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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

acca an academic.
acker an academic.
alco a heavy drinker or alcoholic > ALCOS.
alf an uncultivated Australian.
alko a heavy drinker or alcoholic > ALKOS.
arvo afternoon > ARVOS.
arsey arsy irritable.
aspro an associate professor > ASPROS.
backblock of the backblocks, remote, sparsely populated country.
backblocks bush or remote farming area far distant from city amenities.
bagswinger a streetwalker.
barbie a barbecue > BARBIES.
barro embarrassing.
barry an embarrassing mistake.
bastardry malicious or cruel behaviour.
beaut a beauty > BEAUTS; (adj.) beautiful > BEAUTER, BEAUTEST.
berko berserk.
berley burley nonsense, rubbish; (verb) to scatter bait over water; to hurry, urge on.
biffo fighting or aggressive behaviour > BIFFOS.
bikie a member of a motorcycle gang.
billie billy billycan a metal camp pot.
bingle a minor crash, as in a car or on a surfboard; (unrelated verb) to cut the hair in a certain style.
bitser a mongrel dog.
bizzo irrelevant talk > BIZZOS.
blackbirder a person engaged in press-ganging or kidnapping labourers in the south Pacific region for work on the sugar plantations; a slave trader
blockie the owner of a small property, esp. a farm.
blowie a blowfly.
bludge to loaf; to scrounge.
bludger an idler, a scrounger.
boab short for baobab, a tree native to Africa.
boardies board shorts.
bogan a fool.
bogger a lavatory.
bogie to bathe or swim > BOGIES, BOGIEING, BOGIED.
boilover a surprising result in a sporting event, esp a horserace.
bombo cheap wine > BOMBOS.
bommie an outcrop of coral reef.
bonza very good.
bonzer very good.
boobhead a repeat offender in prison.
boofhead a stupid person.
boofy muscular and strong but stupid.
booner a young working class person from Canberra.
boshta very good.
boshter very good.
bosker very good.
bottler an outstanding person or thing.
bowyang a strap tied round the trouser legs by outdoor labourers.
brasco a lavatory > BRASCOS.
bred one who lives in a small remote place.
brickfielder a hot dry wind in Australia.
brinny a stone esp when thrown.
brumby a wild horse.
bub bubby a baby > BUBS, BUBBIES.
buckjumper an untamed horse.
buckjumping a competitive event for buckjumpers in a rodeo.
bullbars A metal bar or grille fitted to the front of a motor vehicle to protect against damage in the event of a collision.
bulldust a euphemism for bullshit.
bullock an ox; (verb) to work hard and long.
bullocky a bullock-driver.
bullroarer a wooden slat attached to a thong that makes a roaring sound when the thong is whirled: used esp by native Australians in religious rites.
bunger a firework.
bunghole mouth.
bushman a settler or traveller in the bush > BUSHMEN.
bushranger an escaped criminal living in the bush.
cakeage a charge levied in a restaurant for serving cake (such as a birthday cake) brought in from outside the premises
carby short for carburettor.
cark as in cark it, to die.
chewie chewing-gum > CHEWIES.
chiack to tease, deride.
chigga a derogatory term for a young working-class person from Hobart, Tasmania.
chockers full up, packed.
chocko in World War II, a conscript > CHOCKOS.
choco in World War II, a conscript > CHOCOS.
choof to go, vamoose.
chookie a chicken.
choom an Englishman.
chuddy chewing-gum.
chunder to vomit.
chunderous nauseating.
chyack to tease, deride.
cleanskin an unbranded animal.
clearskin an unbranded animal.
clucky obsessed with babies, broody > CLUCKIER, CLUCKIEST.
cluey well-informed and adroit > CLUIER, CLUIEST.
cobber friend, mate.
cocky a farmer whose farm is regarded as small or of little account > COCKIES; (adj.) bumptious > COCKIER, COCKIEST.
coit the buttocks, the backside > COITS.
commo a communist > COMMOS.
compo compensation > COMPOS.
connie a tram or bus conductor > CONNIES.
cooee to make a call to attract attention > COOEES, COOEEING, COOEED.
convo a conversation > CONVOS.
cossie costume, clothes.
cougan a rowdy drunkard.
couta a type of wooden sailing boat.
cozzie costume, clothes.
cray a crayfish.
crim a criminal.
cronk ill; of poor quality > CRONKER, CRONKEST.
crook ill, unfair > CROOKER, CROOKEST; (noun) a criminal; (verb) to bend or form into a hook.
crool to spoil eg chances.
dack to remove the trousers from, debag.
dadah illegal drugs.
daggy scruffy, dishevelled > DAGGIER, DAGGIEST.
damper a simple kind of unleavened cake or bread made, for the occasion, of flour and water and baked in hot ashes.
delo a delegate > DELOS.
dero derro a tramp or derelict, esp. one who is dependent on alcohol.
derry a dislike, as in to have a derry on someone.
destructo a destructive person > DESTRUCTOS.
diggable easy to enjoy.
dingbat a fool, halfwit.
dingo the Australian wild dog > DINGOS or DINGOES; (verb) to act in a cowardly manner > DINGOES, DINGOING, DINGOED.
dinkum genuine; (noun) the truth.
disbenefit a disadvantage.
dob to inform upon, betray > DOBS, DOBBING, DOBBED.
dobber one who dobs, informs upon.
doco a documentary > DOCOS.
dodger food, esp. bread.
dogman a person who directs the operation of a crane while riding on the object being lifted by it > DOGMEN.
doona a continental quilt (orig. a trademark).
dorb a stupid or inept person.
dorba a stupid or inept person.
drac of a woman, unattractive.
drack of a woman, unattractive.
dreamtime in the mythology of Australian Aboriginals, the time when the earth and patterns of life on earth took shape > DREAMTIMES.
drongo an idiot > DRONGOES or DRONGOS.
droob a pathetic person.
dubbo a stupid person > DUBBOS.
duckbill the duck-billed platypus.
duckmole the duck-billed platypus.
duckshove to jump a queue; to cheat; to avoid responsibilities.
duckshover one who duckshoves, jumps a queue; cheats.
dunny an outside toilet.
durry a cigarette.
earbash to talk incessantly.
earbasher one who earbashes, talks incessantly.
echidna a kind of anteater > ECHIDNAE or ECHIDNAS.
esky a portable insulated container for keeping drinks cool.
evo evening > EVOS.
exo excellent.
fairyfloss candyfloss.
fang to drive recklessly[from Juan Manuel Fangio, 191195, Argentine racing car driver] .
farnarkel to waste time, mess about > FARNARKELS, FARNARKELING, FARNARKELED.
fastie a deceitful trick.
festy very bad > FESTIER, FESTIEST.
fibro (short for) fibrocement; a shack made of these > FIBROS.
figjam a conceited person.
firie a firefighter.
fizzer anything which disappoints.
flannie a shirt made of flannel or flannelette.
flanny a shirt made of flannel or flannelette.
flatette a small flat.
fossick to search for gold or precious stones in abandoned mines etc.
fossicker one who fossicks.
foulie a bad mood .
franger a condom.
frib a short heavy-conditioned piece of wool removed from a fleece during classing.
foxie a fox terrier.
fundie (slang) a fundamental Christian.
furphy a rumour.
garbo a garbage collector > GARBOS.
gidday an expression of greeting.
ging a child's catapult.
gladdie a gladiolus.
goog an egg; full as a goog means drunk.
goanna any of various Australian monitor lizards; (sl.) a piano.
gooley a small stone; (pl.) testicles.
goolie a small stone; (pl.) testiclesS.
gooly a small stone; (pl.) testicles.
greenie a conservationist.
grommet a young or inexperienced surfer.
gumsucker a native-born Australian.
gutser gutzer a cropper, a heavy fall.
hoon a lout, a yob; (verb) to act loutishly.
hooroo goodbye, cheerio.
hornbag a promiscuous woman.
hostie an air hostess.
hutchie a groundsheet draped over an upright stick, used as a temporary shelter.
imshi imshy (old military slang) go away.
jackaroo jackeroo a newcomer gaining experience at a sheep-station; (verb) to work as a newcomer at a sheep farm.
jackpot (verb) to accumulate stake money in a prize fund.
jake honest, fine; (noun, US) a country lout, a yokel.
jeff to spoil or destroy ruthlessly.
jewie the jewfish.
jillaroo a female jackaroo, a newcomer gaining experience at a sheep-station.
jinker a vehicle for transporting timber, consisting of a tractor and two sets of wheels for supporting the logs; (verb) to transport in a jinker.
journo a journalist > JOURNOS.
jumbuck a sheep.
kark to break down, die.
kelpie kelpy an Australian breed of sheepdog, originally developed from Scottish collies, having a smooth coat of various colours and erect ears.
kembla small change.
kennett to spoil or destroy ruthlessly.
kero kerosene > KEROS.
kidstakes nonsense, humbug.
kindie kindy a kindergarten.
kybo a temporary lavatory constructed for use when camping > KYBOS.
lagerphone a percussion instrument using the tops of beer bottles to make a jingling noise when struck or shaken.
lairise to act the lair (a flashily dressed man).
lairize to act the lair (a flashily dressed man).
lamington a piece of sponge cake, coated in chocolate and coconut.
larrikin a hoodlum, a rowdy.
larrikinism the activities of larrikin.
lemony angry or irritable.
littlie a young child.
loosie in rugby, a loose forward.
loppy a man employed to do maintenance tasks on a ranch.
maggie a magpie.
magsman a conman, a street swindler.
mangulate to bend out of shape, mangle.
mary a woman, esp an aboriginal woman.
mateship the comradeship of friends.
matilda a hobo's bundle.
melba applied to several foods named after Dame Nellie Melba (1861-1931), Australian opera singer, such as melba toast, very thin crisp toast, and melba sauce a sauce for puddings, made from raspberries.
metho methylated spirits > METHOS.
mickey micky a young bull, esp. one that is wild or unbranded > MICKEYS, MICKIES.
middy a 285ml beer glass.
milko a milkman > MILKOS.
mo a moustache > MOS.
moccies moccasins.
mocker clothing; (verb) to clothe.
mossie mosquito.
motser a large amount of money, esp a gambling win.
motza a large amount of money, esp a gambling winS.
moz bad luck > MOZZES.
mozz bad luck > MOZZES.
mozzie mosquito.
mozzle to hamper; to hex.
mules to perform the Mules operation on a sheep.
mulesing the practice of removing wool-bearing skin from around the tail of (esp merino) sheep to prevent blowfly infestation.
mullock waste earth or rock from a mine.
mullocky like waste earth or rock from a mine.
mushie a mushroom.
muso a musician > MUSOS.
myxo myxomatosis > MYXOS.
nana an idiot, a fool.
newie a new arrival.
nixer a spare-time job.
noah a shark.
nointer a mischievous child, rascal.
nong a fool, an idiot.
nork a woman's breast.
nuddy a state of nudity, as in in the nuddy.
nutso insane; (noun) a crazy person > NUTSOS.
ocker a boorish, uncultivated Australian.
ockerism boorishness in Australians.
offsider a bullock-driver's assistant.
oncus disordered, bad.
onkus disordered, bad.
oscar cash, money.
overland to drive stock overland from one place to another
overlander person who travels overland from one settlement or place to another.
pakapoo a Chinese lottery with betting slips marked with Chinese characters.
parma a dish of chicken in breadcrumbs, topped with Parmesan cheese and a tomato sauce, and served with ham or bacon.
parra a tourist or nonresident on a beach.
perv perve to behave as a sexual pervert.
pigface a creeping succulent plantwith brightly coloured flowers and red fruits.
pillie a pilchard.
plonko an alcoholic esp one who drinks wine > PLONKOS.
plurry bloody.
poddy a handfed calf or lamb.
pokey pokie a poker-playing machine.
poler one of a pair of bullocks harnessed to a pole; a shirker.
poley a hornless cow.
pom pommie pommy an Englishman.
poonce a homosexual; a flashily dressed man; (verb) to behave effeminately.
possie a position.
postie a postman.
potch inferior quality opal used in jewellery for mounting precious opals; (verb) to thrust.
pozzy a position.
prad a horse.
pufftaloonas a type of fried cake, eaten hot with jam, honey or sugar.
puftaloon a type of fried cake, eaten hot with jam, honey or sugar.
puftaloonies a type of fried cake, eaten hot with jam, honey or sugar.
purler something outstanding in its class.
quadrella a group of four horse races at a meeting for which the punter has to select the four winners.
rabbito rabbitoh an itinerant seller of rabbits for eating > RABBITOS, RABBITOHS.
ranga an offensive term for a person with red hair.
rashie a shirt worn by surfers as protection against the sun, heat rash etc.
rathouse a psychiatric hospital.
razoo an imaginary coin, as in not worth a brass razoo.
reggo a (motor vehicle) registration > REGGOS.
rego a (motor vehicle) registration > REGOS.
rellie a relative.
rello a relative > RELLOS.
removalist a person or company that transports household effects to a new home.
resto a restored antique, vintage car etc > RESTOS.
restump to provide (a building) with new stumps.
ropable ropeable requiring to be restrained, as with a rope; intractable, wild; violently angry.
rort a racket, a lively party; (verb) to commit fraud, falsify accounts.
rorty lively, enjoyable > RORTIER, RORTIEST.
rosiner a strong alcoholic drink.
roughie something unfair; in horse-racing, an outsider that wins.
rouseabout an odd-job man on a sheep station.
rubbidy rubbity a pub.
sammie a sandwich.
sandgroper a pioneer at the time of the gold rush.
sanger a sandwich.
schmick excellent, elegant > SCHMICKER, SCHMICKEST.
schoolie a schoolteacher or high-school student.
scozza a rowdy person, esp one the worse for drink.
scratchie a scratch card.
screenie a screensaver.
scunge a scrounger, a dirty person; (verb) to slink about.
scungy dirty, unkempt, sordid > SCUNGIER, SCUNGIEST.
selfie a photograph of oneself taken by oneself.
servo a service station.
sharpie a member of a teenage group with short hair and distinctive clothes.
sheila a young girl or woman.
sherang a boss, head person.
shicker strong liquor; a drunk.
shickered intoxicated.
shikker strong liquor; a drunk.
shikkered intoxicated.
shiralee shirralee a swagman's bundle; a burden.
shivoo a noisy party.
shonky unreliable, dishonest > SHONKIER, SHONKIEST.
shouse a toilet.
shrewdie a shrewd person.
shypoo liquor of poor quality.
sickie sicky a day off work.
sidelevers side whiskers, sideburns.
sik excellent.
silvertail a wealthy socialite, a social climber.
siroset of or relating to the chemical treatment of woollen fabrics to give a permanent-press effect.
skerrick a minute quantity, a scrap, as in 'not a skerrick'.
skillion an outhouse or lean-to, esp one with a sloping roof.
skite to boast.
skol to down a drink in one go as a toast > SKOLS, SKOLEDSKOLING or SKOLLING, SKOLED or SKOLLED.
skyhome a sub-penthouse flat in a tall building.
slanter a dodge, a trick.
slenter a dodge, a trick.
slinter a dodge, a trick.
sliprail a movable rail serving as a gate.
smoko smokeho a short break from work for tea, a cigarette etc > SMOKOS, SMOKEHOS.
smoodge smooge to kiss or cuddle.
snaky bad-tempered > SNAKIER, SNAKIEST.
soapie soaper soapy a soap opera.
sollicker something very large.
sooky petulant > SOOKIER, SOOKIEST.
spag an Italian person; (unrelated verb) to scratch > SPAGS, SPAGGING, SPAGGED.
speeler a fast horse.
sphairee a game played with wooden bats and a perforated plastic ball.
spruik of a showman, etc., to harangue people in public.
spruiker one who spruiks, harangues people in public.
squattocracy the powerful landowning class.
squiz a glance, esp. an inquisitive one.
stickybeak a Nosey Parker; (verb) to pry.
stockhorse a horse trained to work with sheep and cattle.
stonker to hit hard, to knock unconscious.
stoush a fight, a brawl; (verb) to fight.
strine English as spoken in Australia.
stubbie stubby a small squat beer bottle > STUBBIES.
subbie subby a subcontractor, esp. one in the construction business > SUBBIES.
suckhole a toady; (verb) to toady > SUCKHOLES, SUCKHOLING, SUCKHOLED.
sundowner a loafer or tramp who arrives at a place in time for an evening meal but too late to do any work.
sunnies sunglasses.
surfie a young usually unemployed person who spends much time surfing.
swaggie a swagman, a man who seeks work while traveling about carrying his swag.
swiftie a trick, deception.
swifty a trick, deception.
swy the game of two-up.
tacker a young child.
taddie a tadpole.
tarboy a boy who applies tar to the skin of sheep cut during shearing.
thingo a thing whose name one can't think of.
tintookie a fawning or servile person.
tockley the penis.
toey nervous, edgy > TOEIER, TOEIEST.
tonk an effeminate man; (verb) to bit e.g. a cricket-ball into the air.
toolie an adult who gatecrashes the Australian Schoolies Week celebrations, esp one who makes sexual advances towards students.
tooshie angry, upset > TOOSHIER, TOOSHIEST.
towie a truck used for towing.
tradie a tradesman or tradeswoman.
trammie the driver of a tram.
traybit treybit a name for the former threepenny bit.
traymobile a small table on casters used for conveying food, drink, etc.
triella three nominated horse races on which connected bets are placed.
troppo mentally disturbed from exposure to a tropical climate (orig. on war service).
truckie a truck driver.
trugo a game similar to croquet.
tucker food; (verb) to tire out.
tuckerbox a box for carrying food in.
twicer a crook, a swindler.
uey a U-turn.
umpie an umpire.
umpy an umpire.
underdaks underpants.
upta upter of poor quality, in disrepair.
ute a utility vehicle, a small truck > UTES.
vag to arrest someone for vagrancy > VAGS, VAGGING, VAGGED.
vegie academically untaxing; (noun) a vegetarian.
vego a vegetarian.
vigoro an Australian game for women, with elements of baseball and cricket, played with a soft rubber ball > VIGOROS.
wagga a blanket or bed covering made out of sacks stitched together.
walkabout a period of wandering in the bush by an Australian Aborigine.
warb a dirty or insignificant person.
warby worn out, decrepit > WARBIER, WARBIEST.
watersider a wharf labourer.
wedgie the state of having one's underpants or shorts caught between one's buttocks.
werris urination > WERRISES.
westie a young working-class person from the western suburbs of Sydney.
wharfie a wharf labourer.
wof a fool, idiotS.
wokka as in wokka board, a piece of fibreboard used as a musical instrument.
wowser an obtrusively puritanical person.
wukkas no problems.
yachtie a yachtsman.
yacka an Australian plant with a woody stem and stiff grasslike leaves.
yarco a young working-class person who wears casual sports clothes > YARCOS.
yike to quarrel, fight.
yonnie a child's word for a stone.
yucko unpleasant.
yummo delicious.
zack sixpence, now a five-cent piece.
zambuk zambuck a member of the St John's ambulance brigade, esp one on duty at a sporting event.
ziff a beard, a goatee.