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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abdabs (Sl.) terror, the frights, nerves, as in 'the screaming abdabs'.
adaw (Spenser) to daunt, subdue.
adrad (Spenser) afraid.
adread (Obs.) to dread.
adred (Spenser) afraid.
afear (Spenser) to frighten.
afeard (Shakesp.) afraid.
affear (Spenser) to frighten.
affeard (Shakesp.) afraid.
affeare (Spenser) to frighten ) AFFEARD.
affright to frighten.
affrightedly (Adv.) AFFRIGHTED.
affrighten to frighten.
affrightful (Arch.) frightful.
affrightment sudden fear.
afraid filled with apprehension.
agrise (Obs.) to terrify.
agrize (Obs.) to terrify.
agryze (Obs.) to terrify.
alarm a state of (esp sudden) fear; (verb) to frighten by a sudden revelation of danger.
alarmedly (Adv.) ALARMED, frightened.
alarmingly (Adv.) ALARMING.
alarmism alarmist behaviour or tendency.
alarmist one who alarms others needlessly.
alarum (Arch.) an alarm; (verb) to alarm.
amate (Arch.) to dismay, daunt.
anxiety painful or apprehensive uneasiness of mind.
anxious full of anxiety.
anxiously (Adv.) ANXIOUS, full of anxiety.
anxiousness the state of being anxious.
appal to horrify.
appall to horrify.
appalling dreadful, terrible.
appallingly (Adv.) APPALLING, dreadful, terrible.
apprehensive fearful.
apprehensively (Adv.) APPREHENSIVE, fearful.
awe reverential wonder or fear; (verb) to strike with awe.
awesome inspiring awe.
awesomely (Adv.) AWESOME, inspiring awe.
awesomeness the state of being awesome.
awestricken stricken with awe.
awestrike to inspire great awe in.
awestruck stricken with awe.
awsome (Obs.) awesome.
bashful shy, timid.
beware to be careful.
beworry to worry.
bloodcurdling arousing fright or horror.
bloodcurdlingly (Adv.) BLOODCURDLING, arousing fright or horror.
bugbear an object or source of dread.
dant (Obs.) to daunt.
danton (Obs.) to daunt.
daunt to intimidate.
daunter one who daunts.
dauntingly (Adv.) DAUNTING.
daunton to daunt.
dismayful terrifying.
dismayfully (Adv.) DISMAYFUL, terrifying.
disquietude anxiety, agitation.
dread great fear; (adj.) inspiring fear (verb) to fear greatly ) DRAD, YDRED, YDRAD.
dreader one who dreads.
dreadly dreadful.
edgily (Adv.) EDGY, nervous.
edgy nervous.
effraide (Obs.) afraid.
effray (Obs.) fright.
fantad a state of fidgetiness, uneasiness, or unreasonableness.
fanteeg (Sl.) anxiety, agitation.
fantigue (Sl.) anxiety, agitation.
fantod a state of fidgetiness, uneasiness, or unreasonableness.
faze to worry, perturb.
fear a painful emotion excited by danger; (verb) to be afraid of.
fearer one who fears.
fearful full of fear; afraid.
fearfully (Adv.) FEARFUL, full of fear; afraid.
fearfulness the state of being fearful.
fearmonger one who spreads fear.
fearmongering the act of spreading fear.
fearsome frightening.
fearsomely (Adv.) FEARSOME, frightening.
feart (Scots) afraid.
fease to worry, perturb.
feaze to worry, perturb.
feelbad relating to a feeling of personal unease.
feese to worry, perturb.
feeze to worry, perturb.
flappy in a state of nervousness.
flaysome (Dial.) frightening.
fleg (Scots) to frighten.
fley (Scots) to frighten.
formidable causing fear.
formidably (Adv.) FORMIDABLE, causing fear.
frab (Dial.) to worry.
frenziedly (Adv.) FRENZIED.
frenzily in a frenzy, frantically.
frenzy a frantic state (verb) to make frantic
fricht (Scots) fright; (verb) to frighten.
fright sudden fear; (verb) to frighten.
frighten to make afraid.
frightener something or someone who frightens.
frighteningly (Adv.) FRIGHTENING.
frightful terrible, horrible.
frightfully (Adv.) FRIGHTFUL, terrible, horrible.
frightsome frightful.
gaingiving (Shakesp.) a misgiving.
gallow (Shakesp.) to frighten.
gally gall-like, bitter (verb) to scare, daze
gash ghastly (noun) a cut; (verb) to cut
gashful full of gashes; hideous; frightful.
gashly ghastly.
gast (Shakesp.) to frighten.
gaster to frighten, scare.
gastfull (Spenser) terrifying; full of fear.
gastness (Shakesp.) dread.
gastnesse (Shakesp.) dread.
ghast (Shakesp.) to strike aghast.
ghastful (Spenser) terrifying; full of fear.
ghastfully (Adv.) GHASTFUL, terrifying; full of fear.
ghastliness the state of being ghastly.
ghastness ghastliness.
gliff an unexpected view of something that startles one; a sudden fear.
glift (Obs.) an unexpected view of something that startles one; a sudden fear.
glop a soft, gooey or sloppy semiliquid substance or mush (verb) to stare in alarm or wonder
greisly (Spenser) grisly.
grew a greyhound; (verb) to shudder, to make the flesh creep.
grewsome gruesome.
griesly (Spenser) grisly.
griesy (Spenser) grisly.
grise to shudder at, to terrify.
grisely (Spenser) grisly.
grisliness the state of being grisly.
grisly horrible (noun) a grizzly bear
grooly (Sl.) gruesome.
grue horror; (verb) to shudder, to feel the flesh creep.
gruesome causing horror.
gruesomely (Adv.) GRUESOME, causing horror.
grysely (Spenser) grisly.
grysie (Spenser) grim, horrible.
habdabs (Sl.) terror, the frights, nerves, as in 'the screaming habdabs'.
horrific causing horror.
horrifically (Adv.) HORRIFIC, causing horror.
horrify to cause to feel horror.
horrifyingly (Adv.) HORRIFYING.
horripilant causing horripilation, the erection of the hair of the head or body from fear or cold.
horripilation the erection of the hair of the head or body from fear or cold.
horror a feeling of intense fear or repugnance.
intimidate to make timid or fearful.
intimidatingly (Adv.) INTIMIDATING.
intimidation the act of intimidating.
jitteriness the state of being jittery.
jittery nervous, jumpy.
jumpily (Adv.) JUMPY, nervy.
jumpy nervy.
macaber grim, gruesome.
macaberesque somewhat macaber.
macabre grim, gruesome > MACABRER, MACABREST.
macabrely (Adv.) MACABRE, grim, gruesome.
menace to threaten.
menacer one who menaces.
menacingly (Adv.) MENACING.
minacious threatening.
minaciously (Adv.) MINACIOUS, threatening.
minacity a disposition to threaten.
minatorial menacing.
minatorially (Adv.) MINATORIAL, menacing.
minatorily (Adv.) MINATORY, menacing.
minatory menacing.
misdread (Shakesp.) dread of evil to come; (verb) to fear.
misease (Arch.) uneasiness.
nervily (Adv.) NERVY, nervous.
nervy nervous.
ominous portending evil.
ominously (Adv.) OMINOUS, portending evil.
overanxiety excessive anxiety.
overanxious excessively anxious.
overawe to subdue by inspiring awe.
overcautious excessively cautious.
overcautiously (Adv.) OVERCAUTIOUS, excessively cautious.
overfear to fear too much.
overtimid too timid.
panicky given to panic.
pavid afraid; timid.
pheese to worry, perturb.
pheeze to worry, perturb.
phese to worry, perturb.
phrensy (Obs.) a violent and irrational excitement; delirium; (verb) to make frenzied.
pokerish (US coll.) mysterious and frightening; ghostly, uncanny.
pokerishly (Adv.) POKERISH, causing terror; uncanny.
qualm a sudden feeling of sickness or faintness.
qualming causing qualms; (noun) the state of having a qualm.
quayd (Spenser) daunted.
rad afraid (noun) a unit of radiation dosage; (verb) to fear
redoubtable causing fear or alarm, formidable.
redoubtably (Adv.) REDOUBTABLE, causing fear or alarm, formidable.
reluct (Arch.) to be unwilling.
reluctance the state of being reluctant.
reluctancy the state of being reluctant.
reluctant unwilling.
reluctate to be reluctant.
scare something that frightens (verb) to frighten
scared afraid.
scarer something or someone who scares.
scarey frightening.
scarily (Adv.) SCARY, frightening.
scariness the quality of being scary.
scarre (Scots) to scare.
scary frightening.
scat to scare away.
scaur (Scots) to scare.
schrik a sudden fright.
shiness (Obs.) shyness.
shitless very frightened.
shuddersome causing one to shudder.
shy embarrassed, bashful (noun) a sudden swerving aside; (verb) to jump aside, recoil
shyness the state of being shy.
skear (Dial.) a scare (verb) to scare
skeary (Dial.) scary.
skeer (Dial.) a scare (verb) to scare
skeery (Dial.) scary.
skrik a fright.
swivet (Dial.) a state of extreme agitation.
tailpipe to tie a tin can or similar object to the tail of a dog to frighten it.
tensive giving the sensation of tenseness.
terribility the state of being terrible.
terrible awful (noun) a terrible thing
terribleness the state of being terrible.
terribly (Adv.) TERRIBLE, awful.
terrifier one who terrifies.
terrify to fill with terror.
terrifyingly (Adv.) TERRIFYING.
terror intense fear.
terrorful full of terror.
terrorize to inflict terror on.
threat a declaration or indication of an intention to inflict harm; (verb) to threaten.
threatful full of threats; having a menacing appearance.
timid fearful.
timidity the quality of being timid.
timidly (Adv.) TIMID, fearful.
timidness the state of being timid.
timorous of a timid disposition, fearful.
timorously (Adv.) TIMOROUS, of a timid disposition, fearful.
timorousness the quality of being timorous.
tirrit (Shakesp.) Mistress Quickly's word for alarm, fright.
tiswas a tizzy, a state of confusion.
tizwas a tizzy, a state of confusion.
tizz (Coll.) a state of agitation.
tizzy (Coll.) a state of agitation.
toey (Aust. sl.) nervous, edgy.
trepid timorous, fearful.
trepidant in a state of alarmed agitation.
trepidation timorous uncertain agitation.
trepidatory causing trepidation, trembling; alarmed agitation.
ug to dread, loathe.
ugsome (Obs.) frightful, loathsome.
ugsomeness (Obs.) the state of being ugsome, frightful, loathsome.
unappalled not appalled.
unease anxiety, insecurity.
unfeared not feared.
unformidable not formidable.
unfrighted (Arch.) not frightened.
unfrightened not frightened.
unnerve to deprive of courage.
unscary not scary.
ware goods of a particular kind; (verb) to beware of.
warily (Adv.) WARY, cautious.
wary cautious.
wheyface one who is pale, as from fear.
worriedly (Adv.) WORRIED.
worrier one that worries.
worry to feel anxious and uneasy about something.
yitten (Dial.) frightened.