prevent flooding.
superette a small local supermarket.
swannie a type of allweather heavy woollen shirt.
tarseal the bitumen surface of a road.
thermette (tradename) a device, used outdoors, for boiling water rapidly.
trundler a golf bag or shopping trolley > TRUNDLERS.
walkshorts smart shorts for men.
wayleggo a shepherd's call to his dog. No -S.
wettie a wetsuit.