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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

coder one who writes code.
computerist a person who uses or operates a computer.
cyberathlete a professional player of computer games.
cyberbully one who bullies via the medium of the Internet.
cybernaut a person using the Internet.
cybersquatter one who engages in cybersquatting.
cyberstalker one who uses electronic communications to harass someone persistently.
cybrarian a person in charge of computer archives.
defriend to remove someone from one's list of friends on a social networking site.
ebayer (Tradename) one who sells on eBay.
emailer one who sends electronic messages via computer.
facetime to communicate with (a person) using the FaceTime application.
griefer an online games player who intentionally spoils the game for other players.
hacker one that hacks.
hackerazzi a person who hacks into the personal computer of a celebrity in order to gain information about them.
hacktivist someone who hacks into computer systems as a form of protest.
liveware (Coll.) all the people working on a computer system.
luser a user of a computer system as perceived by a technical support group.
modder one who modifies a machine or piece of software.
nerd a person obsessed with computers at the expense of human interaction.
netizen a member of a computer network.
netroot a political activist who promotes his or her cause via the internet.
netsurfer one who engages in the activity of looking at many different websites on the internet.
nettie a habitual and enthusiastic user of the internet.
newsgroup a group on the Internet who subscribe to receive mail on a particular topic.
noob an Internet novice.
onliner a person who uses the Internet regularly.
pharmer one who participates in pharming.
phisher one that phishes.
poddie a user of an iPod.
programer (US) one who writes programs.
programmer one who writes programs.
pumpking a person involved in a web-based project who has temporary but exclusive authority to make changes to the master source code.
spimmer a person who sends unsolicited commercial communications via an instant-messaging system.
superuser in computing, a special facility used by a systems administrator, giving unrestricted access to the system.
sysadmin a computer systems administrator.
sysop (Short for) systems operator.
texter one who texts, sends text messages.
tweep one who uses Twitter.
tweeple people who communicate via the Twitter website.
twitterati influential commentators who use the Twitter website.
unfollow to decline to receive messages from (a person who is posting on a social media site).
upgrader one who upgrades.
warchalker one who engages in warchalking, the activity of drawing chalk symbols in public places in order to indicate the location of wireless Internet access points.
webcaster one who broadcasts over the Internet.
webhead a devoted user of the Internet.
webmaster a person responsible for the maintenance of a website.
wetware the living human brain, viewed as part of a computer system.
workgroup a group of computer users linked by a network.