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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

agar a kind of jelly made from seaweed
alang lalang a coarse grass of the Malay peninsula.
amok amuck in a murderous rage; frenzied; (noun) a murderous rage. [Malay amoq, or 'in a homicidal rage'].
assam in Malaysia, tamarind as used in cooking.
atap attap the NIPA palm. [Malay atap, roof, thatch].
babiroussa babirusa babirussa a large hog-like quadruped of the East Indies. [Malay babi, hog, + rusa, deer].
baju a short loose jacket worn in Malaysia and Indonesia.
bamboo a tropical grass.
banteng banting the wild ox of Java.
batik battik an Indonesian method of producing designs on cloth.
bilian a heavy ant-proof timber of Borneo.
bilimbi bilimbing blimbing an E. Indian tree of the wood-sorrel family; its acid fruit.
binturong a small Asiatic civet of the genus Arctilis.
cachou a violet-scented sweet. [Malay kacu].
cajaput kajeput cajuput cajeput a highly stimulating volatile inflammable oil, distilled from the leaves of an East Indian tree (Melaleuca cajuputi, etc.). It is greenish in color and has a camphoraceous odor and pungent taste.
caladium a genus of aroideous plants, of which some species are cultivated for their immense leaves (which are often curiously blotched with white and red), and others (in Polynesia) for food. [Malay keladi].
camphor a solid essential oil derived from camphor laurel. [Malay kapur].
campong kampong a Malay village.
cashoo catechu cutch kutch a dry, brown, astringent extract, obtained by decoction and evaporation from the Acacia catechu, and several other plants growing in India.
cassowary any of the large flightless birds of the genus Casuarius, related to the emu and native to New Guinea, neighbouring islands, and Queensland. [Malay kesuari].
catsup catchup ketchup the sauce, from Malay kichap
chempaduk an evergreen tree of the mulberry family.
cockatoo a bird of the Parrot family, of the subfamily Cacatuinae, having a short, strong, and much curved beak, and the head ornamented with a crest, which can be raised or depressed at will. [Malay kakatua].
cootie (US slang) a body louse. [Malay kutu, a biting insect].
corocore corocoro a kind of boat of various forms, used in the Indian Archipelago.
creese cris kris kreese a dagger or short sword used by the Malays, commonly having a serpentine blade; (verb) to stab with this.
damar dammar a hard resin used in making varnish. [Malay damar, resin].
dato datto a landowner or chief in northern Borneo, the Philippines, and some adjacent areas. [Malay datok, elder].
dugong a manatee or sea-cow. [Malay duyung].
durian durion a tree of the bombax family, widely grown in tropical Asia; the spinous fruit of this, the pulp of which is foul-smelling but palatable. [Malay duri, prickle].
gambia gambir gambier the inspissated juice of a plant growing in Malacca. It is a powerful astringent, and, under the name of Terra Japonica, is used for chewing with the Areca nut, and is exported for tanning and dyeing.
gecko tokay any lizard of the family Geckonidae, small, carnivorous, mostly nocturnal animals with large eyes and vertical, elliptical pupils. Their toes furnished with adhesive disks, by which they can run over walls and ceilings > GECKOS or GECKOES.
gingham a striped cotton cloth. [Malay genggang, striped].
godown a warehouse. [Malay gedong].
gomuti gomuto a black, fibrous substance resembling horsehair, obtained from the leafstalks of two kinds of Indian palm. It is used for making cordage. [Malay gemuti].
goramy gurami gouramy a very large East Indian freshwater fish, extensively reared in artificial ponds in tropical countries, and highly valued as a food fish. [Malay gurami].
gutta a coagulated milky latex from a tropical tree. [Malay getah, gum].
ikan fish esp. in the names of cooked dishes eg.g. assam ikan.
ikat a technique of dyeing yarn and tying it, thus giving geometric patterns. [Malay ikat, to tie, fasten].
istana a royal palace.
jaga to guard, watch > JAGAS, JAGAING, JAGAED.
jelutong a naturally occurring rubber-like substance, aka pontianak.
kabaya a loose tunic.
kalong a large fruit bat.
kapok a very light, waterproof, oily fibre covering the seeds of a species of silk-cotton tree, used for stuffing pillows etc. [Malay kapuk].
kati katti catty a unit of measure used in S.E. Asia.
kerbaya a blouse worn by Malay women.
kueh a kind of cake.
laksa noodles served in curry or hot soup.
lalang see ALANG.
linsang a civet-like animal of Borneo.
lory a kind of small parrot. [Malay lori].
malacca the stem of rattan palm, used for walking sticks. [From Malacca in Malaya].
mangosteen a tree of the East Indies of the genus Garcinia, bearing a fruit of the same name, also called MANGOSTEEN.
meranti wod form any of several Malaysian trees.
muntjac muntjak a kind of small deer.
musang a civet-like animal of S. Asia, aka PARADOXURE. [Malay = wild cat].
nipa a low-growing E. Indian palm, aka ATTAP or ATAP.
orangutan a long-armed primate of Borneo and Sumatra
padang a field, esp. a playing field.
padi paddy a playing field
palankeen palanquin a light litter for one passenger. [Malay palangki].
pandan a palm of S.E.Asia, the leaves of which are used to weave mats.
pandanus a palm of S. E. Asia, the leaves of which are used to weave mats > PANDANUSES or PANDANI.
pangolin the scaly anteater. [Malay peng-guling lit. 'roller', from its habit of rolling itself up.]
pantun pantoum a verse form in quatrains, in which the second and fourth lines appear as first and third line of next quatrain, and the last line repeats the first line.
parang a large Malay or Dyak sheath-knife.
parramatta paramatta a cotton or silk and wool dress material.
penang a cotton fabric.
picul pikul a unit of weight used in China and SE Asia, equal to about 100 catties. [Malay picul, a load].
pinang a kind of palm tree.
pontianac pontianak a naturally occurring rubber-like substance, aka JELUTONG. [From Pontianak, in Borneo].
prahu prao proa prau a Malay sailing boat.
rambutan a tree of the same family as the LYCHEE; its fruit. [Malay rambut, hair].
ramee rami ramie rhea or China grass, a plant of the nettle family.
ramin a Malaysian hardwood tree; its timber.
ratan rattan rotan any of various esp. Malaysian climbing plants with long thin stems.
ringgit a monetary unit in Brunei. [Malay 'toothed'].
rojak a salad dish served in curry sauce.
ronggeng a Malaysian dancing-girl.
rusa roosa a large deer [Malay rusa]; also a kind of East Indian grass from which an aromatic oil is distilled.
sago a nutritive cereal derived from the pith of the sago palm. [Malay sagu].
saladang sladang seladang a kind of buffalo.
sambal a side dish to rice.
sapan sappan sappanwood sapanwood the wood of the leguminous tree Caesalpinia sappan and other Indo-Malayan trees of this genus, formerly used to provide a red dye.
sarong a sort of petticoat worn by both sexes in Java and the Malay Archipelago. [Malay, lit. sheath]
satay satai a Malaysian dish of marinated meat barbecued on skewers.
sawah an irrigated paddy-field.
siamang a large black gibbon (Hylobates syndactylus), native to Sumatra.
simpai a long-tailed monkey, native to Sumatra.
siri sirih the betel pepper.
songkok an oval brimless hat.
stengah a drink of whisky and soda. [Malay sa-tengah, one half].
sumpit sumpitan a Malay blow-pipe made from a hollow cane.
tael a denomination of money, in China, worth nearly six shillings sterling, or about a dollar and forty cents; also, a weight of one ounce and a third. [Malay tahil, weight].
tambac tambak tombac tomback tombak an alloy of copper and zinc. [Malay tembaga, copper, brass].
tincal a crude native borax, formerly imported from Tibet. [Malay tingkal].
trepang any one of several species of large holothurians, some of which are dried and extensively used as food in China. Aka beche de mer, sea cucumber, and sea slug. [Malay teripang].
tuan sir, lord, master.
upas a tree with a poisonous drip. [Malay upas, poison].