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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abhominable hateful, detestable.
abhor to loathe.
abhorrence the act of abhorring.
abhorrency (Obs.) the act of abhorring.
abhorrent loathsome.
abhorrently (Adv.) ABHORRENT, loathsome.
abhorrer one who abhors.
abominable hateful, detestable.
abominableness the state of being abominable.
abominably (Adv.) ABOMINABLE, hateful, detestable.
abominate to abhor.
abominator one who abominates.
animosity hostility.
antipathetic related to antipathy.
antipathetical related to antipathy.
antipathist a person possessed by an antipathy.
antipathy aversion, dislike.
aversion a feeling of repugnance.
aversiveness the state of being aversive, showing aversion.
bothersome causing bother.
degout (Fr.) distaste; (verb) to make (something) into drops.
derry (Aust. sl.) a dislike, as in to have a derry on someone.
despiteful (Arch.) full of despite, malicious.
despitefully (Adv.) DESPITEFUL, full of despite.
despitefulness (Arch.) the state of being despiteful.
detest to dislike intensely.
detestability the quality of being detestable.
detestable hateful.
detestableness the state of being detestable.
detestably (Adv.) DETESTABLE, hateful.
detestation extreme dislike.
detester one who detests.
disgust to cause nausea or loathing in.
disgustedly (Adv.) DISGUSTED.
disgustful provoking disgust.
disgustfully (Adv.) DISGUSTFUL, provoking disgust.
disgusting causing disgust, repellent.
disgustingly (Adv.) DISGUSTING, causing disgust, repellent.
dislikable capable of being disliked.
dislike a feeling of aversion; (verb) to regard with aversion.
dislikeable capable of being disliked.
dislikeful full of dislike.
disliker one who dislikes.
dispathy (Obs.) antipathy, dislike.
disrelish to dislike, not relish.
distaste dislike; (verb, arch.) to feel distaste for.
dyspathetic relating to dyspathy.
dyspathy antipathy, dislike.
execrate to declare to be evil; to denounce or place under a curse.
execration the act of cursing.
hatable capable of being, or deserving to be, hated.
hate to loathe.
hateable capable of being, or deserving to be, hated.
hateful detestable.
hatefully (Adv.) HATEFUL, detestable.
hatefulness the state of being hateful.
hateless without hate.
hatelessness the state of being hateless.
hater one who hates.
haterent (Scots) hatred.
hateworthy worthy of hate.
hatred intense dislike or aversion.
ickily (Adv.) ICKY, repulsive.
ickiness the state of being icky.
icky repulsive.
inimical hostile; unfriendly.
inimicality the state of being inimical.
irksome tending to irk.
irksomely (Adv.) IRKSOME, tending to irk.
laidly (Scots) loathly.
laith (Scots) loth.
laithly (Scots) loathly.
loath repugnant; reluctant.
loathe to detest greatly.
loathedness the state of being loathed.
loather one who loathes.
loathful full of loathing.
loathfulness the state of being loathful.
loathingly (Adv.) LOATHING.
loathliness the state of being loathly.
loathly (Arch.) hideous, loathsome > LOATHLIER, LOATHLIEST.
loathness unwillingness, reluctance.
loathsome abhorrent.
loathsomely (Adv.) LOATHSOME, abhorrent.
loathsomeness the state of being loathsome.
loathy (Arch.) loathsome.
loth repugnant; reluctant.
lothefull (Spenser) reluctant.
lothfull (Spenser) reluctant.
lothness the state of being loth.
lothsome abhorrent.
malice ill-will; (verb, obs.) to have ill-will against.
malicious bearing ill-will or spite.
maliciously (Adv.) MALICIOUS, bearing ill-will or spite.
malist (PaP.) MALICE, to bear ill-will towards.
misandrist a hater of men.
misandrous hating men.
misandry a hatred of men.
misanthrope one who hates or distrusts mankind.
misanthropic of, relating to, or characteristic of a misanthrope.
misanthropical of, relating to, or characteristic of a misanthrope.
misleeke (Spenser) to dislike.
mislike (Arch.) to dislike.
misliker one who mislikes.
misoclere hating the clergy.
misogamist one who hates marriage.
misogynic hating women.
misogynist one who hates women.
misogynistic hating women.
misogynistical hating women.
misogynous hating women.
misologist a hater of knowledge and enlightenment.
misology a hatred of argument, reasoning or enlightenment.
misoneism a hatred or fear of change or innovation.
misoneist a hater of things which are new.
misoneistic relating to misoneism, a hatred of novelty.
odious hateful, repugnant.
odiously (Adv.) ODIOUS, hateful, repugnant.
odiousness the state of being odious.
odium (Lat.) hatred accompanied by contempt.
overhate to hate to excess.
pique (Fr.) hurt pride, resentful irritation; (verb) to cause pique.
rancor (US) inveterate and bitter ill feeling.
rancored full of rancor.
rancorous full of rancour.
rancorously (Adv.) RANCOROUS, full of rancour.
rancour inveterate and bitter ill feeling.
rancoured full of rancour.
rebarbative irritating; repellent.
rebarbatively (Adv.) REBARBATIVE, repellent.
repugnance strong dislike, antipathy.
repugnancy strong dislike, antipathy.
repugnant distasteful, odious.
repugnantly (Adv.) REPUGNANT, distasteful, odious.
repulsion the act of repulsing, or the state of being repulsed.
repulsive that repels.
repulsively (Adv.) REPULSIVE, that repels.
repulsiveness the state of being repulsive.
revulsion a feeling of strong dislike or disgust.
scunner (Scots) a feeling of strong dislike; (verb) to be in a state of disgusted irritation.
shitlist a list of hated things.
ulterior (Lat.) of eg a motive, beyond what is stated or apparent.
ulteriorly (Adv.) ULTERIOR, beyond what is stated.
unlikable not capable of being liked.
unlikeable not capable of being liked.
unlove to cease to love; to hate.
unlovingly (Adv.) UNLOVING.
unrepugnant not repugnant.
warling (Obs.) someone disliked.