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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abattu (Fr.) cast down, dejected.
accable (Fr.) depressed, overwhelmed.
achage (Tennyson) ache, aching.
afflictive causing distress.
afflictively (Adv.) AFFLICTIVE, causing distress.
aggrieve to distress.
agonise to cause severe pain to.
agonisedly (Adv.) AGONISED.
agonising extremely painful.
agonisingly (Adv.) AGONISING.
agonize to cause severe pain to.
agonizedly (Adv.) AGONIZED.
agonizingly (Adv.) AGONIZING.
alamort (Fr.) half-dead; dejected.
allicholy (Shakesp.) melancholy.
allycholly (Shakesp.) melancholy.
atrabiliar melancholy or morose.
atrabilious (Arch.) melancholy or morose.
atrabiliousness (Arch.) the state of being atrabilious, melancholy or morose.
attrist (Obs.) to sadden.
ayenbite (Obs.) remorse.
bewailer one who bewails or laments.
beweep to weep over, lament.
blissless destitute of bliss.
boody to sulk or mope.
brokenhearted greatly depressed or hurt.
brokenheartedly (Adv.) BROKENHEARTED, very sad.
cafard (Fr.) severe depression or apathy.
cark (Arch.) worry; trouble, distress; (verb) to worry.
chapfallen dejected, dispirited.
cheerless without cheer, gloomy.
cheerlessly (Adv.) CHEERLESS, without cheer, gloomy.
cheerlessness the state of being cheerless.
chopfallen dejected, dispirited.
compunction regret, remorse.
condole to express sympathetic sorrow; to grieve in sympathy.
condolent expressing sympathy.
contrist (Obs.) to sadden.
contristation the act of contristing, saddening.
contrition the state of being contrite.
crepehanger a pessimist, a gloomy person.
crestfallen dispirited or disappointed by having one's hopes dashed.
crestfallenly (Adv.) CRESTFALLEN, dispirited or disappointed by having one's hopes dashed.
dearnful solitary; mournful.
deject to depress.
dejectedly (Adv.) DEJECTED.
dejectedness the state of being dejected.
dejection lowness of spirits.
depress to make sad.
depressing saddening.
depressingly (Adv.) DEPRESSING.
dernly (Arch.) secretly; grievously.
desolate lonely, waste (verb) to lay waste
desolately (Adv.) DESOLATE, lonely.
desolateness the state of being desolate.
desolating causing great sadness.
desolatingly (Adv.) DESOLATING.
despair the absence of hope; (verb) to lose all hope.
despairer one who despairs.
despairing hopeless.
despairingly (Adv.) DESPAIRING.
desperate in a state of despair.
despond to be lacking in hope.
despondence the state of being despondent.
despondency the state of being despondent.
despondingly (Adv.) DESPONDING.
dirgeful funereal; moaning.
dischuffed (Coll.) not pleased.
disconsolate cheerless.
disconsolately (Adv.) DISCONSOLATE, cheerless.
disconsolation the state of being disconsolate.
disgruntle to make ill-humoured or discontented.
disgruntlement the state of being disgruntled.
disheartenment the state of being disheartened.
dismal sad, gloomy (noun) an unlucky day; a swamp; a dismal person
dismality the state of being dismal.
dismally (Adv.) DISMAL, sad, gloomy.
dismalness the quality of being dismal.
dismay to deprive of courage or resolution.
dismayedness the state of being dismayed.
dismaying causing dismay.
dismayingly (Adv.) DISMAYING.
dispirit to make low-spirited.
dispiritedly (Adv.) DISPIRITED.
dispiritedness the state of being dispirited.
dispiriting disheartening.
dispiritingly (Adv.) DISPIRITING.
dispiritment a state of being dispirited.
distrait (Fr.) distracted in mind; excessively perplexed or troubled.
distraite (Fr.) distracted in mind; excessively perplexed or troubled.
distress to cause anxiety or suffering to.
distressful causing distress.
distressfully (Adv.) DISTRESSFUL, causing distress.
distressingly (Adv.) DISTRESSING.
dole pain, woe, trouble; (verb) to deal out.
doleful sad, full of woe.
dolefully (Adv.) DOLEFUL, sad, full of woe.
dolefulness the state of being doleful.
dolent (Obs.) causing sorrow or grief.
dolesome doleful, dismal.
dolesomely (Adv.) DOLESOME, doleful.
dolor (US) grief, pain.
doloriferous bearing grief or pain.
dolorific bearing grief or pain.
dolorous full of pain or grief; doleful.
dolorously (Adv.) DOLOROUS, full of grief.
dolorousness the state of being dolorous.
dolour grief, pain.
dool (Obs.) pain, woe, trouble.
doole (Obs.) pain, woe, trouble.
dowf (Scots) dull, heavy, spiritless.
dowie (Scots) dull, low-spirited.
dowly (Dial.) dull, low-spirited.
downhearted downcast, dejected.
downheartedly (Adv.) DOWNHEARTED, downcast, dejected.
downheartedness the state of being downhearted.
downlooked (Dryden) downcast, gloomy.
drear gloomy, dreary (noun) the state of being dreary
dreare (Spenser) dreariness, gloom.
drearihead (Spenser) affliction; dreariness.
drearihood (Spenser) affliction; dreariness.
drearily (Adv.) DREARY, sad, gloomy.
dreariment (Spenser) dreariness.
dreariness the state of being dreary.
drearing (Spenser) dreariness.
drearisome very dreary.
dreary sad, gloomy (noun) dreariness; a dreary person
dree (Scots) dreary (verb) to suffer, endure
dreich (Scots) dreary.
dreigh (Scots) dreary.
drere (Spenser) dreariness, gloom.
drerihead (Spenser) dreariness.
driegh (Scots) dreary.
dule (Obs.) pain, woe, trouble.
dumpish dull; sad.
dumpishly (Adv.) DUMPISH, dull, sad.
dumpishness the state of being dumpish.
dysthymic despondent; (noun) one given to despondency.
embitter to make bitter.
engrieve (Spenser) to grieve.
exanimate lifeless; spiritless; depressed.
facepalm to bring the palm of one's hand to one's face as an expression of dismay.
funebre (Fr.) mournful.
funest (Obs.) deadly, lamentable.
gatvol (S. Afr.) fed up.
gloom partial darkness (verb) to be or look sullen or dejected
glum morose (noun) a gloomy feeling
glumly (Adv.) GLUM, morose.
glumness the state of being glum.
glumpily (Adv.) GLUMPY, glum, sullen.
glumpy (Dial.) sulky.
gousty (Scots) desolate, dreary.
grief intense mental distress.
griefful full of grief or sorrow.
griefless without grief.
grievance a cause or source of grief.
grieve to feel grief.
griever one who, or that which, grieves.
grievingly (Adv.) GRIEVING.
grievousness the state of being grievous.
groanful (Arch.) full of groans.
gronefull (Spenser) groanful.
grum glum, morose.
grumly (Adv.) GRUM, glum, morose.
heartache sorrow, anguish.
heartbreak crushing grief, anguish, or distress.
heartbreaking causing intense sorrow or distress.
heartbreakingly (Adv.) HEARTBREAKING, causing intense sorrow or distress.
heartbroken having a broken heart.
heartbrokenly (Adv.) HEARTBROKEN.
heartbrokenness the state of being heartbroken.
heartrending causing great grief.
heartrendingly (Adv.) HEARTRENDING, causing great grief.
heartsick very sad.
heartsickness the state of being heartsick.
heartsore sad, depressed; (noun) the cause of pain in the heart or the pain itself.
heavyhearted despondent, saddened.
heavyheartedly (Adv.) HEAVYHEARTED, despondent, saddened.
hippish somewhat hypochondriac; melancholy.
homesick longing for home.
homesickness the state of being homesick.
humdudgeon (Scots) low spirits.
hyp to offend.
imbitter (Arch.) to make bitter.
impassible not subject to suffering or pain.
impassibly (Adv.) IMPASSIBLE, not subject to suffering or pain.
infelicity the state of being infelicitous.
jawfall a falling of the jaw; a depression of the spirits.
joyless being without gladness.
joylessly (Adv.) JOYLESS, without joy.
joylessness the state of being joyless.
kaugh (Scots) care, trouble.
kiaugh (Scots) care, trouble.
lament to express sorrow or regret for.
lamentation an act or instance of lamenting.
lamentedly (Adv.) LAMENTED.
lamenter one who laments.
lamentingly (Adv.) LAMENTING.
lugubrious mournful, dismal, esp in an exaggerated or affected manner.
lugubriously (Adv.) LUGUBRIOUS, mournful, dismal.
lugubriousness the state of being lugubrious.
lumpish like a lump; sullen.
lumpishly (Adv.) LUMPISH, sullen.
mal (Fr.) pain, sickness.
malcontent a discontented person.
mardy sulky, peevish (verb) to act like a spoilt child
melancholious melancholic.
miscontent (Arch.) to discontent.
miserable wretched (noun) a miserable person, a wretch
miserableness the state of being miserable.
miserably (Adv.) MISERABLE, wretched.
misery a state of great suffering.
miz (Coll.) misery.
mizz (Coll.) misery.
mope a state of dejection (verb) to act in a dejected or gloomy manner
moper one who mopes.
mopey moping.
mopily (Adv.) MOPY, given to moping.
mopiness the state of being mopy.
mopingly (Adv.) MOPING, sulking.
mopish dull; spiritless; dejected.
mopishly (Adv.) MOPISH, dull, dejected.
mopishness the state of being mopish.
mopy moping.
morose sad, gloomy.
morosely (Adv.) MOROSE, sad, gloomy.
moroseness the state of being morose.
morosity (Obs.) moroseness.
mourn to feel or express grief or sorrow.
mourner one that mourns.
mournful sad, grieving.
mournfully (Adv.) MOURNFUL, sad, grieving.
mournfulness the state of being mournful.
mourning an outward sign of grief.
mourningly (Adv.) MOURNING.
mulligrubs (Coll.) grumpiness; colic; low spirits.
mumpish sulky.
mumpishly (Adv.) MUMPISH, sulky.
mumpishness the state of being mumpish, sulky.
nostalgia homesickness; the desire to return to some earlier time in one's life.
nostalgic missing the past (noun) one who is nostalgic
nostalgically (Adv.) NOSTALGIC.
oversad excessively sad.
pang a violent but usual brief pain; (verb) to inflict a pang on.
pathetic arousing pity.
pathetical arousing pity.
pathos (Greek) the quality that arouses pity.
penitent repentant (noun) a person who repents his sins
penitently (Adv.) PENITENT, repentant.
pensieroso (Ital.) melancholy, thoughtful.
plainful complaining.
plaintive mournful, querulous.
plaintively (Adv.) PLAINTIVE, mournful, querulous.
plightful grievous.
poutful pouty, sulky.
regret a sorrowful wish that something had been otherwise; (verb) to look back upon with sorrow or remorse.
regretful full of regret.
regretfully (Adv.) REGRETFUL, full of regret.
regretter one who regrets.
remorseful motivated or marked by remorse.
remorsefully (Adv.) REMORSEFUL, motivated or marked by remorse.
remorsefulness the state of being remorseful.
repent to feel remorse or self-reproach for a past action.
repentant penitent (noun) a penitent
repine to feel or express discontent or dejection.
repiningly (Adv.) REPINING.
rue repentance, regret; (verb) to regret.
rueful feeling sorrow or remorse.
ruefully (Adv.) RUEFUL, feeling sorrow or remorse.
ruefulness the state of being rueful.
ruer one who rues.
ruthful pitiful, sorrowful.
ruthfully (Adv.) RUTHFUL, pitiful, sorrowful.
ruthfulness the state of being ruthful.
sad unhappy, sorrowful (verb) to express sadness
sadden to make sad.
saddish somewhat sad.
sadly (Adv.) SAD, unhappy, sorrowful.
sadness the state of being sad.
saturnine cold and steady in mood, of a gloomy or surly disposition, having a sardonic aspect.
saturninely (Adv.) SATURNINE, having a gloomy temperament.
saturninity the state of being saturnine.
saturnist a person of a dull, grave, gloomy temperament.
sloomy sluggish, spiritless.
sorra (Irish) sorrow, the devil.
sorrily (Adv.) SORRY, feeling grief or penitence.
sorrow grief, sadness; (verb) to grieve.
sorrower one who sorrows.
sorrowful sad.
sorrowfully (Adv.) SORROWFUL, sad.
sorrowfulness the state of being sorrowful.
sorry feeling grief or penitence.
spleenful affected with spleen, fretful.
spleenfully (Adv.) SPLEENFUL, displaying, or affected with, spleen; melancholy.
subtrist (Arch.) somewhat sad.
sufferingly (Adv.) SUFFERING.
sulk a fit of sulking (verb) to be sulky
sulker one who sulks.
sulkiness the state of being sulky.
sullen gloomily angry and silent (noun) a sullen mood
sullenly (Adv.) SULLEN, gloomily angry and silent.
sullenness the state of being sullen.
tearful full of tears.
tearfully (Adv.) TEARFUL, full of tears.
tearfulness the state of being tearful.
tearily (Adv.) TEARY, tearful.
teary wet with tears, tearful.
throe extreme pain; (verb) to subject to pangs.
throwe (Shakesp.) a throe.
torment to inflict with great bodily or mental suffering.
tormentedly (Adv.) TORMENTED.
tormentingly (Adv.) TORMENTING.
towt (Scots) to pout, sulk.
trist (Arch.) sad.
triste (Arch.) sad.
tristesse (Fr.) melancholy.
tristful (Shakesp.) sad, mournful.
tristfully (Adv.) TRISTFUL, sad, mournful.
tristfulness the state of being tristful.
tsooris (Yiddish) grief, woe.
tsores (Yiddish) grief, woe.
tsoris (Yiddish) grief, woe.
tsorriss (Yiddish) grief, woe.
tsouris (Yiddish) grief, woe.
tsuris (Yiddish) grief, woe.
tzuris (Yiddish) grief, woe.
unblissful not blissful.
uncheerfulness the state of being uncheerful.
unelated not elated.
unglad not glad.
unhappily (Adv.) UNHAPPY, not happy.
unhappiness the state of being unhappy.
unhappy not happy (verb, Shakesp.) to make unhappy
unmerry not merry.
unparadise to deprive of happiness like that of paradise.
wae (Scots) woe.
waeful (Scots) woeful.
waeness sadness.
waesome woeful.
wailful sorrowful; mournful.
wailfully (Adv.) WAILFUL, mournful.
wailsome wailful.
wanhope (Obs.) despair.
wayment (Spenser) to lament, grieve.
weltschmerz (Ger.) mental depression or apathy caused by comparison of the actual state of the world with an ideal state.
wo (Arch.) woe.
wobegone sad, dejected.
woe grief, sadness.
woebegone sad, dejected.
woeful full of woe.
woefully (Adv.) WOEFUL, sad, gloomy.
woefulness the state of being woeful.
woeness sadness.
woesome woeful.
woful full of woe.
wofully (Adv.) WOFUL, full of woe.
wofulness the state of being woeful.
worriment trouble; anxiety; worry.
wretched miserable.
wretchedly (Adv.) WRETCHED, miserable.