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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

adderstone adderbead a prehistoric ornamental bead.
aigret aigrette a spray of jewels; an ornamental feather plume.
albert a short kind of watch-chain.
amulet a charm worn to ward off evil, disease, etc.
anklet an ankle BRACELET.
armil a BRACELET.
armilla an ARMIL, a bracelet > ARMILLAE or ARMILLAS.
armlet an ornament or band worn round the arm.
bangle a rigid ring as a bracelet or anklet. [Hind. bangli (orig.) coloured glass bracelet.]
bangled wearing bangles.
barrette a bar-shaped hair-clip or hair ornament.
bauble bawble a TRINKET.
begem to adorn, as with gems > BEGEMMED.
bejewel to adorn with jewels > BEJEWELED/BEJEWELLED.
bemedal to decorate with medals > BEMEDALED/BEMEDALLED but only BEMEDALLING.
beplumed decked with feathers. N.B. there is no verb BEPLUME*.
beribboned adorned with ribbons. N.B. there is no verb BERIBBON*.
beringed wearing rings. N.B. there is no verb BERING*.
bestud to set or adorn, as with studs or bosses.
betrim to adorn, to trim.
bijou a trinket; a jewel; -- a word applied to anything small and of elegant workmanship > BIJOUS or BIJOUX.
bijouterie jewellery, esp. trinkets.
bindi bindhi a red dot worn on the forehead by women in India > BINDIS.
bling flashy > BLINGER, BLINGEST; (noun) ostentatious jewellery; (verb) to wear bling.
blingy flashy > BLINGIER, BLINGIEST.
boutonniere a flower for the buttonhole, etc.
bracelet an ornamental band or ring, for the wrist or the arm.
breastpin a pin worn on the breast for a fastening, or for ornament; a brooch.
breloque an ornament attached to a watch.
brooch an ornamental clasp with a joined pin fitting into a hook; (verb) to adorn as with a brooch.
buttony ornamented with a large number of buttons > BUTTONIER, BUTTONIEST.
callais a green stone bead ornament from the late Neolithic or early Bronze Age > CALLAIDES.
carcanet an ornamental necklace, collar or headband.
chachka (Yiddish) a cheap trinket.
chainlet a small chain e.g. as worn for ornament.
chank a kind of shell, sliced into bangles and worn by Hindu women.
choker a close-fitting necklace.
circlet a ring, band, or hoop (spec. one of precious metal or jewels), worn as an ornament, esp. on the head.
claddagh an Irish ring.
clasp a fastening, e.g. for a piece of jewellery; (verb) to fasten with a claps, to take hold of.
concho an ornamental disk (as an clothing or tack) of American Indian origin featuring a shell or flower design > CONCHOS.
cufflink a small chain used to fasten cuffs.
diamante a decoration on a dress consisting of glittering ornaments. The e is accented.
dizenment the state of being DIZENED.
earbob an EARRING.
eardrop a pendant for the ear; an EARRING; as, a pair of eardrops.
earring a ring worn on the ear-lobe.
earringed wearing EARRINGS.
echelle an arrangement of ribbons in the form of a ladder, decorating the front of the stomacher of a dress, etc. [Fr. echelle, ladder].
encolpion encolpium a reliquary, cross etc worn on the breast. [GK. en, in or on + kolpos, bosom].
epaulet epaulette a shoulder ornament or badge worn by military and naval officers.
fainne a ring-shaped metal badge worn by supporters of the Irish language > FAINNES.
falbala a trimming or flounce.
fallal frippery.
fandangle an elaborate ornament.
fanfarona a gold chain.
fattrels ends of ribbon. N.B. no FATTREL*.
ferroniere ferronniere a jewel held on a forehead by a chain.
figgery dressy ornament.
fillet a kind of hair-band; (verb) to cut into strips.
fleuret fleurette an ornament in the shape of a small flower.
flounce a hanging strip gathered and sewn to the skirt of a dress by its upper edge; (verb) to move impatiently or abruptly.
flouncy decorated with flounces > FLOUNCIER, FLOUNCIEST.
foofaraw frills and flashy finery; much ado about nothing.
fourragere a braided cord worn round the left shoulder, esp. as awarded as a military decoration.
frilly having frills > FRILLIER, FRILLIEST; (noun) a frilly garment.
fringy adorned with fringes > FRINGIER, FRINGIEST.
frippery finery, esp. something showy, tawdry or nonessential
frog an ornamental fastening or tasselled or braided button.
frogged provided or ornamented with FROGS; as, a frogged coat.
frogging the attachments or ornamental fastenings on a FROGGED garment.
frontlet a forehead ornament worn as a PHYLACTERY, defending against disease.
froufrou the rustling of silk; frills or decoration.
furbelow a ruffle on a garment; a small piece of ornamentation; (verb) to adorn with furbelows.
galloon a lace trim or binding material; (verb) to decorate with this.
garland a wreath of flowers or leaves; (verb) to crown with a garland.
garlandry garlands collectively.
garniture embellishment, trimming; a set of decorative objects.
gaudery finery; ornaments; ostentatious display.
gem to adorn with gems, to bespangle.
gemmate to deck with gems.
girlond a garland.
heitiki a neck ornament of greenstone > HEITIKIS.
infula a sort of fillet worn by dignitaries, priests, and others among the ancient Romans > INFULAE.
jabot a lace frill worn on shirt or dress front.
kangha the comb traditionally worn by Sikhs in their hair.
kara a steel bangle, worn by Sikhs.
labret a lip ornament.
laticlave a broad stripe of purple on the fore part of the tunic, worn by senators in ancient Rome as an emblem of office. [L. latus, broad + clavus, a stripe].
laurelled laurelled crowned, adorned with laurel.
lavalier lavaliere lavalliere a loosely-tied bow; a jewelled pendant.
leglet any object worn on the leg for decoration.
lei (Hawaiian) a garland or wreath, esp of flowers, shells or feathers.
locket a small ornamental case, usually on a necklace or chain, that holds a picture, keepsake, etc.
lunula a Bronze Age crescent necklace > LUNULAE.
mangalsutra a bead necklace worn by a married Hindu woman whose husband is living.
medal a piece of metal usu in the form of a coin bearing some design or inscription, struck or cast usu in commemoration of an event or as a reward of merit; (verb) to decorate with a medal > MEDALED/MEDALLED.
medalet a small medal.
medallion a large medal, esp worn as jewellery on a chain; (verb) to ornament with a medallion or medallions.
necklace to engirdle with a necklace.
netsuke a small Japanese toggle, decorated with inlays or carving, used to fasten purse to kimono.
ojime a carved bead through which to pass the two cords attached to a Japanese INRO and which when slid down keeps the cords fastened.
orfray orphrey gold or other rich embroidery on clerical robes.
ouch owche a brooch, the setting of a precious stone.
parura parure a set of ornaments or jewels.
passament passement passment a decorative trimming of beads or braid; (verb) to trim with braid.
passementerie a decorative trimming of beads or braid, a PASSAMENT.
pearlies pearl buttons.
pendant pendent anything hanging, esp for ornament.
peplumed wearing a PEPLUM, a flounce at the waistline of a blouse, dress, etc.
periapt a charm worn as a protection against disease or mischief; an AMULET.
phylactery a slip of parchment inscribed with certain passages of Scripture, worn in a box on the left arm or forehead by Jewish men.
picot one of series of small loops forming ornamental edging to ribbon, lace, etc; (verb) to ornament with PICOTS.
picote ornamented with PICOTS, small loops.
pompom pompon pompoon any trifling ornament for a woman's dress or bonnet.
poppit one of a number of linked beads.
quillwork ornamental work in porcupine quills.
rhinestone an imitation diamond made of paste.
rhinestoned adorned with RHINESTONES.
ribbon fine material, usu of silk or synthetic fibre, tightly woven in narrow bands or strips and used for decoration, trimming, etc; (verb) to tie or adorn with ribbons.
ribbonry ribbons collectively.
ribbony adorned with ribbons. No comp.
ricrac a decorative braid in even zigzag form.
riviere a necklace of precious stones.
rosette a knot or radiating loops of ribbon concentrically arranged.
rosetted in the form of a ROSETTE, a knot or radiating loops of ribbon concentrically arranged.
rouche ruche a frill of lace or other material.
rouched ruched having a RUCHE.
>rouching ruching a RUCHE, or ruches collectively. N.B. there is no ROUCHING*.
sautoir sautoire a long necklace, or pendant on a long chain.
scarfpin a pin for fastening a scarf.
sequin a spangle used to decorate a garment; an old Italian gold coin.
sequined sequinned adorned with sequins.
soutache a narrow braid used for trimming.
spangle a small, thin, glittering plate of metal; a SEQUIN; (verb) to adorn with spangles.
spanglet a small SPANGLE.
spangly covered with SPANGLES > SPANGLIER, SPANGLIEST.
sporran an ornamental pouch worn in front of a kilt.
stickpin a tiepin.
tach tache a fastening or clasp. The pl. of TACH is TACHS.
taenia tenia a narrow band or hair-ribbon worn in Greece > TAENIAE or TAENIAS; TENIAE or TENIAS.
tassel an ornamental hanging tuft of threads; (verb) to adorn with tassels > TASSELLED/TASSELLING.
tieclasp a clasp used to fasten a tie.
tiepin a pin used to secure a tie.
tietac tietack a tieclasp.
tika tilak a red mark or pendant on the forehead of Hindu women, originally of religious significance but now also worn for ornament.
torc torque a collar or armband, especially of twisted metal; TORQUE is also a verb: to cause to twist.
trankum trinkum a TRINKET.
trinket a small ornament or piece of jewellery; (verb) to have secret or underhand dealings with.
trinketry ornaments of dress; trinkets, collectively.
trinkum see TRANKUM.
tzitzis tzitzit tzitzith zizit zizith tsitsith the tassels on the four corners of a Jewish prayer shawl. N.B. these are all plural.
watchband a band on which a watch is worn.
watchguard a chain or strap used to attach a watch to the clothing.
wristlet a wristband; a small strap worn around the wrist.
zizit see TZITZIS.
zizith see TZITZIS.