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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

antismog intended to prevent smog.
bemist to envelop in mist.
blashy showery; of beer or tea, watery and thin.
brume mist or fog.
brumous foggy; wintry.
cloudburst a heavy downpour of rain.
deaw (Spenser) dew; (verb) to cover with dew.
deawie (Spenser) dewy.
deawy (Spenser) dewy.
dewdrop a drop of dew.
dewfall the formation of dew.
dewily (Adv.) DEWY, moist with dew.
dewiness the state of being dewy.
dewless having no dew.
dewpoint the atmospheric temperature (dependent on pressure and humidity) below which dew is deposited.
dewy moist with dew.
downpour a heavy rain.
drizzle a light rain (verb) to rain lightly
drizzlingly (Adv.) DRIZZLING, raining lightly.
drizzly like drizzle.
drow (Scots) wet mist.
eavesdrip the water that falls from the eaves of a house.
eavesdrop the water that falls from the eaves of a house; (verb) to listen in on a private conversation.
fog a thick cloudlike mist near the ground (verb) to be affected by fog
fogbound surrounded by fog.
fogbow a whiteish arch like a rainbow, seen in fogs.
fogdog a whiteish spot seen near the horizon in fog.
foggily (Adv.) FOGGY, full of fog.
fogginess the state of being foggy.
foggy full of fog.
fogless without fog.
haar (ON) a raw sea-mist.
haze vapour, mist or shimmer due to heat (verb) to make hazy
hazily (Adv.) HAZY, like a haze.
haziness the state of being hazy.
hazy like a haze.
hyetal rainy; of or pertaining to rainfall.
hyetograph an instrument for recording rainfall.
hyetography the study of rainfall distribution.
hyetology the science of rainfall.
hyetometer an instrument for measuring rainfall.
hyetometrograph an instrument for recording rainfall.
interpluvial between bouts of rain; (noun) an interpluvial period.
isopluvial a line on a map connecting places registering the same amount of precipitation or rainfall.
mausy foggy, misty.
mauzy foggy, misty.
mist watery vapour seen in the atmosphere (verb) to become blurry
mistbow a whiteish arch like a rainbow, seen in mist, aka fogbow.
mistful clouded with, or as with, mist.
mistily (Adv.) MISTY, blurry.
mistiness the state of being misty.
mistle to rain in very fine drops.
misty blurry.
mizzle a fine rain (verb) to rain in very fine drops
mizzly drizzly, raining in fine drops.
moch (Scots) misty or humid weather (verb) (of foods) to become musty or spoiled
oncome (Scots) a coming on, a sudden onset, eg of rain.
onding (Scots) a sudden onset of rain or snow.
peasouper a thick fog.
pelter someone or something that pelts; a short sharp shower of rain; (verb) to fall in a sharp shower.
pluvian rainy; (noun) a crocodile bird.
pluviose rainy.
pluvious rainy.
pogonip (Am. Ind.) a dense winter fog containing frozen particles that is formed in deep mountain valleys of the western U.S.
precip (Short for) precipitation.
precipitation any form of water that falls from the atmosphere to the surface of the earth (e.g. rain, snow, sleet, and hail).
rain drops of water condensed from atmospheric vapor (verb) to fall like rain
rainband a dark band in the earth's atmosphere, caused by the presence of water vapour in the earth's atmosphere.
raindrop a drop of rain.
rainfall a fall of rain.
rainily (Adv.) RAINY, like rain.
raininess the state of being rainy.
rainless without rain.
rainout atomic fallout occurring in precipitation.
rainsquall a squall of rain.
rainstorm a storm of rain.
rainwater water from rainfall.
rainy like rain.
roky (Dial.) misty; foggy; cloudy.
roral dewy.
roric dewy.
rorid dewy.
roscid dewy.
runoff the precipitation that runs directly off the surface to stream or body of standing water.
semiarid receiving between 10 and 20 inches of precipitation annually.
semiaridity the state of being semiarid.
serein (Fr.) fine tropical rain falling from an apparently cloudless night sky.
showerful full of showers.
showerless rainless; free from showers.
showery full of showers.
sleet frozen rain (verb) to shower sleet
sleetiness the state of being sleety.
sleety like sleet, full of sleet.
smaze a smoke haze.
smir fine misty rain (verb) to drizzle
smirr fine misty rain (verb) to drizzle
smirry drizzly.
smog an atmospheric mixture of smoke and fog.
smoggy full of smog.
smogless without smog.
smur (Scots) a fine misty rain; (verb) to drizzle.
smurry (Scots) like smur, a fine drizzly rain.
squally full of squalls.
udometer an instrument for measuring rainfall.
udometry the science of measuring rain.
virga (Lat.) a trail of water-drops coming from cloud but not reaching the ground as precipitation.