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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

achiote the seeds of the ANNATTO tree; also, the coloring matter, ANNATTO.
aguacate an avocado pear.
atlatl a Native American throwing-stick.
avocado a rough-skinned pear-shaped edible fruit. [Sp. from Nahuatl ahuacatl]. Pl. AVOCADOS or AVOCADOES.
axolotl any of a number of Central American salamanders of the genus Ambystoma, which live in lakes and retain many larval characters. [Nahuatl, f. atl water + xolotl servant.]
cacao a small evergreen tree of South America and the West Indies. Its fruit contains an edible pulp, enclosing seeds about the size of an almond, from which cocoa and chocolate are prepared.
cacomistle cacomixl a North American carnivore, about the size of a cat, related to the raccoons. It inhabits Mexico, Texas, and California.
chayote a tropical American cucurbitaceous plant, aka CHOKO or CHOCHO. [Sp. f. Nahuatl chayotli.]
chicalote a poppy of the SW United States.
chicle the coagulated latex of the SAPODILLA, and several related trees, which forms the basis of chewing- gum. [Amer. Sp. f. Nahuatl tzictli.]
chilli the (dried) red pod of a Capsicum pepper used in sauces, relishes, etc., and made into a hot cayenne. Pl. CHILLIS or CHILLIES. [Sp. chile f. Nahuatl chilli.]
chinampa a floating garden of earth piled on rafts of twigs.
colin the American quail or BOBWHITE.
copal a hard resin got from tropical trees. [Sp. f. Nahuatl copalli incense.]
guacamole a kind of dip. [Nahuatl ahuacamoli, avocado sauce].
guayule a silver-leaved shrub of the daisy family.
hoactzin hoatzin a South American bird; the young have clawed wings > HOACTZINES or HOACTZINS, HOATZINES or HOATZINS.
huisache a thorny, scrubby acacia.
hule ule a Central American rubber tree.
istle ixtle a fibre obtained from the agave.
jacal a hut built of erect stakes filled in with wattle and mud, common in Mexico and the south-western US; an adobe house. Also, the material or method used in building such a hut. [Mex. Sp. f. Nahuatl xacalli contr. of xamitl calli adobe house.]
jicama an edible starchy tuberous root of a leguminous tropical American vine.
mescal mezcal a distilled liquor prepared in Mexico from a species of agave.
mesquit mesquite mezquit mezquite muskit a name for two trees of the southwestern part of North America, the honey mesquite, and screw-pod mesquite.
metate in Mexico etc., a stone with a concave surface used in conjunction with a MANO for grinding maize.
nopal a Central American cactus plant, on which the cochineal insect feeds, and from which it is collected > NOPALS or NOPALES. [Nahuatl nopalli, cactus].
ocelot a kind of cat.
ocotillo a cactus-like Mexican tree.
peyote peyotl a Mexican intoxicant made from cactus tops.
pulque a Mexican fermented drink made from agave. [Amer. Sp., f. Nahuatl puliúhki decomposed.]
quetzal quezal a golden-green bird of Central America > QUETZALES or QUETZALS, QUEZALS or QUEZALES.
sacahuista sacahuiste a kind of grass that may cause poisoning in livestock.
sotol any of several desert plants of the genus Dasylirion, of the agave family, native to south-western N. America; the fibre from the leaves of this plant; an alcoholic drink made from its sap.
tacamahac tacmahack takamaka a gum resin yielded by various tropical trees.
tamal tamale a highly-seasoned Mexican dish of fruit.
teocalli a temple, usually of pyramidal form, such as were built by the aborigines of Mexico, Yucatan, etc. [Nahuatl teotl, god + calli, house].
teopan a TEOCALLI, an Aztec pyramid temple.
tule a large American bulrush. [Sp. f. Nahuatl tollin, tullin].
zopilote the American black vulture, aka URUBU.