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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

afterburn a period of lingering anger, fear or bitterness that follows a painful or traumatic event
anger wrath; (verb) to make angry
angerless without anger.
angerly (Arch.) angrily.
angrily (Adv.) ANGRY, having anger.
angriness the quality of being angry, or of being inclined to anger.
angry having anger (noun) an angry person
annoy to be troublesome to.
annoyance something that annoys.
annoyer one who annoys.
annoying causing annoyance.
annoyingly (Adv.) ANNOYING.
arsey (Aust. sl.) aggressive, irritable.
arsy (Aust. sl.) aggressive, irritable.
badass touchy, difficult, intimidating; (noun) a touchy person.
badassed touchy, difficult, intimidating.
bilious ill-tempered; very unpleasant.
biliously (Adv.) BILIOUS, ill-tempered.
bitchily (Adv.) BITCHY, bad-tempered.
bitchiness the state of being bitchy.
bitchy bad-tempered.
bother trouble, annoyance; (verb) to annoy.
bouderie (Fr.) a pouting, sulking.
brainish (Shakesp.) hotheaded, furious.
cantankerous difficult or irritating to deal with.
cantankerously (Adv.) CANTANKEROUS, difficult or irritating to deal with.
carnaptious (Scots) bad-tempered; cantankerous.
chagrin (Fr.) disappointment, annoyance; vexation; (verb) to vex, annoy.
chippiness the state of being chippy, irritable.
choler anger, irascibility.
choleric easily irritated or angered; hot-tempered.
cholerically (Adv.) CHOLERIC, easily angered.
cholericly (Adv.) CHOLERIC, full of choler.
conniption (US sl.) a fit of rage or hysteria; a tantrum.
crabbed ill-natured, perverse.
crabbedly (Adv.) CRABBED, ill-natured, perverse.
crabbily (Adv.) CRABBY, ill-tempered.
crabbiness the state of being crabby.
crabbit bad-tempered, irritable.
crabby ill-tempered.
crankily (Adv.) CRANKY, cantankerous.
crankiness the state of being cranky, cantankerous.
crankish bad tempered.
crankous cranky.
cranky cantankerous.
crossish somewhat cross.
crossly (Adv.) CROSS, ill-tempered.
crossness the state of being cross.
crosspatch a bad-tempered person.
crotcheted having crotchets, whimsical, short-tempered.
crotcheteer a crotchety person.
crotchetiness the state of being crotchety.
crotchety bad-tempered.
curnaptious (Scots) bad-tempered; cantankerous.
currish like a cur: rude or bad-tempered.
currishly in a rude or bad-tempered way.
currishness being like a cur: rude or bad-tempered.
despiteous (Obs.) feeling or showing despite.
despiteously (Adv.) DESPITEOUS, feeling or showing despite.
dort (Scots) to sulk.
dortiness the state of being dorty, pettish, sulky.
dorty (Scots) pettish, sulky.
emboil (Obs.) to burn with anger.
enrage to make very angry.
enragedly (Adv.) ENRAGED, in a rage.
enragement the act of enraging or state of being enraged.
enranckle (Spenser) to enrage.
exasperate to excite the anger of.
exasperating exciting the anger of.
exasperatingly (Adv.) EXASPERATING.
exasperation the state of being exasperated.
exasperator one who exasperates.
fash (Scots) to vex, to annoy, to trouble.
fashious troublesome, vexatious.
fashiousness the state of being fashious, troublesome.
flakily (Adv.) FLAKY, in flakes.
flaky in flakes (noun) an angry outburst, a fit of temper
foulie (Aust. sl.) a bad mood.
frabbit (Dial.) peevish.
fractious troublesome, irritable.
fractiously (Adv.) FRACTIOUS, troublesome, irritable.
fractiousness the state of being fractious.
frampal (Scott) peevish, intractable.
frampold (Obs.) peevish, intractable.
franzy (Dial.) cross, peevish.
fratchety quarrelsome.
fratching quarrelsome.
fratchy quarrelsome.
freakout a strong fit of anger, anxiety etc.
fretful disposed to fret; ill-humored.
fretfully (Adv.) FRETFUL, disposed to fret.
fretsome fretful.
frowny showing a frown.
fumingly (Adv.) FUMING, very angry.
furibund (Obs.) raging.
furious extremely angry.
furiously (Adv.) FURIOUS, extremely angry.
furiousness the state of being furious.
furor an outburst of public indignation.
furore (Ital.) an outburst of public indignation.
fury violent anger.
girnie ill-tempered, peevish.
glower to look or stare with sullen annoyance or anger.
grame (Obs.) anger, wrath.
grouchily (Adv.) GROUCHY, grumpy.
grouchiness the state of being grouchy.
grouchy grumpy.
grouty sulky.
grumness the quality of being grum, glum, morose.
hangry irritable as a result of feeling hungry.
hatter one who makes hats; (verb) to trouble, annoy.
hissy like a tantrum (noun) a tantrum
hoha (Maori) bored, annoyed.
huffily (Adv.) HUFFY, given to huff, touchy.
huffiness the state of being huffy.
huffish given to huff, touchy.
huffishly (Adv.) HUFFISH, given to huff, touchy.
huffishness the state of being huffish.
huffy given to huff, touchy.
incense to make very angry.
incensement the act of incensing, making angry.
indignant feeling or showing justifiable anger.
indignantly (Adv.) INDIGNANT, feeling or showing justifiable anger.
indignation anger aroused by something unjust, unworthy, or mean.
infuriate enraged (verb) to make furious
infuriately (Adv.) INFURIATE, enraged.
infuriatingly (Adv.) INFURIATING.
infuriation the act of infuriating.
iracund easily provoked, quick-tempered, irascible.
iracundity the state of being iracund, easily angered.
iracundulous somewhat inclined to become angry.
irascible easily angered, irritable.
irascibleness the state of being irascible.
irascibly (Adv.) IRASCIBLE, easily angered.
irate angry.
irately (Adv.) IRATE, angry.
irateness the state of being irate.
ire anger; (verb) to anger.
ireful full of ire; angry.
irefully (Adv.) IREFUL, full of ire.
irefulness wrathfulness.
ireless without ire.
irk to annoy or weary.
irritable easily provoked.
irritableness the state of being irritable.
irritably (Adv.) IRRITABLE, easily provoked.
irritatedly (Adv.) IRRITATED.
jadish like a jade, vicious.
jadishly (Adv.) JADISH, vicious, resembling a jade.
kippage (Scots) a state of displeasure or anger.
malgre (Arch.) in spite of; (verb) to show spite towards.
maulgre (Arch.) in spite of; (verb) to show spite towards.
miffily (Adv.) MIFFY, quick to take offence.
miffiness the state of being miffy, quick to take offence.
miffy quick to take offence.
mifty (Obs.) quick to take offence.
molestful troublesome, vexatious.
naggy irritable; touchy.
narky irritable.
nattery peevish > NATTERIER, NATTERIEST.
nettlesome causing vexation.
nowty bad-tempered.
noyance (Spenser) annoyance.
noysome (Obs.) noisome, hurtful.
obtrude to thrust (oneself) forward in an annoying way.
onery (Coll.) cantankerous.
orneriness the state of being ornery.
ornery (Coll.) cantankerous.
outrage to arouse anger or resentment in.
outrave to surpass in raving.
outsulk to sulk more than.
peeve to irritate.
peevish irritable; fretful, complaining.
peevishly (Adv.) PEEVISH, fretful.
peevishness the state of being peevish.
pesterment the act of pestering, or the state of being pestered.
pettedly (Adv.) PETTED, in a pet, sulky, offended.
pettish sulky, petulant.
pettishly (Adv.) PETTISH, sulky, petulant.
petulance peevish impatience.
petulancy peevish impatience.
petulant peevish.
petulantly (Adv.) PETULANT, peevish.
philomathic loving learning.
philomathical loving learning.
pisser something that pisses one off.
plaguesome (Coll.) troublesome, annoying.
protervity peevishness.
radge (Scots) angry, obstreperous; lustful (noun) a bad temper, a rage
rage violent anger; (verb) to act or speak with rage.
rageful full of rage; expressing rage.
rager one who rages.
ragingly (Adv.) RAGING, furious.
ranter one who rants.
ravingly (Adv.) RAVING, mad.
resent to feel or express annoyance or ill will at.
resentingly (Adv.) RESENTING.
resentment a feeling of indignant displeasure or persistent ill will at something regarded as a wrong, insult, or injury.
rile to anger.
roid as in roid rage, angry and aggressive behaviour caused by the use of anabolic steroids.
shirtily (Adv.) SHIRTY, irritable, annoyed.
shirtiness the state of being shirty.
shirty irritable, annoyed.
shrewish ill-tempered.
shrewishly (Adv.) SHREWISH, ill-tempered.
snappily (Adv.) SNAPPY, bad-tempered.
snappy bad-tempered.
snarkily (Adv.) SNARKY, crotchety.
snarky crotchety.
snarly snarling.
snippily (Adv.) SNIPPY, stingy, snappish.
snippiness the state of being snippy, stingy.
snippy stingy, snappish.
snit a fit of rather childish temper, a tantrum.
snitchy bad-tempered or irritable.
snitty disagreeably ill-tempered.
snorty inclined to snort; (coll.) ready to take offence.
soreheaded irritable, grumpy.
soreheadedly (Adv.) SOREHEADED, irritable, grumpy.
soreheadedness the state of being soreheaded.
spiteful full of spite.
spitefully (Adv.) SPITEFUL, full of spite.
spleenish affected with spleen; fretful.
spleeny (Shakesp.) irritable; peevish.
splenative (Obs.) hot-tempered.
splenetic marked by bad temper, malevolence or spite (noun) one who is splenetic
splenetical marked by bad temper, malevolence or spite.
splenetically (Adv.) SPLENETICAL, marked by bad temper, malevolence or spite.
stomachy easily angered, irritable.
stroppily (Adv.) STROPPY, touchy, belligerent.
stroppiness the state of being stroppy.
stroppy touchy, belligerent.
stunkard (Scots) sulky, sullen.
sturt to vex; to annoy.
surlily (Adv.) SURLY, bad-tempered.
surliness the state of being surly.
surly bad-tempered.
tantrum a sudden fit of childish, uncontrolled bad temper or rage.
teachie (Obs.) tetchy.
techily (Adv.) TECHY, peevish.
techiness the state of being techy.
techy peevish, fretful.
testily (Adv.) TESTY, irritable.
testiness the state of being testy.
testy irritable.
tetchily (Adv.) TETCHY, peevish.
tetchiness the state of being tetchy.
tetchy peevish, fretful.
tooshie (Aust. sl.) angry, upset.
touchily (Adv.) TOUCHY, quick to take offence.
touchiness the state of being touchy.
touchy quick to take offence.
toustie (Scott) irascible.
toutie (Scots) petulant.
tracasserie (Fr.) a state of disturbance or annoyance.
umbrage the feeling of being offended; (verb) to shade, to offend.
unvexed not vexed.
unvext not vexed.
vex to distress or annoy ) VEXT.
vexation a cause of trouble.
vexatious causing vexation.
vexatiously (Adv.) VEXATIOUS, causing vexation.
vexatiousness the state of being vexatious.
vexatory causing vexation.
vexedly (Adv.) VEXED, made angry.
vexedness the state of being vexed.
vexer one who vexes.
vexingly (Adv.) VEXING, annoying.
vexingness the state of being vexing.
wherrit to worry, annoy.
wobbly unsteady (noun) a fit of nerves or anger
woodness anger; madness.
worrit to worry; to annoy.
wrath anger (verb, obs.) to make or become angry
wrathful extremely angry.
wrathfully (Adv.) WRATHFUL, extremely angry.
wrathfulness the state of being wrathful.
wrathily (Adv.) WRATHY, very angry.
wrathiness the state of being wrathy, angry.
wrathless free from anger or wrath.
wrathy very angry.
wroth wrathful; in commotion; stormy. No -S.
wrothful extremely angry.