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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

antigropelos waterproof leggings. N.B. no ANTIGROPELO*.
baggies baggy shorts. N.B. BAGGY and BAGGIE are valid; the latter meaning stomach.
bedsock a sock worn in bed.
bermudas knee-length walking shorts. N.B. no BERMUDA*.
bluejeans blue denim jeans. No BLUEJEAN*.
boardies (Aust. sl.) a pair of board shorts.
bobbysock bobbysox an ankle sock, esp. as worn by teenage girls.
bootcut of trousers, cut wide at the hem to allow for high heels or boots.
boothose a long over-stocking which covers the leg like a boot. No —S.
breechcloth a loincloth.
breechclout a loincloth.
breeches a garment worn by men, covering the hips and thighs; smallclothes.
breeks breeches. N.B. no BREEK*.
britches breeches. N.B. no BRITCH*.
bumster of trousers cut so that top lies just above the cleft of the buttocks.
bumsters trousers cut so that top lies just above the cleft of the buttocks.
bustle a frame or pad for making a skirt stand out from the hips; (verb) to be busy.
capri women's tapering trousers ending above the ankle.
chaps chaparajos chaparejos shaps a cowboy's leather riding leggings. N.B. no CHAPAREJO* or CHAPAREJO* or SHAP*.
churidar as in CHURIDAR pyjamas, long tight-fitting trousers worn by Indian men and women > CHURIDARS.
codpiece a part of male dress in front of the breeches, formerly made very conspicuous.
coms combinations. N.B. no COM*.
cootikin cuitikin cutikin a gaiter.
cuffable of a sock, meant to be turned down at the ankle.
culotte a divided skirt.
cutikin see COOTIKIN.
dhoti dhootie dhoti dhuti a Hindu loincloth.
dungareed wearing DUNGAREES.
dungarees a grament with legs made of dungaree, a heavy coarse durable twilled cotton.
farthingale a skirt spreader.
filabeg filibeg fillibeg philabeg phillabeg philibeg phillibeg the kilt
fleshings an actor's flesh-colored tights.
flippy pertaining to a loose and flaring skirt.
foreskirt the front skirt of a garment, in distinction from the train.
fustanella a white kilt worn by Greek and Albanian men.
gaiter a covering for the (lower leg and) ankle, fitting over the upper of the shoe.
gaitered wearing gaiters.
gaiterless without gaiters.
galligaskins gaskins wide hose or breeches worn in the 16th century. N.B. no GALLIGASKIN*, but there is a GASKIN, meaning part of a horse.
gallowses galowses trouser braces. N.B. no GALOWS*.
gallygaskins wide hose or breeches worn in the 16th century. N.B. no GALLIGASKIN*. Also GALLIGASKINS, GASKINS.
gamash gramash gramoche a kind of legging.
garter a band used to support a stocking; (verb) to support with a garter.
gaskins see GALLIGASKINS.
gramash see GAMASH.
gramoche see GAMASH.
hiphugger of trousers, having a low waist. No —S.
hipsters a kind of trousers designed to fit on the hips, not the waist.
hogger a stocking without a foot, worn by coal miners at work.
hoopskirt a skirt stiffened with or as if with a hoop.
hose an old-fashioned covering for the legs or feet; stockings. Pl. HOSE or HOSEN (HOSES is, of course, good for watering the garden).
innominables (coll.) trousers.
jeaned wearing JEANS.
jeans trousers or overalls originally made of jean, a twilled cotton cloth.
jeanswear clothing made from denim.
jeggings tight-fitting leggings in a lightweight fabric with the colour and appearance of denim.
jodhpur usu. in pl.: long riding-breeches, wide around the hips but close-fitting from knee to ankle. [From JODHPUR in India].
jogpants loose-fitting trousers worn by runners.
kaccha kuccha short trousers worn by Sikhs.
keks trousers. N.B. no KEK*.
kilt a skirt-like garment; (verb) to tuck up like a kilt.
kiltie kilty a wearer of a kilt.
kilting an arrangement of kilt pleats.
kiltlike like a kilt.
kilty see KILTIE.
kneesock a knee-high sock.
lavalava a Samoan kilt/skirt.
lederhosen short leather trousers with braces.
leggin legging a cover for the leg, like a long gaiter.
legginged wearing leggings.
legwarmer one of a pair of garments resembling stockings without feet > LEGWARMERS.
legwear clothing for the legs.
levis heavy close-fitting denim trousers.
maillot tights worn by a ballet dancer.
mantyhose a one-piece garment for men covering the body from waist to foot.
microskirt a very short skirt.
midi a skirt or coat that extends to the middle of the calf. Pl. MIDIS.
miniskirt a skirt whose hemline is well above the knees.
moggan a footless stocking.
netherlings stockings. N.B. no NETHERLING*.
netherstock a stocking.
nyloned wearing nylong stockings.
overskirt an upper skirt, shorter than the dress, and usually draped.
pantalet long drawers, usually trimmed with ruffles, extending below the skirts.
pantihose tights worn by women or children with ordinary dress > PANTIHOSES.
pantleg the leg part of a pair of trousers.
pantyhose women's tights > PANTYHOSES.
pareo pareu a Polynesian wraparound skirt. Also PAREO.
philabeg see FILIBEG.
philibeg see FILIBEG.
phillabeg see FILIBEG.
phillibeg see FILIBEG.
piupiu a skirt, traditionally made from strips of flax, worn by both men and women.
popsock a woman's nylon stocking reaching up to the knee.
puttee puttie a long strip of cloth wound round the lower leg, especially as part of army uniform.
salopettes quilted skiing trousers with shoulder straps. N.B. no SALOPETTE*.
seamfree of stockings, without a seam.
shalwar loose-fitting trousers worn by both sexes in many parts of Asia.
shaps see CHAPS.
shinguard a protection for the shin when playing football > SHINGUARDS.
skirt a garment, or part of a garment, generally a woman's, that hangs from the waist; (verb) to border, pass along the edge of.
skirtless without a skirt.
skort a pair of shorts with a front panel that gives the appearance of a skirt.
smallclothes knee-breeches, esp those of the close-fitting 18c form.
sock a covering for the foot and part or all of the lower leg; (verb) to strike.
sockette a sock-like covering for the foot only.
sockless destitute of socks or shoes.
sox socks.
spattee a protective outer stocking.
spatterdash an old type of long gaiter or legging to protect the trousers from mud.
standaway of a skirt, standing out from the body.
stocking a close fitting covering for the leg.
strossers trossers trousers. N.B. no STROSSER* or TROSSER*.
suspender a strap to support a sock or stocking.
sweatpants trousers worn by sportsmen when warming up or after exercise.
tabi a kind of sock worn with Japanese sandals > TABIS.
tights a close-fitting garment, often made of nylon, covering the lower part of the body and the legs.
treggings thick close-fitting leggings.
trews trooz close-cut tartan drawers sometimes worn under the kilt in Highland dress.
trossers see STROSSERS.
trou (Scots) trousers.
trouse Irish close-fitting trews.
trouser to equip with trousers.
trousering any cloth suitable for trousers.
trousers trowsers a garment worn on the lower part of the body with a loose tubular branch for each leg.
turnup the cuff at the bottom of a trouser-leg.
tutu a ballerina's short stiff skirt.
tutued wearing a TUTU.