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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

bacha bachcha a young child.
bagh a garden.
bandari a female monkey; an impudent female child or woman > BANDARIS.
besti shame, embarrassment.
bhavan bhawan a large house or building.
buda derogatory for an old man
budi derogatory for an old woman
changa an expression of approval or agreement.
deshi desi local, authentic; (noun) a person of Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi birth who lives abroad > DESHIS, DESIS
filmi relating to films or the cinema industry > FILMIS.
freshie a new immigrant to the UK from Asian countries.
gora a white or fair-skinned male.
gori a white or fair-skinned female.
haramda haramzada an illegitimate male.
haramdi haramzadi an illegitimate female.
kasme I swear.
kunjoos mean or stingy.
kuta a male dog; a man or a boy regarded as unpleasant or contempible.
kuti a female dog; a woman or girl regarded as unpleasant or contemptible.
machi as in machi chips, fish and chips.
mirchi hot.
moti a fat woman or girl.
pendu culturally backward.
rhanja a male lover.
siddhuism sidhuism any contrived metaphor or simile.
teek well.
yaar a friend.