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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

acanthin strontium sulphate in skeletons of Radiolaria.
acritarch any of a group of fossil one-celled marine organisms.
ammolite the fossilised shell of an ammonite.
ammonite a type of fossil.
ammonitic of or like an ammonite, a type of fossil.
ammonoid an ammonite.
baculite a fossil of the genus Baculites, allied to the ammonites, with a straight, tapering shell.
belemnite a fossil pointed like a dart, being the internal shell of a cephalopod mollusc.
bioherm a mound of material laid down by sedentary marine organisms, esp a coral reef.
biostratigraphy determination of age, etc., of sedimentary strata from fossils which they contain.
blastoid one of the Blastoidea, a group of budlike calcareous fossil echinoderms.
bonebed an area containing dinosaur fossils.
calamite a reedlike plant of an extinct group related to the horsetails, found as fossils chiefly of Carboniferous age.
coccolith a small rounded body found in chalk formations, consisting of microscopic plates secreted by extinct algal plankton.
conodont any of various Palaeozoic toothlike fossils of uncertain affinity.
coprolite fossilized excrement.
coprolith fossilized excrement.
coprolitic containing, pertaining to, or of the nature of, coprolites.
crinite a fossil crinoid.
cystid a kind of extinct echinoderm.
cystidean a cystoid, an extinct echinoderm.
cystoid a kind of extinct echinoderm.
dinoceras a uintathere, an animal of the genus Uintatherium, gigantic fossil ungulates.
diprionidian of graptolites, serrated on both sides.
encrinal relating to encrinites; containing encrinites, as certain kinds of limestone.
encrinic relating to encrinites; containing encrinites, as certain kinds of limestone.
encrinital of or like an encrinite, a fossil crinoid.
encrinite a fossil crinoid, esp one belonging to, or resembling, the genus Encrinus.
encrinitic of or like an encrinite, a fossil crinoid.
fossil the remains of an animal or plant preserved in the earth's crust.
fossiliferous bearing fossils.
goniatite one of an extinct genus of fossil cephalopods, allied to the Ammonites.
goniatitoid having the form of a goniatite; (noun) a fossil like a goniatite.
graptolite a characteristic Silurian fossil with an appearance almost like writing upon shales.
graptolitic related to a graptolite.
hippurite a Cretaceous fossil lamellibranch with one conical valve and one flat one.
hippuritic of or like a hippurite, a cone-shaped fossil bivalve mollusc.
hominid pertaining to a fossil apeman; (noun) a fossil apeman.
ichnite a fossil footprint.
ichnofossil a fossil footprint.
ichnolite a fossil footprint.
ichnology a branch of paleontology dealing with the study of fossilized footprints, tracks, traces, etc.
ichthyodorulite a fossilised fish-spine.
ichthyodorylite a fossilised fish-spine.
ichthyolite a fossil fish.
ichthyolitic of or like an ichthyolite, a fossil fish.
macrofossil a fossil large enough to be seen with the naked eye.
microfossil a very small fossil.
mosasaur a gigantic Cretaceous fossil pythonomorph reptile.
nonfossil not fossil.
nummuline esp. of limestone, containing or consisting of nummulites.
nummulite a fossil of the genus Nummulites and allied genera.
nummulitic of, like, composed of, containing, nummulites; as, nummulitic beds.
odontolite a fossil bone or tooth coloured blue with phosphate of iron, aka bone-turquoise.
ornithichnite a fossil footprint of a bird.
palaeontology the study of fossils.
paleontologic relating to paleontology.
paleontological relating to paleontology.
paleontology the study of fossils.
reliquiae (Lat.) remains, esp fossil.
remanie (Fr.) a fossil or other relic of an older rock preserved in a later deposit.
serpulite a fossil serpula shell.
stigmarian the pitted underground part of Sigillaria or other fossil tree.
subfossil part of a fossil.
taphonomic relating to taphonomy.
taphonomical relating to taphonomy.
taphonomist an expert or specialist in taphonomy.
taphonomy the study or science of how plants and animals die, decay and become buried and fossilized.
tentaculite a ringed conical Silurian fossil.
terebratula a member of Terebratula, the lampshell genus of brachiopods, with perforated beak.
trilobite any one of numerous species of extinct arthropods belonging to the order Trilobita.
trilobitic of, pertaining to or containing, trilobites; as, trilobitic rocks.
trochite a wheel-like joint of the stem of a fossil crinoid.
uintathere any animal of the genus Uintatherium, gigantic fossil ungulates.
unfossilised not fossilised.
unfossilized not fossilized.
zoolite a fossil animal.
zoolith a fossil animal.
zoolithic of or like a zoolite, a fossil animal.
zoolitic of or like a zoolite, a fossil animal.