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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

brad a thin, flat, small-headed nail; (verb) to fasten with a brad.
cuphead a hemispherical bolthead or rivet-head.
doornail a large-headed nail.
hobnail a thick and strong nail for shoeing horses; a blunt projection, esp. in cut or molded glassware; (verb) to fit eg a shoe with hobnails.
nail a small usually metal spike with a head, used for fastening wood, etc; (verb) to fasten with a nail.
nailhead the head of a nail.
renail to nail again.
retack to tack again.
screwlike like a screw.
setscrew a type of screw.
sparable a small, headless, wedge-shaped shoemakers' nail.
tacket (Scots) a small, broad-headed nail, a hobnail.
tackety like a tacket or hobnail > TACKETIER, TACKETIEST.
tackless without tacks.
thumbtack a broad-headed tack; (verb) to fasten with a thumbtack.
tintack a tack coated with tin.
untack to separate, as what is tacked.
woodscrew a tapered screw for fastening pieces of wood.
wormer a screw fixed on the end of a rod, for withdrawing the charge or wad from a muzzle-loading gun.