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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

babacoote a large lemur. [Malagasy babakoto lit. 'father-child'.]
foussa fossa a red-brown catlike viverrid mammal, the largest carnivore of Madagascar.
indri indris a short-tailed lemur of Madagascar. [Malagasy indry! lo! behold!, or indry izy! there he is!, mistaken for the name of the animal, which in Malagasy is babakoto (see BABACOOTE)].
langaha a colubriform snake of Madagascar; its nose is prolonged in the form of a sharp blade.
mangabey mangaby an Equatorial African monkey with a long tail and muzzle.
ouvirandra the lattice-leaf of Madagascar.
rabanna a Madagascan raffia fabric.
raffia raphia the Raphia palm or its leaf-bast.
sifaka a kind of lemur, long-tailed and black and white, native to Madagascar.
talegalla a genus of Australian birds which includes the brush turkey. [Malagasy taleva, the purple coot, + L. gallus, cock].
tanghin a Madagascan poison formerly used to test the guilt of someone suspected of a crime.
tanrec tenrec a small insectivore, native to Madagascar.