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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

clumpet a large floating chunk of ice.
cranreuch (Gaelic) a hoarfrost.
flaught (Scots) a snowflake; (verb) to cut, pare.
frazil ground-ice; ice in small spikes in streams.
frost a deposit of minute ice crystals (verb) to cover with frost
frostily (Adv.) FROSTY, like frost.
frostiness the state of being frosty.
frostless without frost.
frostlike like frost.
frostwork tracery made by frost, eg on windows.
frosty like frost.
graupel (Ger.) precipitation consisting of granular snow pellets.
hailstone a ball of hail.
haily like hail.
hoarfrost rime or white frost, the white particles formed by the freezing of the dew.
iceblink a glare in the sky caused by light reflected off ice.
icescape a landscape covered in ice.
landfast of ice, attached ot the shore.
nival of, growing in, or relating to, snow.
niveous of or relating to snow.
rime hoarfrost (verb) to cover with rime
riminess the state of being rimy.
rimy covered with rime.
sastruga (Russian) long parallel ridges of snow that form on windy plains.
shorefast of ice, attached to the shore.
snaw (Dial.) snow; (verb) to snow.
snow precipitation in the form of ice crystals (verb) to fall as snow
snowbank a bank of snow.
snowblink a glare in the sky caused by light reflected off snow.
snowbound shut in or prevented from travelling by snow.
snowcapped covered with snow.
snowdrift a drift of snow.
snowfall a fall of snow.
snowfield an area of snow.
snowflake a flake of snow.
snowily (Adv.) SNOWY, full of snow.
snowiness the state of being snowy.
snowish resembling snow.
snowless having no snow.
snowlike resembling snow.
snowline an area which defines permanent snow.
snowmelt water produced by the melting of snow.
snowpack an accumulation of packed snow.
snowslide a slide of snow, an avalanche.
snowslip a large mass or avalanche of snow which slips down the side of a mountain, etc.
snowy full of snow.
sposh (US) slush.
sposhy (US) slushy.
swashy slushy.
verglas (Fr.) a film of ice on rock.
whiteout a condition of zero visibility caused by snow.
windpack snow that has been compacted by the wind.
windslab a crust formed on soft snow by the wind.
zastruga (Russian) long parallel ridges of snow that form on windy plains.