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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

addle to confuse.
baffle to confuse, perplex.
bafflement a state of perplexity.
bemuddle to confuse.
bemuse to confuse.
bemusement a state of confusion.
bemusedly ina confused way.
bewilder to confuse.
bewilderment a state of confusion.
bumfuzzle to confuse.
consternation amazement that throws one into confusion.
desoriente confused.
disconcert to throw into a state of confusion.
discomboberate to throw into a state of confusion.
discombobulate to throw into a state of confusion.
dwaal (S. Afr.) a state of befuddlement.
egarement confusion, bewilderment.
embroglio imbroglio a confused or disturbing situation.
flummox to confuse, perplex.
fluster to put into a state of nervous confusion.
fuddle to confuse.
fuzzle to confuse, intoxicate.
garble to muddle, confuse.
giddily (Adv.) GIDDY, dizzy.
giddiness the state of being giddy.
giddy dizzy (verb) to make or become giddy
groggily (Adv.) GROGGY, dizzy.
groggy dizzy.
imbrangle (Arch.) to confuse or perplex.
maze to confuse.
mazedly in a confused way.
mirligoes (Scots) dizziness.
mither moider moither to confuse, bewilder.
mizzy as in mizzy maze, a state of confusion.
muddleheaded confused in mind.
muddlement a state of mental confusion.
muzz to confuse, stupefy.
muzzily (Adv.) MUZZY, muddled or confused in mind.
muzzy muddled or confused in mind.
perplex to puzzle, confuse.
quandary a state of perplexity.
spacey dreamy, behaving as if spaced out.
spacy dreamy, behaving as if spaced out.
taivert (Scots) muddled, fuddled.
tapsalterie tapsieterie (Scots) a state of confusion.
tavert (Scots) muddled, fuddled.
tiswas tizwas a state of confusion.
tiz tizzy a state of confusion.
unconfuse to remove confusion from.