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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abandonware computer software that is no longer sold or supported by the publisher.
adbot a specialized computer program that inflicts ads on users.
adware a type of software that collects information about a user's browsing patterns.
alphatest to carry out an alpha test of an experimental product, such as computer software.
antivirus designed to counter viruses; (noun) a computer program designed to counter viruses.
app (Short for) application program.
applet a small add-on program written in Java language.
assembler a type of computer program that converts a program written in assembly language to machine code.
autocomplete a software feature that predicts which words the user is typing and completes them automatically.
autocorrect a software feature that attempts to correct errors made by the user when entering text into an electronic device.
autoreply a facility which allows a previously written response to be sent automatically in reply to incoming email; a message sent by this.
autosave a facility which automatically saves newly recorded data at regular intervals; (verb) to save data automatically at regular intervals.
autotune a software package that manipulates a vocal track until it is in tune.
badware malicious computer software, aka malware.
bloatware excessively large software.
bootloader a system program that takes a program close in form to machine code and loads it into memory.
bugginess the state of being buggy.
callee a computer function being used.
cancelbot a computer program that identifies and deletes unwanted articles sent to an Internet newsgroup.
captcha a program to generate tests that humans can pass but computers cannot, such as the ability to recognise a distorted word.
careware computer software that is made available in exchange for making a donation of one's services or money to a charity.
casemix a database system for storing information about medical patients.
chatbot a computer program for answering emails.
checkbox a small box on a computer screen to be clicked to select an option.
checksum in computing, an arithmetical process to detect errors.
codable that can be coded.
codec a piece of software for coding an analogue signal to digital and decoding it back at the other end.
codeless without code.
configurator an item of software that enables or assists in the configuration of a product.
courseware learning material associated with educational courses.
crippleware software that has been partly disabled to provide a limited demonstration of its use.
cuspy of a computer program, well written and easy to use.
debug to remove the errors from a computer program.
debugger a computer program designed to find and remove faults or errors.
debugging the act or removing errors from a computer program.
defrag in computing, to move files adjacently on a hard disc.
defragger one who defrags.
defragment to run a program which reduces or eliminates the fragmentation of (a file or disk) by bringing together parts of files stored in separate locations to a single location on the disk.
disassembler a program that translates from machine code to an assembly language.
emacs a powerful computer program for editing text.
facemail a computer program that delivers mail messages via an electronic face on screen.
firewall in computing software, a system protecting a network from hacking; (verb) to instal a firewall.
firmware computer programs stored permanently on a microchip.
formatter a programme for formatting a disk etc.
freeware a program that can be copied but not sold.
fusker a piece of software that generates obvious passwords and filenames in order to extract data that is held on free websites; ( verb) to generates obvious passwords and filenames in order to extract data that is held on free websites > FUSKERED, FUSKERING..
groupware software that supports group activity.
hypertext computer software and hardware that allows users to create, store, and view text and move between related items easily and in a nonsequential way.
linux (Tradename) a nonproprietary computer operating system for personal computers.
listbox a box on a computer screen that contains a list of options.
lossless without loss, as in lossless compression of data.
lossy of a compression format, losing data.
macro in computing, a single instruction that brings a set of instructions into operation.
macrocode a macro instruction.
mailmerge a merge of a file of names and addresses with the text of a letter, or a computer program that carries this out; (verb) to carry out a mailmerge.
malware a computer program designed to cause damage or disruption to a system.
microcode a micro-instruction.
microprogram a routine composed of microinstructions used in microprogramming.
middleware computer software that has an intermediary function between the various applications of a computer and its operating system.
misprogram to program incorrectly.
nagware software that is free but then nags you to pay for it.
occam a programming language.
opcode a code containing operation instructions for a microprocessor.
parser a program or routine for parsing.
photoshop to manipulate a digital image using editing software.
precode to code in advance.
program a set of instructions for a computer; (verb) to write a program.
programme to prepare a program for (a computer, etc).
pseudocode instructions written in a symbolic language which must be translated into machine code before they can be executed.
randomizer a device or routine for randomising.
ransomware illegal computer software that disables a computer or blocks access to data until a payment is received.
readme as in readme file, a text file supplied with computer software that contains information about the software, such as advice on installation and bugs; (noun) a readme file.
recode to code again.
reprogram to program again.
rootkit a set of programs used to gain unauthorized access to a computer's operating system, esp in order to destroy or alter files, attack other computers, etc.
scareware a program that is presented as anti-virus software but which is usually harmful to a computer when downloaded.
screenie (Aust. sl.) a screensaver.
servlet a small program that runs on a web server often accessing databases in response to client input.
shareware a computer program available for use for a small payment made on trust.
software written or printed data used in computer operations.
spambot a computer program that identifies email addresses to send spam to.
spellcheck to carry out a spelling check by computer.
spellchecker a piece of computer software that checks spellings in a document.
spreadsheet a program with which data, formatted in rows and columns of cells, can be viewed on a screen and manipulated to make projections, calculations etc.
spyware software installed on a user's computer via the internet for purposes of gaining information.
stiffware software that is no longer flexible.
subprogram a subpart of a program.
subroutine a subordinate routine.
telesoftware software that is transmitted to users by means of a teletext or viewdata system.
transcode to convert data from one digital format to another.
transcoder a technology, such as a software package, used to transfer data from one format to another.
trialware computer software that can be used without charge for a limited evaluation period.
trojan a computer program that gets access to a computer or system by appearing to be harmless, but is designed to do something damaging.
vaporware a computer-related product that has been widely advertised but has not and may never become available.
vapourware a computer-related product that has been widely advertised but has not and may never become available.
warez illegally copied computer software which has had its protection codes deactivated.
webapp an application program that is accessed on the internet.
wordwrap in computing, a function that shifts a word at the end of a line to a new line in order to keep within preset margins.