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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

balconette a lightly padded BRA.
basque a kind of BODICE.
basqued furnished with a BASQUE, a kind of bodice.
basquine a kind of outer petticoat worn by Basque women.
bodice a woman's stiffened inner garment.
bodyshaper an undergarment worn to flatten the stomach, bottom etc.
boyshorts a sort of lingerie that goes all the way down the hips.
bra a BRASSIERE, a woman's undergarment worn to support the breasts.
braless without a bra.
brassiere a woman's undergarment worn to support the breasts.
broekies (Afrikaans) underpants.
bustier a strapless long-line BRASSIERE.
camiknickers camiknicks a woman's undergarment combining a CAMISOLE and KNICKERS.
camisole cami a loose BODICE with thin shoulder straps instead of sleeves.
chemise a woman's shirt-like undergarment.
chemisette an under-garment, worn by women, usually covering the neck, shoulders, and breast.
chuddies (Indian) underwear.
corset a close-fitting stiff inner BODICE; (verb) to support with a corset.
corsetry corsets generally.
crinolette a small CRINOLINE causing the dress to project behind only.
crinoline a hooped petticoat or skirt made to project all round by means of steel wire.
crinolined wearing a CRINOLINE.
drawers a close-fitting undergarment for the lower part of the body and the legs.
falsie a pad worn within a BRASSIERE.
frillies underwear.
ginch gitch gonch gotch (slang) underpants.
gotchies (slang) underpants.
grundies men's underpants. No GRUNDY*.
inexpressibles (joc.) underwear.
innerwear underwear.
jockstrap a genital support worn esp by men participating in athletics.
knickered wearing knickers.
knickers women's or girls' underpants; a woman's undergarment covering (and sometimes gathered in at) the thigh.
knicks (ab.) KNICKERS.
lingerie underwear.
longies long underwear.
pantalets pantalettes long frilled drawers.
pantaletted wearing PANTALETTES, long frilled drawers.
pantalettes see PANTALETS.
pantalooned wearing PANTALOONS.
pantie panty a woman's or child's undergarment.
pants knickers or underpants; (US) trousers.
panty see PANTIE.
petti > PETTIS (short for) petticoat.
petticoat a skirt, esp an underskirt, or a garment of which it forms part.
scanties underwear.
shapewear underwear that shapes the body > SHAPEWEARS.
shift a woman's undergarment, a CHEMISE.
singlet a man's jersey underwear.
skivvy a man's undervest; a drudge; (verb) to work as a skivvy, to drudge.
smalls underwear.
smicket a woman's under-garment; a smock.
snuggies women's long underwear. N.B. no SNUGGY* or SNUGGIE*.
tanga a brief string-like bikini; (women's or men's) briefs consisting of a waistband and a triangle of fabric at front and back, so that the hips are left exposed at either side.
teddie teddy a one-piece undergarment for a woman.
trolleys (sl.) men's underpants.
underclothes underclothing clothes worn under others, esp those next to the skin.
undercrackers (sl.) underwear.
underdaks (Aus. sl.) underpants.
undergarment any article of clothing worn under another, esp that worn next to the skin.
underlinen underclothing.
undershirt an undergarment worn under a shirt usu made of cotton.
underskirt a PETTICOAT.
underthings underwear. No UNDERTHING*.
undervest an UNDERSHIRT.
underwear clothes worn under one's outer clothes, esp next to the skin.
underwired of a bra etc., having shape provided by a thin strip of metal.
undies women's underclothing.
unmentionables (joc.) underwear.
vest an undergarment for the top half of the body, an UNDERSHIRT.
vestee a garment worn under a woman's jacket or blouse.
vestless without a vest.
vestlike like a vest.
waspie a ladies' corset which is laced or fitted tightly over the waist.
wyliecoat a flannel UNDERVEST or petticoat.