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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

arabica coffee produced from the shrub Coffea arabica, grown esp. in Brazil.
bohea an inferior kind of black tea. [From the Wu-i hills in China].
cappuccino black coffee with a little milk > CAPPUCCINI or CAPPUCCINOS.
cha char tea.
chicory chiccory chickory a plant the leaves of which are used as a coffee substitute.
coffee a powder made from the seeds of a tree of the madder family; a drink made from this.
congo congou a kind of black Chinese tea. Pl. CONGOS or CONGOES; CONGOUS.
corretto espresso coffee with a shot of alcohol.
cuppa a cup esp. of tea.
decaf decaff a decaffeinated coffee.
espresso expresso a form of coffee-making machine; coffee made with this. Pl. ESPRESSOS, EXPRESSOS.
filtre as in cafe filtre, a strong black filtered coffee.
frappe frappee of coffee etc. iced, artificially cooled; (noun) an iced drink.
hyson a fine sort of green tea.
java a type of coffee.
lapsang a variety of SOUCHONG tea with a smoky flavour.
latte a kind of coffee, as in cafe latte.
macchiato espresso coffee served with a dash of hot or cold milk: MACCHIATOS.
manuka an Australian and New Zealand tree of the myrtle family, with aromatic leaves used as a substitute for tea.
matcha (Japanese) a tea made from finely ground green tea leaves.
mate an infusion made from the leaves and shoot of a S. American shrub, aka Paraguay tea.
mocha a choice, pungent coffee.
oolong oulong a variety of black tea with the flavour of green. [Chinese wu-lung, black dragon].
pekoe a scented black tea. [Chinese pek-ho, white down].
ristretto (Ital.) a very strong espresso coffee > RISTRETTOS.
robusta coffee produced from a shrub Coffea robusta.
rooibos (Afrikaans) tea made from the dried leaves of an African plant > ROOIBOSES.
silverskin the fine skin of a coffee bean.
soochong souchong a kind of black tea of a fine quality. [Chinese hsiao, small, + chung, sort].
stroupach stroupan (Scots) a drink of tea.
succory a plant the leaves of which are used as a coffee substitute.
tay tea.
tea can also be a verb, to take tea: TEAS, TEAING, TEAED.
teabag a small bag containing tea.
tealike like tea.
twanky twankay a variety of green tea. [From Tong-ke in China].
yapon yaupon youpon yupon a tree of the holly genus, the leaves of which are used as a tea substitute.
yerba a herb the leaves of which are used to make mate, or Paraguay tea.
zamzawed of tea, stewed in the pot.