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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

adz a cutting tool with an arched blade set at right angles to the handle.
adze a cutting tool with an arched blade set at right angles to the handle; (verb) to shape with an adze.
adzelike like an adze.
auger any of various boring tools resembling a corkscrew, used in carpentry, digging, etc.
averruncator an instrument (on a pole) for pruning trees.
awl a pointed tool for boring.
backsaw a saw (as a tenon saw) whose blade is stiffened by an added metallic back.
ballpeen as in ballpeen hammer, a type of hammer.
bandsaw a power saw with a continuous blade; (verb) to saw with a bandsaw > BANDSAWED, BANDSAWING.
biface a type of prehistoric stone implement flaked on both faces.
billhook a tool for cutting brushwood etc.
bitstock a stock or handle for holding and rotating a bit; a brace.
blowlamp a portable lamp producing a jet of hot flame.
blowtorch (US) a blowlamp; (verb) to apply a blowtorch to.
bowsaw a saw with a thin blade in a bow-shaped frame.
bradawl a small boring tool.
broacher a spit; a broach.
brog (Scots) an awl; (verb) to prick with an awl.
bucksaw a large saw in an H-frame.
burin an engraver's tool.
bushhammer a hammer with small pyramids projecting from its working face, used for dressing stone.
buzzsaw a power-operated circular saw.
cannel the bevel on the edge of a chisel.
chainsaw a large saw driven by a chain; (verb) to saw with a chainsaw.
chisel a steel blade with the end bevelled to a cutting edge, used for shaping or working wood, stone or metal; (verb) to shape with a chisel.
clawhammer a kind of hammer with a claw for extracting nails.
clencher a tool for clenching.
crowbar a heavy iron bar usually bent and flattened at one end, used as a lever; (verb) to prise with a crowbar.
drawknife a carpentry tool.
drawshave a carpentry tool.
eatche (Scott) an adze.
edger a tool for edging eg lawns.
elshin (Scots) an awl.
elsin (Scots) an awl.
eolith a very early rough stone implement, or stone naturally formed but thought to be manufactured.
eolithic of or like an eolith.
eyeleteer a small, sharp-pointed instrument used in piercing eyelet holes.
fid a conical pin of hard wood.
fillester a rabbet plane used in making window sashes.
fillister a rabbet plane used in making window sashes.
firmer a carpenter's or woodworker's wood-cutting chisel.
floatcut as in floatcut file, a file with parallel rows of teeth. No -S.
fretsaw a narrow-bladed saw.
froe a cleaving tool with its blade at right angles to its handle.
gade a miner's wedge.
gaid a miner's wedge.
glasscutter a small hand tool that is specially designed for cutting sheets of glass.
grattoir (Fr.) a scraper made of flint.
graver an engraving tool, a burin.
groover one who or that which grooves.
grouter an instrument or tool for grouting a wall etc.
grozing as in grozing iron, an iron for smoothing joints between lead pipes.
hackle a comb for flax or hemp; (verb) to comb with a hackle.
hacksaw a type of saw; (verb) to cut with a hacksaw.
hammer a tool for beating metal, breaking rock, driving nails, etc; (verb) to strike repeatedly.
hammerstone a stone used as a hammer in the production of tools during the Acheulian period.
handax a stone axe shaped to fit the hand.
handaxe a stone axe shaped to fit the hand.
handglass a magnifying glass held in the hand.
handsaw a saw worked by hand.
hardily (Adv.) HARDY, inured to hardship.
hardy inured to hardship (noun) a blacksmith's chisel
hatchel a comb for flax or hemp; (verb) to persecute.
heckle a comb for flax or hemp; (verb) to interrupt a speaker.
helve the handle of an axe or similar tool; (verb) to provide with a handle.
hoelike like a hoe.
honer a tool for honing.
jackhammer a handheld compressed air rock-drill; (verb) to hammer with a jackhammer.
jackplane a large woodworking plane.
jackscrew a jack in which a screw is used for lifting, or exerting pressure.
james a burglar's crowbar.
jemmy neat, smart (noun) a burglar's short crowbar; (verb) to lever with this
jimmie a short crowbar used by burglars.
jimmy a short crowbar used by burglars; (verb) to lever with this.
jointer a bricklayer's tool for putting joints in mortar.
ko (Maori) a digging-stick.
lithoclast a stone breaker; a tool for breaking rocks.
lockpick an instrument for picking locks.
mallet a type of hammer.
marlinespike a tool used to separate rope strands while splicing.
marlinspike a tool used to separate rope strands while splicing.
microlith a very small stone tool.
microlithic of or like a microlith.
muller a flat heavy stone or iron pulverizing tool; (verb) to inflict a severe defeat upon.
multitool a device that contains various tools attached to a single handle.
nailfile a file for smoothing the nails.
nailset a tool for punching the head of a nail below or flush with the surface.
neolith a Neolithic artefact.
oilstone a stone used for sharpening tools.
oliver a tilt-hammer worked with the foot by a treadle, used esp to shape nails, bolts, links of chains, etc.
oustiti (Fr.) a lock-opening tool.
padsaw a small sawblade with a detachable handle.
palaeolith a Stone Age artefact.
paleolith a Stone Age artifact.
palstaff (Dutch) a peculiar bronze adz, used in prehistoric Europe about the middle of the Bronze Age.
palstave (Dutch) a peculiar bronze adz, used in prehistoric Europe about the middle of the Bronze Age.
paviour a person who lays paving-stones; a machine for tamping down paving-stones.
peavey a lumberman's spiked lever, a cantdog.
peavy a lumberman's spiked lever.
peen the end of a hammer head opposite to the face, esp when sharp; (verb) to beat thin with a hammer.
pein the end of a hammer head opposite to the face, esp when sharp; (verb) to beat thin with a hammer.
pene the end of a hammer head opposite to the face, esp when sharp; (verb) to beat thin with a hammer.
picklock an instrument for picking locks.
pincer one of the two pivoted parts of a grasping tool; (verb) to grip in pincers.
pinwrench a wrench with a projection to fit a hole.
pitsaw a saw used in a pit.
plench a gripping, turning, and pulling hand tool for use in zero gravity.
plunger an instrument or part of a mechanism which works or is worked with a plunging or thrusting movement.
pozidrive having a patent screwhead that allows greater torque.
quannet a flat file used like a plane.
rabbler a scraping tool for smoothing metal.
racloir (Fr.) a scraper.
rake a toothed bar on a handle, for scraping, gathering together, smoothing, etc; (verb) to gather with a toothed implement.
rammer a tool for ramming eg pavements.
rasp a coarse file (verb) to rub with something rough
rasper a tool used for rasping.
raspish like a rasp.
reamer an instrument with cutting or scraping edges, used for enlarging a round hole, as the bore of a cannon, etc.
retool to tool again.
riffler a small file with curved ends used in woodworking.
ripsaw a kind of saw; (verb) to cut with a ripsaw.
rounder a tool for rounding.
router a two-handled plane with a cutter projecting below the sole used to form and plane a groove or recess.
rusticana objects such as agricultural implements, garden furniture etc made in the rustic style. No -S.
sandblaster a tool for sandblasting.
sander a tool for sanding.
saw a cutting tool with a toothed blade; (verb) to cut with a saw.
sawblade the blade of a saw.
sawn (PaP.) SAW, to cut with a saw.
sax a chopper for trimming slate.
scalper a semicircular gouging chisel.
scauper a semicircular gouging chisel.
scooper a tool used esp in engraving, for hollowing out portions of the surface worked.
scorper a semicircular gouging chisel.
scratcher a tool for scratching.
screwdriver a tool for turning screws.
scriber a scribing tool; a scribe.
scythe a single-bladed cutting implement; (verb) to cut with a scythe.
scythelike like a scythe.
seamset a tool for flattening seams in metal etc.
secateur (Fr.) a cutting tool used for gardening.
sledgehammer a large hammer used eg for breaking rocks; (verb) to strike with a sledgehammer.
sleeker a moulding tool for smoothing over small irregularities in the mould.
smoother a smoothing tool.
snipper a tool for snipping.
snuffer a small hollow cone with a handle used to extinguish a candle.
spaller one who spalls; a tool for spalling.
spanner a tool for undoing nuts.
spitsticker a wood engraving tool with a fine point for cutting curved lines.
spud a small narrow digging tool with a spadelike blade (verb) to dig with a spud
squeegee a scraping implement consisting of a rubber-edged blade attached to the end of a handle; (verb) to clean with a squeegee.
stadda a comb maker's double-bladed handsaw.
stillson a kind of wrench.
swage a groove; a grooved shaping tool; (verb) to use such a tool.
swager one who uses a swage, a grooved shaping tool.
tinsnips a pair of hand shears for cutting tin etc.
tjanting (Indonesian) a small tool used for applying hot wax to fabric in batik.
tool an implement used in manual work; (verb) to form or finish with a tool.
toolkit a set of tools.
toolless without tools.
tranchet (Fr.) a chisel-shaped flint implement of some mesolithic and neolithic cultures.
triphammer a power hammer that is raised or tilted by a cam and allowed to fall under gravity.
tweaker an engineer's small screwdriver, used for making fine adjustments.
untooled not tooled.
veiner a tool used in wood carving.
viselike like a vise.
wadder an implement for wadding a gun.
waterglass a water clock; an instrument for making observations underwater.
whipsaw a narrow saw for cutting timber lengthwise; (verb) to saw with this.
widener a kind of tool for widening something.
wimble an instrument for boring holes; a gimlet; (verb) to bore through with a wimble.
zax a chopper for trimming slate.
zex a chopper for trimming slate.