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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

adorable worthy of being adored.
adorably (Adv.) ADORABLE, worthy of being adored.
adoration the act of adoring.
adore to love deeply.
adorer one that adores.
adoringly (Adv.) ADORING, deeply loving.
affable easy to talk to.
affably (Adv.) AFFABLE, easy to talk to.
affection a fond feeling; (verb) to love.
affectionate having affection or warm regard.
affectionately (Adv.) AFFECTIONATE, having affection or warm regard.
ailourophile a cat-lover.
ailourophilia the love of cats.
ailurophile a cat-lover.
ailurophilia the love of cats.
amative strongly moved by love esp sexual love.
amatively (Adv.) AMATIVE, amorous.
amativeness the state of being amative.
amatorial of or pertaining to a lover or to love making; as, amatorial verses.
amatorially (Adv.) AMATORIAL, of or pertaining to a lover or to love making.
amatorian amatory.
amatorious amatory.
amatory relating to love.
amiable (Fr.) of a sweet and loving disposition.
amiableness the state of being amiable.
amiably (Adv.) AMIABLE, of a sweet and loving disposition.
amicability the state of being amicable.
amicable friendly.
amicably (Adv.) AMICABLE, friendly.
amorance the state of being in love; romantic love.
amorant in a state of amorance, in love.
amorism a love affair.
amoristic amorous.
amorosity the quality of being amorous.
amorous pertaining to love.
amorously (Adv.) AMOROUS, pertaining to love.
amour (Fr.) love.
anglophil one who loves the English.
anglophile one who loves the English.
anglophilia love of England or the English language.
anglophilic having a love for things English.
arctophilia the love of teddy-bears.
aroha (Maori) love, compassion.
assott (Spenser) infatuated.
belove (Obs.) to love.
beloved one who is loved.
besot to infatuate.
besottedly (Adv.) BESOTTED.
besottedness the state of being besotted.
bibliophil a lover of books.
bibliophile a lover of books.
bibliophilic loving books.
bibliophilistic of or like a bibliophile, a lover of books.
canophilia the love of dogs.
canophilist a lover of dogs.
caresser one who caresses.
caritas (Lat.) love, charity.
cartophile a lover of maps.
cher (Fr.) dear.
cherish to hold dear.
cherisher one who cherishes.
cherishingly (Adv.) CHERISHING.
cherishment the act of cherishing.
chrysophilite a lover of gold.
cocker to pamper; to indulge.
coddler one who coddles.
coenamor to inflame with mutual love.
coenamour to enamour jointly.
cordialise to become cordial, fraternise.
cordiality sincere affection and kindness.
cordialize to become cordial, fraternize.
cosher to pamper, coddle.
cosset to fondle or pamper.
couthie (Scots) kind, friendly.
couthy (Scots) kind, friendly.
cuddler one who cuddles.
cynophilia the love of dogs.
cynophilist a lover of dogs.
dandle to dance (a child) on one's knees.
dandler one who dandles or fondles.
daut (Scots) to pet.
dautie (Scots) a pet.
dawt (Scots) to pet.
dawtie (Scots) a pet.
devote to give oneself wholly to.
devotedly (Adv.) DEVOTED.
devotedness the state of being devoted.
devotion the act of devoting.
devotionalness the state of being devotional.
discophile one who loves records.
doat to dote.
doater one who doats.
dote to show excessive affection.
doter one who dotes.
dotingly (Adv.) DOTING, very fond.
druther one's preference.
embosom to hold in the bosom; to cherish in the heart or affection.
embracive disposed to embrace.
enamor (US) to cause to fall in love with.
enamour to cause to fall in love with.
endear to make dear or beloved.
endearingly (Adv.) ENDEARING.
engouement (Fr.) an excessive fondness, an infatuation.
engoument (Fr.) an excessive fondness, an infatuation.
eperdu (Fr.) desperately in love (of a male).
eperdue (Fr.) desperately in love (of a female).
epris (Fr.) captivated or smitten (of a male).
eprise (Fr.) captivated or smitten (of a female).
esthete a lover of fine things.
europhilia the love of Europe and things European.
fancier one who fancies.
fancy elaborate (verb) to be fond of
filiopietistic marked by excessive veneration of ancestors.
fond kindly disposed (verb, obs.) to dote
fondler one who fondles.
fondlingly (Adv.) FONDLING.
fondly (Adv.) FOND, kindly disposed.
fondness affection.
francophil a lover of France and French things.
francophile a lover of France and French things.
geophilic loving the earth.
heartthrob an object of affection.
hippophile a lover of horses.
idolatrise to worship as an idol, to adore.
idolatrize to worship idols; to pay idolatrous worship.
idoliser one who idolises.
imbosom to hold in the bosom; to cherish in the heart or affection.
infatuate to inspire with foolish or unreasoning passion.
infatuatedly (Adv.) INFATUATED.
infatuation the state of being infatuated.
inordinacy the quality of being inordinate.
insoul to set a soul in; reflexively, to fix one's strongest affections on.
likable capable of being liked.
likableness the state of being likable.
likably (Adv.) LIKABLE, able to be liked.
like similar (noun) one of the same kind; (verb) to feel attracted to
likeable capable of being liked.
likeableness the state of being likeable.
likeably (Adv.) LIKEABLE, capable of being liked.
liker one who likes.
loo (Coll.) a lavatory; (verb) to love.
lou (Scots) to love.
lovability the state of being lovable.
lovable able to be loved.
lovableness the state of being lovable.
lovably (Adv.) LOVABLE, able to be loved.
love great affection (verb) to feel great affection for
loveable able to be loved.
loveableness the state of being loveable.
loveably (Adv.) LOVEABLE, able to be loved.
lovelorn not loved.
lovelornness the state of being lovelorn.
loverless without a lover.
lovesick languishing with love.
lovesome (Arch.) lovely, loving.
lovestruck affected by love for someone.
loveworthy lovable; (noun) a person worthy of being loved.
lovingly (Adv.) LOVING, affectionate.
lovingness affection; kind regard.
lurve (Sl.) romantic love.
mycophile one who loves fungi.
neophile one who loves novelty and trends.
opsomaniac one who loves a certain kind of food, bordering on madness.
outlove to surpass in loving.
overfond fond to excess.
overfondly (Adv.) OVERFOND, fond to excess.
overfondness the state of being overfond.
overlove to love to excess.
patriotism love for or devotion to one's country.
philhellene one who loves Greece.
philogynous loving women.
philogyny the love of women.
philologist a person who studies or has knowledge of philology.
philomath a lover of learning; a scholar.
popular well-liked (noun) something popular
predilection an established preference for something.
preloved previously loved.
rapport (Fr.) a relationship, esp harmonious.
retrophilia love of things of the past.
sensualize to make sensual.
smaak (S. Afr.) to like or love.
smickly amorously.
spooney foolishly fond; (noun) one who is spooney.
spoonily (Adv.) SPOONY, foolishly fond.
spoony foolishly fond (noun) one who is foolishly fooled
tendre (Fr.) a tender feeling, a fondness.
tendresse (Fr.) a tender feeling, a fondness.
tiddle to use with tenderness; to fondle.
topophilia great love or affection for a particular place.
undear not dear.
unfeigned not feigned; not counterfeit.
unfeignedly (Adv.) UNFEIGNED, not feigned; not counterfeit.
uxorious excessively fond of or submissive to a wife.
uxoriously (Adv.) UXORIOUS, excessively fond of or submissive to a wife.
uxoriousness the state of being uxorious.
virtu (Fr.) a love of the fine arts; a taste for the curious.
xenophile one who loves foreigners.