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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aba abaya a tightly-woven camel-hair fabric or tunic, worn by Arabs.
achkan in India, a knee-length coat with a high collar.
alb a priest's long white vestment.
amis amice almuce a strip of linen worn by priests round the shoulders. The pl. of AMIS is AMISES.
anorak a skin or cloth hooded jacket worn in Polar regions; a similar weatherproof garment worn elsewhere. [Inupiaq (Greenlandic) annoraaq.]
anticling designed to prevent clinging e.g. of fabrics.
antisag designed to prevent sagging.
apron a piece of cloth, leather etc, worn to protect clothes from dirt
apronlike like an apron.
armband a band of cloth worn round the sleeve; an inflatable plastic cuff worn on the upper arm as a buoyancy aid.
armhole a hole for the arm in a garment.
arrayment clothes; raiment.
atigi a kind of PARKA worn in Canada.
babydoll a woman's short nightdress.
backwrap a wraparound garment that fits around the back.
baju a short loose jacket worn in Malaysia and Indonesia.
ballgown a long formal dress worn to a ball.
balmacaan a man's loose overcoat with raglan sleeves. [From Balmacaan, near Inverness, Scotland].
basquine an outer petticoat worn by Basque and Spanish women.
bathrobe a robe worn for taking a bath.
battledress a soldier's attire for battle.
batwing as in batwing sleeve: a sleeve with a deep armhole and a tight cuff.
beachwear wear suitable for the beach.
bedgown a nightgown.
benjamin a kind of overcoat. [From Joseph Benjamin, a tailor].
benny a BENJAMIN, a kind of overcoat.
berobed clad in a robe. N.B. no BEROBE*.
besuited wearing a suit.
bib a cloth or plastic shield put under a young child's chin; (of an apron, overalls, etc) the front part above the waist.
bibless not wearing a BIB.
biblike like a bib.
bikini a brief swimming-costume, in two separate parts > BIKINIS.
bikinied wearing a BIKINI.
blazer a light jacket, often in the colours or with the badge of a club, school, etc.
blazered wearing a blazer.
blouse a shirt-like garment for women; a short, loose jacket gathered into a waistband, part of a soldier's or airman's battledress; (verb) to puff out loosely.
blouson a loose outer garment gathered into a waistband.
bodyshaper an undergarment which flattens the stomach, bottom etc.
bodysuit a close-fitting one-piece garment.
boubou bubu a long flowing garment. [Fr. from Malinki bubu].
bowless destitute of a bow.
braws fine clothes.
bumfreezer a short jacket.
burkini burquini a swimming costume which covers the whole body with the exception of the face, hands, and feet, suitable for wear by Muslim women.
bustline bust circumference.
busuuti a long garment with short sleeves and a square neckline worn by Ugandan women > BUSUUTIS.
caftan kaftan a kind of tunic.
cagoul cagoule kagool kagoul kagoule a lightweight, weatherproof anorak.
camese camisa camise camisia a loose shirt or tunic, as worn by Arabs.
camis camus a loose light robe.
campshirt a short-sleeved shirt.
cardi cardy cardigan > CARDIS, CARDIES.
cardigan a knitted woollen jacket with buttons up the front, named after Lord Cardigan (1797-1868).
cardiganed wearing a cardigan.
cardy see CARDI.
cassock a close-fitting ankle-length clergyman's garment.
cassocked wearing a CASSOCK.
castoff an item of clothing one no longer wishes to wear, and passes on to another.
casuals casual clothes.
catsuit a type of one-piece trouser suit.
cerement a waxed wrapping for the dead.
chaqueta a jacket worn by cowboys.
chasuble a sleeveless ecclesiastical garment.
chemise a garment for the upper body; esp. a woman's loose-fitting undergarment or dress hanging straight from the shoulders.
cheongsam an oriental dress with a slit skirt and a mandarin collar. [Chinese 'long gown'].
chimar chimer chimere a loose sleeveless robe worn by Anglican bishops.
chiton a loose tunic worn in ancient Greece; a kind of shellfish.
choli a short, close-fitting blouse worn under a sari > CHOLIS.
chrisom christom a white robe put on newly baptised child.
cilice a haircloth shirt worn as penance.
cimar cymar simar simarre a loose coat, an undergarment formerly worn by women.
claes clothes. N.B. no CLAE*.
clericals clerical garb.
coat an outer garment with sleeves; an overcoat; (verb) to cover with a coat, in various senses.
coatdress a dress styled like a coat, usu. with a line of buttons from neckline to hemline.
coatee a coat with short flaps.
coatless not wearing a coat; also, not possessing a coat.
coattail the back part of a tailcoat.
corsage the waist or bodice of a lady's dress; as, a low corsage.
cossie costume, clothes.
costume a manner of dressing; dress, clothing; (verb) to dress.
costumery costumes taken collectively.
costumey of or pertaining to a costume.
costuming the act of dressing.
coteline a medieval close-fitting sleeved tunic, worn by both sexes.
cotta a short surplice > COTTAS or COTTAE.
coverall a one-piece work garment.
coveralled wearing a COVERALL.
cozzie (coll.) a swimming costume.
crotched having a CROTCH.
cruisewear clothing suitable for a leisure cruise.
cuff the end of the sleeve near the wrist; a covering for the wrist; (verb) to strike esp. round the head.
cuffless without cuffs.
cutaway a type of coat.
cymar see CIMAR.
daishiki dasheki dashiki an African tunic.
dalmatic an ecclesiastical robe or other outer vestment.
dancewear clothes worn for dancing.
dasheki see DAISHIKI.
dashiki see DAISHIKI.
daywear wear suitable for the day.
decolletage the low-cut neckline of a woman's garment.
decollete a low-cut at the neck.
demoded of e.g. costume, no longer in fashion. Cf. DEMODE.
diaper a baby's nappy; (verb) to change a baby's nappy.
dishabille dishabille a state of undress; a careless toilet.
dishdash dishdasha a long-sleeved collarless white garment worn by some Muslim men.
diapering nappies collectively.
didie didy a diaper.
dirndl an Alpine peasant woman's dress.
discinct loosely dressed; also, loose, negligent.
dishabille see DESHABILLE.
dismask to divest of a mask.
djibbah jubhah jibbah jubbah djibba a long loose outer garment worn by Muslims.
dolman a long Turkish outer robe; a woman's coat with cape-like arm-pieces; a hussar's jacket.
doublet a close-fitting body garment formerly worn by men, with or without sleeves and a short skirt.
drapery cloth, textiles etc.; (verb) to drape.
drawcord a cord for drawing a garment tight.
dressguard an arrangement of strings used to protect a rider's dress from contact with a bicycle wheel.
droguet a ribbed woollen dress.
drysuit a close-fitting air- and watertight synthetic suit for wearing in esp cold water, that retains warmth by a layer of air, and allows clothing to be worn underneath it .
duds clothes.
dustcoat an overall; a light overcoat.
empiecement an insertion in a garment.
enrobe to put on a robe.
enrober one who enrobes.
ephod a sleeveless garment worn by priests in ancient Israel.
exomion exomis a one-sleeved or (in Rome) sleeveless garment > EXOMIONS, EXOMISES. [Gk. exomis, from ex-, out + omos, shoulder].
eyelet a small eye or hole to receive a lace or cord, as in garments, sails, etc; (verb) to make eyelets in > EYELETED, EYELETTED; EYELETING, EYELETTING.
fannel fannell a narrow strip of material worn on the left sleeve by a priest.
flannie flanny in Australia, a shirt made of flannel or flannelette.
frock a woman's or child's dress; a monk's wide-sleeved garment; (verb) to provide with a frock.
frockless destitute of a frock.
furpiece an article of clothing made of fur.
gansey a woollen sweater, a jersey.
gaposis a gap between buttoned buttons or closed snaps on a garment > GAPOSISES.
garb a fashion of dress; (verb) to clothe, array.
garbless without a garb.
garment any article of clothing; (verb) to dress in a garment.
garmentless without garments.
garmenture clothing; dress.
garms (slang) clothes.
getup a costume.
gi gie a judo or karate costume.
gilet a light often padded waistcoat, usu. worn for warmth by women.
gipon jupon a sleeveless jacket worn beneath a hauberk.
godet a triangular piece of cloth inserted in a skirt.
gown a loose flowing outer garment; (verb) to attire in a gown.
greatcoat an overcoat.
greatcoated wearing a GREATCOAT.
grego a Levantine hooded jacket or cloak; an overcoat, especially a thick hooded seaman's coat > GREGOS.
guayabera a short-sleeved, lightweight sports shirt designed to be worn untucked.
guernsey a close-fitting knitted woollen jersey.
gusset a triangular-shaped piece let in to a garment; (verb) to make with a gusset; to insert a gusset into.
gymslip a schoolgirl's belted tunic.
gymsuit a suit worn for gymnastics.
habiliment clothing, especially for a particular purpose.
haqueton a stuffed jacket worn under mail.
hemline the height or level of the hem of a dress, skirt, etc.
henley a type of sweater.
hipline the line of the hip.
hippen hippin hipping a baby's nappy tied round the hips.
hoodie a kind of SWEATSHIRT with a hood.
housecoat a woman's usu long coatlike dressing-gown, worn at home.
housewrap a shawl or loose robe worn in the house.
huipil an embroidered dress of Mexico > HUIPILS or HUIPILES.
ihram the scanty white cotton garment worn by Muslim pilgrims to Mecca.
inverness a loose overcoat with a detachable cape.
izar a long cotton outer garment (usually white) worn by Moslem women.
jacket a short coat; (verb) to enclose in a jacket.
jacketless without a jacket.
jammies (coll.) pajamas.
jeistiecor a close-fitting garment.
jerkin a kind of jacket.
jersey a knitted (usu woollen) garment for the upper body; a fine knitted fabric in cotton.
jerseyed wearing a JERSEY.
jibbah see DJIBBAH.
jilbab a long robe worn by Muslim women.
jirkinet a short JERKIN.
joseph a caped overcoat worn by women in the 18c for riding.
jubbah see DJIBBAH.
jubhah see DJIBBAH.
judogi jacket and trousers worn by a practitioner of judo > JUDOGIS.
jumper a type of overall, slipped over the head.
jumpsuit a one-piece garment for either sex, combining trousers and jacket or blouse.
jupe a woman's jacket.
jupon see GIPON.
kabaya a loose tunic.
kaftan see CAFTAN.
kagool see CAGOUL.
kagoul see CAGOUL.
kagoule see CAGOUL.
kamees kameez in S. Asia, a loose tunic, worn by women.
kanga khanga a piece of cotton cloth wound round the body as a dress.
kanzu a long white garment worn by men in E. Africa.
kaross a S. African garment of animal skins.
kellaut khalat khilat killut a robe of honour.
kerbaya a blouse worn by Malay women.
khanga see KANGA.
khilat see KELLAUT.
khirkah a patchwork garment.
khurta kurta a loose-fitting Indian tunic.
kikoi a piece of striped cloth wound round the waist.
killut see KELLAUT.
kimono a traditional Japanese costume > KIMONOS.
kimonoed wearing a KIMONO.
kirtle a man's or woman's tunic or coat.
kirtled wearing a KIRTLE, a man's or woman's tunic or coat.
kittel a white robe used in Jewish ceremonies.
knitwear any knitted garment.
kurta see KHURTA.
ladieswear clothes for women.
lammie lammy a thick quilted jumper worn by sailors.
lapel lappel part of a coat, jacket etc. folded back as a continuation of the collar.
lapelled lapelled having lapels.
lappet a fold or flap on a garment or headdress worn by priest.
lappeted having a LAPPET, a fold or flap on a garment or headdress worn by priest.
layette clothing, bedding, etc., for new-born child.
leisurewear clothes worn for leisure activities.
leotard a skintight garment worn by dancers, acrobats, etc.
leotarded wearing a LEOTARD.
liveried wearing a LIVERY.
livery the identifying uniform, badge, etc., of a member of a guild or one of the servants of a feudal lord.
loungewear informal clothing designed to be worn at home.
lunge lungi lungyi in India, a long cloth used as a loin cloth, turban etc.
mac mackintosh.
macintosh mackintosh a waterproof raincoat made of rubberized cloth. [From Charles Macintosh (1760-1843), who invented it].
magyar of a garment, cut with the sleeves in a piece with the rest. No —S.
makeover a change of appearance.
mankini a man's swimming costume consisting of a narrow V-shaped piece of material extending from the crotch to the shoulders.
manto manteau a woman's loose gown > MANTOES or MANTOS; MANTEAUS.
masker one who wears a mask.
maxi a maxi garment > MAXIS.
maxicoat a long coat.
maxidress a dress that reaches the ankles.
menswear clothing for men.
merveilleuse a female MERVEILLEUX, a fashion extremist.
merveilleux a fashion extremist.
midcalf a garment reaching to the middle of the calf.
midthigh a garment reaching to the middle of the thigh.
minidress a short dress.
mino a raincoat of hemp etc > MINOS.
monokini a woman's topless swimsuit.
motley a jester's variegated costume.
mufti civilian clothes, especially when worn by someone who normally wears a uniform. [Arabic mufti, from afta, to decide a legal point].
mumu muumuu a long loose dress.
muslined draped with or dressed in muslin.
muumuu see MUMU.
nametag a tag attached to a garment with a name on.
nappie an infant's diaper.
nappy a pad of disposable material or a folded square of towelling, muslin, etc placed between a baby's legs and kept in place by a fastening at the waist, for absorbing urine and; (adj.) of beer, having a head, frothy > NAPPIER, NAPPIEST.
napron apron.
naturism communal nudism.
naturist a practitioner of NATURISM, communal nudity.
neckless without a neck.
neglige negligee a woman's light dressing-gown, esp. one of flimsy semi- transparent fabric trimmed with ruffles, lace, etc.
nightclothes clothes worn for bed.
nightgear clothes worn at night.
nightgown a gown worn for bed.
nightie nighty a nightgown.
nightwear clothes worn at night.
noniron not needing to be ironed.
normcore a consciously unobtrusive style of dress.
offcast an item of clothing one no longer wishes to wear, and passes on to another, a CASTOFF.
oillet an EYELET.
omophorion an Eastern bishop's vestment like the pallium > OMOPHORIA.
onesie a soft, loose-fitting, one-piece garment worn by adults for sleeping or lounging.
orarion orarium in the Orthodox Church, a deacon's stole > ORARIA, ORARIUMS.
outercoat a coat.
outerwear outer clothing.
overall a protective loose coat worn over ordinary clothes for dirty work.
overalled wearing OVERALLS.
overblouse a garment worn over a blouse.
overclad with too many clothes on.
overcoat an outdoor coat worn over one's indoor clothes, a topcoat.
overknee reaching above the knee.
overshirt a shirt worn over another shirt without being tucked in.
oversleeve a sleeve that goes over another sleeve.
pajama light loose-fitting trousers and a jacket or top, worn for sleeping.
pajamaed wearing pajamas.
paletot a loose overcoat.
palla an oblong rectangular piece of cloth, worn by Roman ladies, and fastened with brooches > PALLAE (not PALLAS*).
palliament a dress; a robe.
pannicle panniculus a thin, sheet-like garment. The pl. of PANNICULUS is PANNICULUSES.
pantdress a dress having a divided skirt.
pantsuit a type of woman's suit.
parament a rich decoration, hanging or robe > PARAMENTA or PARAMENTS.
peacoat a sailor's coarse thick overcoat.
peasanty in the style of a peasant.
peignoir a woman's dressing-gown.
peplos peplus a draped outer robe worn usu by women in ancient Greece > PEPLOSES, PEPLUSES.
peplum an overskirt supposed to be like the peplos; hence, a short skirt-like section attached to the waistline of a dress, blouse or jacket > PEPLUMS or PEPLA.
peplumed wearing a PEPLUM, a flounce at the waistline of a blouse, dress, etc.
peplus see PEPLOS.
phaelonion phelonion an Eastern vestment like a CHASUBLE > PHAELONIONS; PHELONIA or PHELONIONS.
pilch a gown or case of skin, or one trimmed or lined with fur.
pinafore a loose protective garment worn over a dress.
pinafored wearing a PINAFORE.
pinner pinnie pinny (coll.) a pinafore.
pinstripe a very narrow stripe in cloth.
plainclothes clothes worn rather than uniform.
playsuit a child's suit for playing in.
playwear relating to any clothing worn for play > PLAYWEARS.
pleated having pleats.
pleatless without pleats.
pluvial pertaining to rain; (noun) a floor-length open-fronted ecclesiastical garment.
pocket a little pouch or bag, esp one fitted in or attached to a garment.
poshteen posteen postin an Afghan greatcoat. [Persian posti, leather].
pourpoint a mediaeval quilted doublet.
puffa as in puffa jacket, a warm and quilted jacket.
princesse a lady's long, close-fitting dress made with waist and skirt in one.
pullover a jersey, jumper, or other body garment put on over the head.
pully (coll.) a pullover.
pyjamaed wearing pyjamas.
pyjama pyjamas light loose-fitting trousers and a jacket or top, worn for sleeping.
raglan a loose overcoat with large sleeves. [From Lord Raglan, an English general].
railly a jacket.
raiment clothing.
raincoat a coat worn to keep off the rain.
rainproof to make proof against rain.
rainwear any garments worn as protection against rain.
rashie a shirt worn by surfers a protection against the sun.
readymade a ready-made item of clothing.
redingote a long plain double-breasted outside coat for women.
regimentals military dress.
revers any part of a garment which is turned back.
robe a gown or loose outer garment; a gown or dress of office, rank or state; (verb) to dress in a robe.
robelike resembling a robe.
robing the act of putting on of robes or clothes.
rochet the surplice-like vestment of a bishop or abbot.
romper a one-piece garment covering the legs and trunk, worn esp. by a young child.
roon royne rund a strip of cloth, a selvage.
rubberwear rubber clothing.
saccos sakkos an Eastern bishop's vestment > SACCOI or SACCOSES; SAKKOI or SAKKOSES.
sacque a woman's loose-fitting gown; a train of silk hanging from the shoulders of such a gown.
sakkos see SACCOS.
salwar as in salwar kameez, an Indian garment.
samfoo samfu an outfit worn by Chinese women.
sanbenito in the Spanish Inquisition, a yellow scapular-shaped garment, with a red St Andrew's cross before and behind, worn by a confessed and penitent heretic > SANBENITOS.
sarafan the national dress of Russian peasant woman.
saree sari a Hindu woman's chief garment, a long cloth wrapped round the waist and passed over the shoulder and head.
sark srk a shirt, a chemise.
sarong a sort of petticoat worn by both sexes in Java and the Malay Archipelago. [Malay, lit. sheath]
sayon a mediaeval peasant's sleeveless jacket.
scapular scapulary a loose sleeveless vestment falling in front and behind, worn by certain religious orders and devout persons.
schmatte (Yiddish) clothing, rags.
schmutter clothing, rags.
scye an opening for the insertion of a sleeve.
semifit of a garment, conforming somewhat to the lines of the body.
seminude partially nude; half naked.
semmit a vest or undershirt.
serk see SARK.
sherwani in India, a man's knee-length coat buttoning up to the chin > SHERWANIS.
shimmey shimmy a chemise. SHIMMY is also a verb: to dance the SHIMMY.
shirt a loose sleeved garment, esp for men, covering the upper part of the body.
shirtband the neckband of a shirt.
shirtdress a straight dress with a collar like a shirt's.
shirted wearing a shirt.
shirting cloth for shirts.
shirtless without a shirt.
shirtlike resembling a shirt.
shirtsleeved having shirtsleeves.
shirttail the longer flap at the back of a shirt.
shirtwaist a woman's tailored shirt with details copied from men's.
shirtwaister a tailored dress with a SHIRTWAIST top.
shortgown a woman's short jacket.
showerproof of clothes, resistant to light rain.
simar see CIMAR.
simarre see CIMAR.
skinsuit a one-piece garment worn by cyclists, atheltes etc.
skintight fitting the body closely like a skin > SKINTIGHTS.
skiwear clothes for skiing > SKIWEARS
skyclad naked.
slammakin slammerkin a loose gown; a slovenly dressed woman.
sleepsuit a baby's all-in-one garment for sleeping in.
sleepwear clothes for sleeping in > SLEEPWEARS.
sleeve the part of a garment covering, or partially covering, the arm; (verb) to cover with a sleeve.
sleevehand the part of a sleeve nearest the hand; a cuff or wristband.
sleevelet a small sleeve.
slicker a raincoat of a smooth and usu. brightly coloured material.
slickered wearing a SLICKER.
slipdress a silky sleeveless dress.
slipover a garment easily put on over the head.
slitless without a slit.
smock a loose, protective garment, usu of coarse cloth, worn by artists etc.; (verb) to clothe in a smock.
snowsuit a suit for wearing in snow.
soutane a Roman Catholic priest's CASSOCK.
spacesuit a protective suit worn by astronauts.
sportswear sports clothes.
starkers naked.
sticharion a vestment like an ALB worn by Orthodox priests.
stole a narrow ecclesiastical vestment or scarf.
stoled having or wearing a stole.
stonewashed given an old faded appearance using small pieces of pumice.
strapless a garment without (shoulder) straps.
strappy having straps > STRAPPIER, STRAPPIEST.
streetwear clothes suitable for wear in the street.
stroud a kind of coarse blanket or garment used by the North American Indians.
subtunic a tunic worn under another tunic.
subucula in the early English church, a kind of cassock worn under the alb > SUBUCULAS.
suitlike like a suit.
sulu in Fiji, a cloth worn as a sarong.
sunback cut low to expose the back to sunlight.
sundress a low-cut dress, leaving the arms, shoulders and back exposed to the sun.
sunfast not fading in the sunlight.
sunsuit a costume for sunbathing.
superhumeral an ecclesiastical garment worn over the shoulders.
surcoat a tunic worn over armour.
surplice a loose-fitting ankle length overgarment worn by clerics.
surpliced wearing a SURPLICE.
surtout a man's coat to be worn over his other garments; an overcoat, especially when long, and fitting closely like a body coat.
swannie in New Zealand, a heavy all-weather woollen shirt.
sweater a heavy jersey for leisurewear, intervals in exercise etc.
sweatered wearing a sweater.
sweatshirt a la long-sleeved knitted cotton sweater, usu fleecy on the inside.
sweatsuit a loose-fitting suit consisting of sweater and trousers, usu close-fitting at wrist and ankle, worn by athletes etc.
swimsuit a costume worn for swimming.
swimwear anything worn for swimming.
symar see CIMAR.
tablier an apron; a part of dress resembling an apron.
taglioni a kind of outer coat, or overcoat > TAGLIONIS. [From a celebrated Italian family of professional dancers].
tailcoat a man's formal coat, with narrow tails at the back.
tailleur a woman's tailored suit.
talar an ankle-length robe.
tamein a garment worn by Burmese women.
tanga a brief string-like bikini. [Portugese, ult. of Bantu origin].
tartaned clad in tartan.
thornproofs garments that resist penetration by thorns.
tirings trappings, adornments.
toga a Roman garment > TOGAS or TOGAE.
togaed wearing a TOGA.
togate togated wearing a TOGA.
toge a TOGA.
toged wearing a TOGA.
togs toggery clothes; garments; dress; as, fishing togs or toggery.
townwear clothes suitable for town > TOWNWEARS.
trackie (coll.) a tracksuit.
tracksuit a loose warm suit intended to be worn by athletes when warming up or training.
trainless without a train.
trollopee a kind of loose dress for women.
trousseau clothes collected by a bride for her marriage > TROUSSEAUS or TROUSSEAUX.
trunksleeve a puffed sleeve.
tunic a Roman shirtlike undergarment. [L. tunica].
tunicked wearing a tunic.
tunicle a short ecclesiastical vestment worn by bishop or subdeacon.
turnback a part of a garment etc. which is folded back.
tux tuxedo a dinner jacket. [From a fashionable club at Tuxedo Park, NY]. The pl. of TUXEDO is TUXEDOES or TUXEDOS.
tuxedoed wearing a TUXEDO.
twinset a cardigan and jumper made more or less to match.
ulster a loose, long overcoat.
ulstered wearing an ULSTER.
ulsterette a light ULSTER.
underclad insufficiently clothed.
undercoat a coat worn under another; a light coat, as distinguished from an overcoat, or a greatcoat.
undergown a gown worn under another, or under some other article of dress.
undersleeve a sleeve underneath another sleeve.
undervest an undershirt.
uniform to dress in uniform; (adj.) > UNIFORMER, UNIFORMEST.
unitard a leotard that also covers the legs.
unshirted not wearing a shirt.
unvented not vented, e.g. of a jacket.
unwearable something that is unwearable.
vakas an Armenian EPHOD, a sacerdotal habit.
vareuse a kind of loose jacket.
vestiment vestment, garb.
vestimental of or like a VESTIMENT, vestment
vestment a ceremonial garment, esp one worn in religious ceremonies.
vestural relating to VESTURE, clothing.
vesture clothing, esp. ecclesiastical; anything that covers or cloaks; (verb) to clothe.
waistcoat a garment, plain or ornamental, reaching to or below the waist and now sleeveless, worn by men at different periods under doublet, coat, jacket etc.
waisted having a waist.
wammus wampus wamus a kind of cardigan or strong jacket buttoned at the neck or wrists.
washables garments that may be washed without being damaged.
washfast that can be washed without losing colour or dye.
wearable a wearable article, a garment.
weskit waistcoat.
windbreaker a type of windproof jacket with elasticated cuffs and waistband.
windcheater a windproof jacket.
womenswear clothes suitable for women.
woolen woollen; (noun) a woollen garment.
woolie wooly a garment made of wool.
woollen a woollen garment.
workwear clothes for work.
wraparound wrapround of an article of clothing, that wraps round.
wrapover part of a thing, usu. a garment, that overlaps another part of itself.
wrapround see WRAPAROUND.
yukata a kind of light kimono.
zamarra zamarro a shepherd's sheepskin coat. The pl. of ZAMARRO is ZAMARROS.
zipless without a zip.
ziptop having the top opening fastened with a zipper. N.B. this is an adjective: no —S.
zoot as in zoot suit, a kind of man's suit with baggy trousers and long jacket.