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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aggrace (Spenser) to please, gratify.
aggrate (Spenser) to please, gratify.
ananda (Sanskrit) extreme happiness.
beatific making supremely happy.
beatifical making supremely happy.
beatifically (Adv.) BEATIFIC, making blessed.
beatitude a state of blessedness.
beglad to make glad.
bliss the highest happiness; (verb) to experience or produce ecstasy.
blissful very happy.
blissfully (Adv.) BLISSFUL, very happy.
blissfulness the state of being blissful.
blithe merry.
blitheful joyous.
blithely (Adv.) BLITHE, merry.
blitheness the state of being blithe.
blithesome gay, merry.
blithesomely (Adv.) BLITHESOME, gay, merry.
blithesomeness the state of being blithesome.
cadgy (Scots) brisk, cheerful.
cantily (Adv.) CANTY, contented.
canty (Scots) contented.
carefree being without worry or anxiety.
cheerful full of cheer.
cheerfully (Adv.) CHEERFUL, full of cheer.
cheerfulness the state of being cheerful.
cheerily (Adv.) CHEERY, cheerful.
cheeriness the state of being cheery.
cheery cheerful.
chirpily (Adv.) CHIRPY, cheerful.
chirpiness the state of being chirpy.
chirpy cheerful.
chirrupy cheerful.
content happy with one's lot (verb) to satisfy
contently (Adv.) CONTENT, happy with one's lot.
contentment the state of being contented.
crunked in a state of excitement or exhilaration.
delectate to delight.
delectation delight, enjoyment.
delight great pleasure; (verb) to give great pleasure to.
delightedly (Adv.) DELIGHTED.
delightedness the state of being delighted.
delighter one who delights.
ecstasis ecstasy.
ecstasise to be ecstatic.
ecstasize to be ecstatic.
ecstasy a state of exalted pleasure or happiness; (verb) to send into a state of ecstasy.
ecstatic very happy (noun) an ecstatic person
ecstatically (Adv.) ECSTATIC, very happy.
elate to raise the spirits of.
elatedly (Adv.) ELATED, joyous.
elatedness the state of being elated.
elation a feeling of great joy.
emparadise (Milton) to put in a state like paradise; to make supremely happy.
encheer (Arch.) to cheer or comfort.
enrapture to delight.
enravish to transport with delight; to enrapture.
entrancingly (Adv.) ENTRANCING.
eudaemony happiness or wellbeing.
euphoria an exaggerated feeling of wellbeing.
euphoric overjoyed.
euphorically (Adv.) EUPHORIC, overjoyed.
euphory an exaggerated feeling of wellbeing.
euthymia a pleasant state of mind.
exhilarant exciting joy, mirth, or pleasure; (noun) an exhilarant medicine.
exhilarate to make cheerful and excited.
exhilaratingly (Adv.) EXHILARATING.
exhilarative tending to exhilarate.
exhilarator one who exhilarates.
extasy (Obs.) ecstasy.
extatic (Obs.) ecstatic.
exuberance the state of being exuberant.
exuberancy the state of being exuberant.
exuberant luxuriant, overflowing.
exuberate to be exuberant.
exult to rejoice greatly.
exultance exultation.
exultancy exultation.
exultant exulting.
exultantly (Adv.) EXULTANT, exulting.
exultation the act of exulting.
exultingly (Adv.) EXULTING.
fain happy; inclined; pleased (verb, Spenser) to feign
fainly (Adv.) FAIN, glad.
fainness gladness, readiness to do something.
feastful (Arch.) festive; joyful.
feelgood relating to a feeling of personal wellbeing.
felicific producing happiness.
felicitate to congratulate.
felicitous happy; prosperous.
felicitously (Adv.) FELICITOUS.
felicity happiness; aptness.
fortunise to make happy or fortunate.
fortunize (Spenser) to make fortunate or happy.
gaiety festive activity.
gayety festive activity.
gayly (Adv.) GAY, cheerful.
gaysome full of gaiety.
gelastic relating to or provoking laughter.
geniality the quality of being genial.
glad joyful (verb, obs.) to make glad
gladden to make glad.
gladdener one who gladdens.
gladful (Arch.) full of gladness; joyful.
gladfulness (Arch.) the quality of being gladful.
gladly (Adv.) GLAD, joyful.
gladness the state of being glad.
gladsome (Arch.) glad, joyous.
gladsomely (Adv.) GLADSOME, glad, joyous.
gladsomeness (Arch.) the state of being gladsome.
gleeful merry, full of glee.
gleefully (Adv.) GLEEFUL, merry, full of glee.
gleefulness the state of being gleeful.
gleesome (Arch.) gleeful.
gratulant expressing joy or satisfaction; congratulatory.
gratulation congratulation.
guidwillie (Scots) cordial, cheering.
happily (Adv.) HAPPY, contented.
happiness the state of being happy.
happy contented (verb, Shakesp.) to make happy
heartsome exhilarating; merry.
heartsomely (Adv.) HEARTSOME, exhilarating; merry.
hilariousness the state of being hilarious.
hilarity noisy merriment.
imparadise to put in a state like paradise; to make supremely happy.
insouciant lighthearted and unconcerned.
insouciantly (Adv.) INSOUCIANT, lighthearted and unconcerned.
jocoseness the quality of being jocose.
jocosity cheerfulness.
jocularity jesting, merriment.
jocund marked by or suggestive of high spirits and lively mirthfulness > JOCUNDER, JOCUNDEST.
jocundity joyfulness.
jocundly (Adv.) JOCUND, joyful.
jocundness the state of being jocund.
jollier a joker.
jolliment (Spenser) jollity.
jolliness the state of being jolly.
jollity mirth.
jollyhead (Spenser) jollity.
jouisance (Spenser) joyousness.
jouysaunce (Spenser) joyousness.
jovial good-humoured.
joviality the state of being jovial.
jovially (Adv.) JOVIAL, good-humoured.
jovialness noisy mirth, joviality.
jovialty the state of being jovial.
jovysaunce (Spenser) joyousness.
joy gladness; (verb, obs.) to rejoice.
joyance delight.
joyful full of joy.
joyfully (Adv.) JOYFUL, full of joy.
joyfulness the state of being joyful.
joyous joyful.
joyously (Adv.) JOYOUS, joyful.
joyousness the state of being joyous.
jubilance jubilation.
jubilancy jubilation.
jubilant exultant.
jubilantly (Adv.) JUBILANT, exultant.
jubilate to rejoice.
jubilation an act of rejoicing.
kidgie (Scots) brisk, cheerful.
krunked in a state of excitement or exhilaration.
kvell (Yiddish) to be happy.
leve (Arch.) gladly; (noun) a beloved.
levity light-heartedness.
lief (Arch.) soon, gladly (noun) beloved
liefly (Adv.) LIEF, gladly.
macarise to declare to be happy or blessed.
macarism a beatitude; taking pleasure in another's joy.
macarize to declare to be happy or blessed.
merrie (Arch.) merry.
merriment gaiety with laughter and noise.
merriness the state of being merry.
mirthful full of mirth.
mirthfully (Adv.) MIRTHFUL, full of mirth.
overglad excessively or unduly glad.
overhappy exceedingly happy.
overjoy to please greatly.
overmerry excessively merry.
perkiness the state of being perky.
raptly (Adv.) RAPT, absorbed.
raptness the state of being rapt.
rapture extreme delight; (verb) to enrapture.
rapturise to put, or be put, in a state of rapture.
rapturize to put, or be put, in a state of rapture.
rapturous in a state of rapture.
rapturously (Adv.) RAPTUROUS, in a state of rapture.
rapturousness the state of being rapturous.
regale to delight.
rejoice to feel joyful.
rejoiceful joyous, full of rejoicing.
rejoicement the act of rejoicing.
rejoicer one who rejoices.
rejoicingly (Adv.) REJOICING.
rident laughing, cheerful.
schadenfreude (Ger.) enjoyment gained from others' troubles.
seely fortunate, happy, good; simple, innocent.
sele happiness, good fashion.
seraphic of or like a seraph.
seraphically (Adv.) SERAPHIC, serene, angelic.
unjoyful not joyful.
unjoyous not joyous.
upcheer to cheer up.