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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

achar a spicy pickle made primarily from mango, used in Indian cooking.
aal al the Indian mulberry tree, aka noni.
arti aarti a ceremony in which candles dipped in ghee are lighted and offered to various deities > ARTIS, AARTIS.
achkan in India, a knee-length coat with a high collar.
aia ayah an Indian nursemaid.
akhara a gymnasium.
almirah a wardrobe, chest of drawers.
aloo alu a potato.
amadavat avadavat the strawberry finch, a small Indian song bird, commonly caged and kept for fighting.
ambari ambary a fibre-yielding plant of E. Indies, aka KENAF.
ankus ankush a spiked elephant goad.
anna a low-value copper coin.
argala the adjutant stork of India. [Hindustani hargila].
arna the Indian water-buffalo.
bablah babul babool a species of acacia from which gum arabic is obtained.
baboo babu a native clerk who writes English; also, a Hindu title answering to Mr. or Esquire.
bael bel bhel a thorny Indian tree.
bajra bajri bajree in the Indian subcontinent, pearl millet or a similar grain.
bagh a garden.
bahu a daughter-in-law, especially one who lives with her husband's family when married.
baloo balu a bear.
balti a spicy Indian dish.
bandana bandanna a coloured silk or cotton handkerchief or headscarf with white or yellow spots.
bandar a rhesus monkey.
bandh bundh in India, a general strike.
bangle a rigid ring as a bracelet or anklet. [Hind. bangli (orig.) a coloured glass bracelet.]
bania banian banyan an Indian fig tree with vast spreading branches; a Hindu trader.
bapu a spiritual father.
barasinga barasingha the Indian swamp-deer. [Hindi 'twelve horn'].
barfi burfi a dessert made from milk solids and sugar.
basmati a type of long grain rice.
beedi bidi a hand rolled cigarette > BEEDIES, BIDIS.
beegah bigha a land measure in India.
begar in India, forced labour.
bhai brother; a form of address for a man.
bhajee bhagee bhaji in Indian cookery, an appetizer consisting of vegetables cooked in batter.
bharal burrel burrell burhel burrhel a Himalayan blue sheep.
bhelpuri an Indian dish of puffed rice with onions.
bhindi OKRA as used in Indian cookery.
bhishti an Indian water-carrier > BHISHTIS.
bhoona bhuna a dish sautéed in oil and a mix of spices.
bhoot bhut a small whirlwind.
bindi bindhi a dot worn on the forehead by women in India.
boxwallah a pedlar; a businessman.
brahman brahmin a member of the highest Hindu caste.
brahmani a female BRAHMAN.
brinjarry a travelling dealer in grain and salt in S. India.
budgero budgerow a large and commodious, but generally cumbrous and sluggish boat, used for journeys on the Ganges > BUDGEROS.
bungalow a lightly-built house, properly one with a veranda and one storey.
bunia bunnia an (Indian) corn-merchant.
bustee a flimsy hut, a squatter colony. [Hindi basti].
champac champak champaca an E. Indian tree of the magnolia family, sacred to Hindus.
chank a kind of shell, sliced into bangles for Hindu women.
chapati chapatti chappati chupati chupatti a thin flat piece of unleavened bread.
chappal a type of open sandal worn in India.
charas churrus the resinous exudation of hashish, a narcotic and intoxicant.
chatta an umbrella.
chatti an earthen pot, porous to keep water cool > CHATTIS or CHATTIES.
chela a novice in Buddhism.
chetah cheetah a hunting cat of Africa.
chik a slatted blind. [Hindi ciq].
chikara chinkara an Indian gazelle
chikhor chikor chukar chukor an Indian partridge.
chillum the part of a hookah containing the bowl and tobacco-balls. [Hindi chilam].
chital the axis deer.
chokey choky a prison.[Anglo-Ind, from Hindi cauki, caukidar].
chokra a boy; a household or regimental servant.
chokri a girl; a female household or regimental servant.
choli a short, close-fitting blouse worn under a sari.
chota little, as in chota peg, a little drink.
chout in India, an assessment equal to a fourth part of the revenue, extracted by the Mahrattas as blackmail.
chowk a marketplace > CHOWKS.
chowri chowry a whisk to keep off flies, used in the East Indies.
chukka chukkar chukker a period of play in polo. [Hindi cokkar, a circular course].
chupatty a thin flat piece of unleavened bread > CHUPATTIES.
churidar as in CHURIDAR pyjamas, long tight-fitting trousers worn by Indian men and women > CHURIDARS.
chutnee chutney a warm or spicy condiment or pickle made in India, compounded of various vegetable substances, sweets, acids, etc.
coss koss kos a measure of distance.
cotwal kotwal the chief constable of an Indian town.
cowage cowhage cowitch a leguminous climbing plant of the genus Mucuna, having crooked pods covered with sharp hairs, which stick to the fingers, causing intolerable itching. [Hindi kavach].
crore an Indian unit of counting: ten million. [Hindi karo].
crorepati In India, a person whose assets are worth at least one crore or a million rupees.
cummerbund a waistband, a sash. [Hindi kamarband, a loinband].
cushy (coll.) easy, comfortable. [Hindi khush, pleasant].
cutcha kacha kachcha kuchcha kutcha made of dried mud, makeshift.
cutcherry kacheri kachahri cutchery an Indian magistrate's office or courthouse.
daal dahl dal dhal dholl an Indian name for a lentil.
dabba in Indian cookery, a round metal box used to transport hot food > DABBAS.
dacoit dakoit an Indian bandit.
dacoitage dakoiti dakoity robbery by DACOITS, gang-robbers.
daftar in India, an office, esp. a military orderly room; a bundle of documents.
dak dawk in India, the mail or post; a letter. [Hindi dak, a relay of men].
darga a structure over a place where a holy person was buried or cremated.
darshan a blessing conferred by touching or seeing a holy person.
darzi durzi a tailor.
datura a genus of solanaceous plants, with large funnel-shaped flowers and a four-celled, capsular fruit. [Hindi dhatura].
decko dekko (Sl.) a look; (verb) to take a look. [Hindi dekho look (imperative)].
dhaba (in India) a roadside cafe.
dhak a leguminous tree of eastern India and Myanmar, with showy orange or red flowers.
dharmsala dharmshala a building having a religious or charitable purpose, a free or cheap lodging for travellers.
dharna dhurna a method of collecting a debt in which the person who is owed money sits on the debtor's doorstep until payment is made, or the debtor starves to death.
dhobi a washerwoman.
dhol dholak a large cylindrical drum used in Indian music.
dhooly dooly doolee doolie a kind of litter suspended from men's shoulders, for carrying persons or things; a palanquin.
dhooti dhootie dhoti dhuti a Hindu loincloth.
dhurrie durrie a cotton rug made in India.
dingey dinghy dingy Originally, a native rowing-boat in use upon Indian rivers.
dixie dixy a military cooking-pot.
diya a small oil lamp used in Hindu worship, esp at Diwali.
dobhash an interpreter. [Hindi dobashi, do (two) + bhasha, language].
doob a perennial, creeping grass, aka dog's tooth, highly prized, in Hindostan, as food for cattle.
doolally characterized by an unbalanced state of mind [spoken form of Deolali, India, where British soldiers who had completed their tour of duty were sent to await transportation home].
dopatta dupatta a silk or muslin shawl.
dopiaza in India, meat or fish cooked in onion sauce > DOPIAZAS.
dosa an Indian pancake made from rice flour > DOSAI or DOSAS.
dungaree a heavy coarse durable twilled cotton, usually coloured.
ekka a small one-horse carriage.
feni fenny an alcoholic spirit produced in Goa from coconuts or cashew nuts.
ganja ganjah a resinous form of marijuana.
garial gavial gharial an Indian crocodile with a long snout. [Hindi ghariyal, crocodile].
garjan gurjun a thin balsam or wood oil derived from the Diptcrocarpus laevis, an East Indian tree. It is used in medicine, and as a substitute for linseed oil in the coarser kinds of paint.
gaur a kind of wild ox, aka SELADANG
gayal gyal an Indian domesticated ox.
gharri gharry in India, a wheeled vehicle for hire.
ghat ghaut (in India) a mountain pass; a landing stage; a place for cremation.
ghee ghi clarified butter.
gherao (in India) the surrounding or trapping of a person, e.g. an employer in a room or building, till demands are met; (verb) to carry out such an action.
ghubar gobar as in ghubar numeral, any of a set of numerals forming the stage between ancient Hindu numerals and present-day Arabic numerals.
gingal jingal gingall jingall a large Chinese or Indian swivel-musket. [Hindi janjal].
gingeli gingelly gingelli gingili jinjili the sesame seed or its oil. [Hindi jinjali].
gobi a cabbage or cauliflower.
golconda a rich source of wealth (from the ruined city of Golconda near Hydebarad, once famous for diamond-cutting).
goonda a hired thug, esp. one in the hire of a political party.
goor gur an unrefined cane sugar.
gooroo guru an Indian term of respect.
gosht in Indian cookery, meat.
guar a legume grown for forage and its seeds which yield guar gum.
gunny a strong coarse jute fabric. [Hindi gani, sack].
gurrah a coarse Indian muslin. [Hindi garha, thick].
gyan knowledge.
halwa a sweet Indian dish.
hanuman a monkey with a bristly face.
hartal in India, a general strike.
hing asafoetida, a fetid gum resin.
jaconet a kind of thin cotton fabric, especially with one side glazed. [Hindi Jagannath (now Puri) in India, its place of origin: cf. JUGGERNAUT.]
jaggary jaggery jagghery jagra a coarse dark sugar.
jaghir jaghire jagir in Pakistan, a village or district the government and revenues of which are assigned to some person, usually in consideration of some service to be rendered, esp. the maintenance of troops.
jaghirdar the holder of a JAGHIR.
jai victory (to). No —S.
jalfrezi in Indian cookery, denoting a hot-flavoured dish of meat or vegetables stir-fried with green chillis and spices. No —S.
jawari jowar jowari Indian millet, aka DURRA.
jodhpur Usu. in pl.: long riding-breeches, wide around the hips but close-fitting from knee to ankle. [From JODHPUR in India].
jugaad a resourceful approach to problem-solving.
kachori an Indian snack of pastry with a spicy filling.
kachumber a salad of chopped onion, tomato, cucumber, and (sometimes) other vegetables.
kadai karahi a wok-like copper utensil used in Asian cookery.
kamala kamela kamila the red dusty hairs of the capsules of an East Indian tree used for dyeing silk. It is violently emetic, and is used in the treatment of tapeworm.
kans an Indian grass related to sugar-cane.
karait krait a venomous snake of India.
keddah kheda khedah an enclosure used for the capture of wild elephants.
kedgeree a dish of baked fish, boiled rice, and eggs.
keema in Indian cookery, minced beef.
kellaut khilat khalat killut a robe of honour.
khaddar khadi homespun cotton cloth.
khansama khansamah a house-steward or butler in India.
kharif a crop sown before the monsoon to ripen in autumn.
khud in India, a pit, hollow, ravine.
khurta kurta a loose-fitting Indian tunic.
killadar the commandant of a fort or garrison.
kirana in India, a small, usually family-owned shop selling groceries and other sundries.
kisan a kind of Indian peasant.
kofta minced and seasoned meatballs.
korma a mild curry
kukri a broad curved Gurkha knife.
kumari Miss (as a title of respect).
kumkum a red powder used by Indian women.
kunkar kunkur a concretionary limestone in India. [Hindi kankar, stone].
lac a dark red resin.
lakh a unit of counting: one hundred thousand.
langur a long-tailed Asian monkey.
lascar an East Indian sailor.
lashkar a body of armed Indian tribesmen.
lassi a drink based on sour milk, popular in the East.
lathee lathi in India, a heavy stick.
leep to plaster with cow-dung.[Hindi lipna].
lota lotah in India, a small brass or copper pot.
lungee lungi lungyi in India, a long cloth used as a loin cloth, turban etc.
machan a raised platform, esp. in a tree, to watch for game.
mahant a chief Hindu priest.
maharaja maharajah a RAJA over other RAJAS. [Literally, 'great king'].
maharani maharanee the wife of a MAHARAJA. [Literally, 'great queen'].
mahout an Indian elephant driver.
mahseer mahsir a large freshwater fish. [Hindi mahasir].
mahua mowra mowa mahwa a kind of butter-tree with edible flowers.
makhani in Indian cookery, cooked in butter or cream.
mala a string of beads or knots used in prayer.
mali one of the gardener class in India.
mandi a big market > MANDIS.
mandir mandira a Hindu or Jain temple.
mazhbi a Sikh of low caste.
mehndi in India, the practice of painting designs on the hands, feet etc using henna > MEHNDIS.
mela in the Indian subcontinent, a Hindu festival or fair. [Hindi, from Sanskrit mela, assembly].
memsahib an Indian honorific, lady sahib.
moong mung as in moong bean or mung bean, a kind of bean.
moonshee munshi a secretary, interpreter.
morcha a hostile demonstration against the government. [Hindi 'entrenchment'].
muggar mugger muggur a broad-snouted Indian crocodile. [Hindi magar].
mulmul mulmull a fine, soft muslin.
musth a state of frenzied sexual excitement. [Hindi masth, intoxicated].
myna mynah an Asiatic bird. [Hindi maina].
nabob a European who has amassed a fortune in the East.
nabobess a female NABOB, a European who has amassed a fortune in the East.
nach nautch an entertainment in India consisting chiefly of dancing by professional dancing girls.
naik the rank of corporal in the Indian army.
nainsook a fine cotton fabric. [Hindi nainsukh].
nala nalla nallah nulla nullah a ravine, a watercourse. [Hindi nala].
nan naan a kind of Indian bread.
nautch nauch an entertainment in India consisting chiefly of dancing by professional dancing girls.
neem neemb nim nimb an East Indian tree.
nilgai nilghai nilgau nilghau nylghai nylghau a kind of antelope. [Hindi 'blue cow'].
nizam the title of the native sovereigns of Hyderabad, in India, since 1719.
nizamate the office of a NIZAM.
notebandi (Hindi) (in India) the withdrawal of certain banknotes from use as currency; demonetization.
nuzzer a present to a superior.
omrah a Muslim lord. [Hindi umra].
oont a camel.
paan pan betel leaf.
pachak putchock putchuk false ginger root.
pachisi parchesi parchisi parcheesi a game, somewhat resembling backgammon, originating in India.
pagri puggaree pugaree puggree pugree puggery puggry a turban, a light scarf worn round a hat to keep out the sun.
paisa an Indian coin, 1/100 of a RUPEE > PAISE or PAISAS.
pakka pukka pucka genuine; first-class.
pakora an Indian dish of chopped vegetables fried in batter.
palas a leguminous tree of eastern India and Myanmar, the DHAK tree.
palkee palki a palanquin.
panchayat five elders, council of five that is the basis for Indian village government.
paneer a soft white cheese used in Indian cookery.
paratha a flat round cake of unleavened bread, traditionally eaten as an accompaniment to Indian food.
pargana pergunnah a division of an administrative district in ZILLAH in India.
parishad an Indian assembly.
peepul pipul pipal the bo tree.
petara pitara pitarah in India, a travelling box for clothes.
phansigar in the Indian subcontinent: a professional robber and assassin of travellers and others; a Thug.
phut a sound like a bullet; (verb) to make this sound. [Hindi phatna, to split].
pice an Indian coin, 1/4 anna. No —S. [Hindi paisa].
pindaree pindari a mercenary freebooter troublesome in India.
poogye poogyee the nose flute of the Hindus. [HIndi pugi].
poori puri in India, a small round cake fried in vegetable oil.
pracharak in India, a person appointed to propagate a cause through personal contacts, meetings etc.
pradhan (in India) a chief or leader.
pujari a priest.
pultan pulton pultoon pultun an Indian infantry regiment.
pulwar a light keelless boat used on the Ganges.
punka punkah a large palm-leaf fan suspended from the ceiling used esp. in India.
puteli a flat-bottomed boat used on the Ganges.
puttee puttie a long strip of cloth wound round lower leg, especially as part of army uniform.
qorma an Indian dish, a mild curry. Also KORMA.
ragee ragi raggee raggy a kind of millet.
raita an Indian dish of chopped vegetables in yogurt. [Hindi rayta.]
raiyat ryot an Indian peasant.
raiyatwari ryotwari a system of peasantry in India.
raj sovereignty, rule
raja rajah an Indian ruler.
rajpramukh the head of a state or states union in the Democratic Republic of India.
rana a Rajput prince.
ranee rani an Indian queen.
rangoli a traditional Hindu form of decoration on floors and doorsteps, forming patterns of coloured sand and riceflour.
rasmalai an Indian dessert made of cheese, milk and almonds > RASMALAIS. [Hindi ras, juice, + malai, skin formed on a hot liquid when it cools].
rath a four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage or chariot.
ratha a four-wheeled carriage drawn by horses or bullocks.
regar regur the rich black soil of the Indian subcontinent
reh an efflorescence of salts on soil in India.
roosa rusa a kind of East Indian grass from which an aromatic oil is distilled.
roti a cake of unleavened bread.
rupee an Indian currency unit.
rupiah the standard unit of currency of Indonesia.
saag in Indian cookery, spinach.
sadhana one of a number of spiritual practices or disciplines which lead to perfection, these being contemplation, asceticism, worship of a god, and correct living.
sahib saheb an Englishman or other European as addressed or spoken of by Indians.
sahiba sahibah a lady SAHIB.
sal a large tree of N. India.
sambar sambhar sambhur sambur a large deer.
samiti samithi in India, an organisation or committee of workers.
samosa a small, fried pastry turnover stuffed with spiced vegetables.
sangeet a kind of pre-wedding party in a Hindi or Sikh marriage.
sangh an association promoting unity between different groups in Hindusim.
sannyasi sannyasin sanyasi a Hindu ascetic or hermit who lives by begging.
sant in Sikhism, a devout person, a saint.
sarangi an Indian stringed insrument, played like a fiddle.
saree sari the principal garment of a Hindoo woman, a long piece of cloth, which is wrapped round the middle of the body, a portion being arranged to hang down in front, and the remainder passed across the bosom over the left shoulder.
sarod sarode an Indian instrument like a cello.
sarpanch an elected head of a village council in India. [Hindi sar, head + panca, five].
sarus a large red-headed crane found from India to the Philippines.
satara ribbed lustred wool.
sena in India, an army, esp. used of paramilitary organisations representing various castes.
ser a unit of weight in India.
sev an Indian food of deep-fried strands of flour.
shama an Indian millet-like cereal; an Indian song-bird.
shamiana shamianah shamiyanah in India, a large tent, awning or canopy.
shampoo to wash the hair with a special preparation. [Hindi capna to squeeze].
sherwani in India, a man's knee-length coat buttoning up to the chin.
shikara a light flat-bottomed boat used in Kashmir.
shikra a small sparrowhawk.
sissoo a papilionaceous Indian timber tree or its wood. [Hindi sisu].
sola solah a spongewood.
soucar sowkar a Hindu banker.
suba subah a province in India.
subadar subahdar subedar a viceroy; provincial governor; sepoy company commander.
sunn an E. Indian plant with tough fibre used in cordage.
surat a coarse uncoloured cotton (from Surat, in India).
swacch clean.
swami swamy a Hindu mystic.
tabasheer tabashir a siliceous substance sometimes found in crude form in hollows of bamboos, used in Eastern medicine.
tabla an Indian percussion instrument, a pair of small drums.
tahsil tehsil in India, a division of a district for revenue and certain other purposes.
tahsildar tehsildar one who administers a TASIL or TEHSIL.
talooka taluk taluka a large estate; esp. one constituting a revenue district or dependency the native proprietor of which is responsible for the collection and payment of the public revenue due from it. [Hindi ta'alluq, estate].
talukdar a proprietor of a TALUK, a large estate.
tana tanah tanna tannah thana thannah thanah a police station.
tanadar thanadar an officer in charge of a TANA, a police station.
tandoor tandoori a type of Indian cooking in which meat, vegetables etc. are baked over charcoal in a clay oven.
tangun a piebald variety of the horse, native of Tibet.
tasar tussor tussore tussar tusseh tusser tussah tussur a fawn-coloured silk made from wild Indian silkworms.
tassa a large Indian kettledrum worn hanging round the neck.
tava tavah tawa a griddle in Indian cookery.
teapoy tepoy an ornamental stand, usually with three legs, having caddies for holding tea.
terai a wide-brimmed ventilated hat. [From the Tarai, India].
thagi thuggee murder and robbery by thugs.
thali a meal consisting of several small meat or vegetable dishes accompanied by rice, bread, etc., and sometimes by a starter or a sweet > THALIS.
thug a violent ruffian.
ticca hired.
tika tilak a red mark on the forehead of Hindu women.
tikka denoting a dish of meat or vegetables marinated in yoghurt and spices.
til the sesame plant (source of food and oil).
toddy the fermented sap of various palm trees. [Hindi tari].
tola an Indian unit of weight. [Hindi from Skr. tula, weight].
tonga a light two-wheeled Indian vehicle. [Hindi tanga].
toon an Indian tree of the mahogany family. [Hindi tun].
topee topi a tropical pith helmet.
toran torana in the Indian subcontinent, a sacred Buddhist gateway, consisting of a pair of uprights with one or more (usu. three) crosspieces and elaborate carving.
tulsi a kind of basil, sacred in Indian belief.
tulwar an Indian sabre.
urd a kind of Indian bean.
vakeel vakil an Indian agent.
vanda a tropical orchid. (Hindi vanda, mistletoe).
veranda verandah viranda virando a roofed gallery, terrace, or open portico along the front or side of a building.
walla wallah a person who is associated with a particular work or who performs a particular duty or service - usually used in combination.
yojan yojana in the Indian subcontinent: a measure of distance.
zamindar zemindar in India, a type of landowner.
zamindari zamindari zemindari zemindary the jurisdiction of a ZAMINDAR.
zila zillah zilla an administrative district in India.
zindabad long live, used in slogans.