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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abolla a Roman military cloak > ABOLLAS or ABOLLAE.
afghan a heavy knitted or crocheted woollen blanket or shawl.
buibui (Swahili) a piece of black cloth worn as a shawl by Islam women on the E. Africa coast.
burnoose burnous burnouse a cape with a hood worn by Arabs.
burnoosed burnoosed wearing a BURNOOSE, a cape with a hood worn by Arabs.
burnoused burnoosed wearing a BURNOUSE, a cape with a hood worn by Arabs.
cape a covering for the shoulders attached as a tippet to a coat or cloak; a sleeveless cloak; (verb) to keep a course at sea.
capa a Spanish cloak.
caped wearing a cape.
capelet a small cape.
capelike resembling a cape.
capote a long cloak or overcoat, especially one with a hood.
capuchin a pointed hooded cloak worn by friars.
chlamys a horseman's loose cloak > CHLAMYSES or CHLAMYDES.
cloak cloke a loose outer garment; (verb) to clothe with a cloak.
coatlike resembling a coat.
djellaba djellabah djibbah galabea galabeah galabia galabiah gallabeah gallabia gallabiah gallabiya gallabiyah gallabiyeh jelab jellaba galabiyah jellabah djibba an Arab cloak with a hood and wide sleeves.
domino a loose cloak with a mask for the upper part of the face, worn to conceal the identity at masquerades etc > DOMINOS or DOMINOES.
dopatta dupatta a silk or muslin shawl.
faldetta a Maltese woman's combined hood and cape.
fichu a light cape, usually of lace, worn by women, to cover the neck and throat, and extending to the shoulders > FICHUS.
galabea see DJELLABA.
galabeah see DJELLABA.
galabia see DJELLABA.
galabiah see DJELLABA.
galabiyah see DJELLABA.
galabieh see DJELLABA.
gallabea see DJELLABA.
gallabeah see DJELLABA.
gallabia see DJELLABA.
gallabiah see DJELLABA.
gallabieh see DJELLABA.
gallabiya see DJELLABA.
gallabiyah see DJELLABA.
gallabiyeh see DJELLABA.
happi a loose Japanese coat.
himation a rectangular garment of ancient Greece, worn draped over left shoulder and wrapped around the body > HIMATIONS or HIMATIA.
immantle to wrap in a MANTLE or cloak.
jelab see DJELLABA.
jellaba see DJELLABA.
jellabah see DJELLABA.
jibba a long loose outer garment worn by Muslim.
korowai a decorative woven cloak worn by a Maori chief.
manta a cloak; also, a rough-textured cotton fabric; a kind of ray.
manteau a woman's cloak or mantle > MANTEAUS or MANTEAUX.
manteel a soldier's cloak; a lady's cape.
mantelet mantlet a small cloak for women.
mantilla a light cloak, cape or veil.
mantle a cloak; (verb) to cover as with a mantle.
mantlet see MANTELET.
maud a Scottish shepherd's woollen PLAID.
mozetta mozzetta a short cape with ornamental hood worn by Catholic prelates > MOZETTAS or MOZETTE; MOZZETTAS or MOZZETTE.
muleta the red cape used by matadors.
newmarket a long, closely fitting cloak.
paenula a Roman travelling cloak > PAENULAE or PAENULAS.
pallium a large, square mantle, worn in ancient Rome in imitation of the Greek HIMATION > PALLIA or PALLIUMS.
paludament paludamentum a Roman general's or high military officer's cloak > of PALUDAMENTUM is PALUDAMENTA or PALUDAMENTUMS.
pashmina a shawl made from PASHM, the fine underfleece of the goats of N. India.
pelerine a woman's cape, usually short, with points in front.
pelisse a fur-lined or fur garment, esp. a military cloak.
plaid a long piece of twilled woollen cloth, usu. with a chequered or tartan pattern, worn over the shoulder as the outer article of the traditional Highland dress.
poncho a South American cloak > PONCHOS.
ponchoed wearing a PONCHO.
rainsuit a waterproof jacket and pants.
rocklay rokelay a short cloak.
roquelaure a cloak reaching about to, or just below, the knees, worn in the 18th century.
ruana a woollen outer garment resembling a PONCHO, worn in parts of S. America.
sagum the military cloak of the Roman soldiers > SAGA.
sarape serape zarape a blanket or shawl worn as an outer garment by the Spanish Americans, as in Mexico.
shawl a loose-knitted or other covering for the shoulders; (verb) to wrap in a shawl.
shawlless without a shawl.
sontag a woman's knitted cape, tied round the waist. [From the German singer Henriette Sontag, 1806 - 1854].
tallis tallit tallith the traditional prayer shawl worn by Jewish men. The pl. of TALLIS is TALLISIM. The pl. of TALLIT is TALLITIM. The pl. of TALLITH is TALLITHES, TALLITHIM, TALLITHS, TALLITOTH, TALEYSIM or TALLAISIM. [I think this must be a record for the word with the most different plural forms].
talma a long loose black cloak, often worn by tragedians. [From FJ Talma (1763-1826), an actor].
tonnag a shawl with a shaped neck and side fastening.
tozie a shawl made from a goat's inner coat.
visite a light cape or short cloak of silk or lace worn by women in summer.
zarape see SARAPE.