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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

alphameric consisting of, or (of a machine) using, both letters and numbers.
alphamerical consisting of, or (of a machine) using, both letters and numbers.
alphamerically (Adv.) ALPHAMERICAL, using both letters and numbers.
alphanumeric of data, consisting of both letters and numbers; (noun) an alphanumeric character.
alphanumerical of data, consisting of both letters and numbers.
alphasort to sort into alphabetic order.
antispam intended to prevent spam.
awk a computer-programming language used for data processing.
backup a substitute.
barcode an arrangement, readable by computer, of thick and thin parallel lines, eg printed on, and giving coded details of, goods at a point of sale, library books, etc.
barcoded marked with a barcode.
biocomputing the application of computers to problems in biology and biochemistry.
bioinformatics the branch of information science dealing with large databases of biochemical or pharmaceutical information.
bitmap a pattern of bits representing a graphical object; (verb) to represent as a bitmap.
bitstream a sequence of digital data.
bitwise designating an operator in a programming language that manipulates the individual bits in a byte or word.
blit to transfer a large array of bits between different locations in a computer's memory.
blitter a chip or system that performs blit transfers.
bluesnarfing the unauthorized access of information from a wireless device through a Bluetooth connection.
bootable capable of being booted.
bootstrap to prepare (a computer) for operation by causing an operating system to be loaded into its memory.
cammie a webcam award.
clickable that can be clicked, eg a computer icon.
coden a coding classification.
codeword an encrypted password.
computerate computer literate.
computerdom the world of computers.
computerese the jargon used by people who deal with computers.
computerisable that can be computerised.
computerisation the process of computerising.
computerise to render suitable for a computer.
computeritis the excessive use of computers; the fact of being detrimentally influenced by computers.
computerization the act of computerizing.
computerize to carry out, control, or produce by means of a computer.
cron in computing, a command used to schedule a job that is executed at a certain time, or periodically.
cruft technical material that is redundant, old or inferior.
cyberattack an attempt to damage or disrupt a computer system, or obtain information stored on a computer system, by means of hacking.
cybernate to control by means of a computer.
cybernation the automatic control of a process or operation (as in manufacturing) by means of computers.
cyberwar information warfare.
cyborg a robot made of biological and mechanical components.
databank a body of information (a collection of databases or large files of data) stored in a computer.
database a collection of data in a computer; (verb) to put data into a database.
databus a path for transferring data.
datacomms (Short for) data communications.
dataflow as in dataflow architecture. No -S.
datamation automatic data processing.
dequeue to remove from a (computing) queue.
descriptor in computing, a symbol identifying a particular subject in a storage area.
digitalise digitalize to make digital.
digitise digitize to convert into digital form.
digitiser digitizer a device that converts analogue signals etc. to digital ones.
disemvowel to remove the vowels from (a word in a text message, email etc.) in order to abbreviate it.
downtime a period when eg a computer is out of action.
earcon an audio signal given by a computer.
elint (Short for) electronic intelligence.
emoji a standardized image with a specific meaning, used in electronic communication.
enqueue to add (a data-processing task) to a list of tasks awaiting processing in a buffer.
executable that can be executed; (noun) an executable piece of code.
exergaming the playing of video games that require rigorous physical exercise and are intended as a workout.
exfil to remove (data) from a computer, network, etc surreptitiously and without permission or unlawfully.
failover a procedure by which a computer system automatically transfers control to a backup system on detecting a failure.
fax (Short for) facsimile; (verb) to send messages via a machine that scans electronically.
filename the name of a computer file.
fintech digital technology used to support banking and financial services.
flowchart a chart pictorially representing the nature and sequence of operations to be carried out, eg in a computer program.
foo a name for a temporary computer variable or file.
gameplay the plot of a computer or video game or the way in which it is played.
geodata information about the geographical location of objects.
geotag a digital code that assigns geographical co-ordinates to an item of data; (verb) to assign a geotag to.
glitch (Yiddish) an instance of imperfect functioning eg in a computer.
hackable that can be hacked eg of a computer system.
hacktivism the act of breaking into a computer system in order to pursue a political or social aim.
handshaking communication between a computer system and an external device, by which each tells the other that data is ready to be transferred, and that the receiver is ready to accept it.
holddown a control function in a computer.
increment to add 1 to the value in a storage location.
informatics information science.
informatisation the conversion of (something) into data or information, esp for analysis, processing, or consumption by computers.
informatise to convert (something) into data or information, esp for analysis, processing, or consumption by computers.
informatization the conversion of (something) into data or information, esp for analysis, processing, or consumption by computers.
informatize to convert (something) into data or information, esp for analysis, processing, or consumption by computers.
infosphere the business of collecting (esp electronic) information.
infotech (Short for) information technology.
input anything put in; (verb) to enter data into a computer.
interoperable of hardware or software systems, able to exchange and use information from different computer systems.
jobname a computer code for a job instruction.
lifehack a productivity trick used by programmers to cut through information overload and organize their data; (verb) to live one's life in a way such as to simplify tasks and minimize effort.
machinima the use of realtime three-dimensional graphics rendering engines to generate computer animation.
meatspace real physical space, as contrasted with the world of cyberspace.
metatag an element of HTML describing the contents of a web page.
metaverse a 3D virtual world, esp in an online role-playing game; the universe as portrayed in a given work of fiction.
miscompute to compute erroneously.
multiaccess (Relating to) a computer system that allows several users to access it at the same time.
multidisc involving more than one disc.
multiprocessing the processing of several computer programs at the same time esp by a computer system with two or more processors sharing a single memory.
multithreading a programming system that enables actions to be carried out simultaneously.
mung to process computer data.
munge to create a strong, secure password through character substitution.
nerdic another name for geekspeak.
noncomputerised not computerised.
noncomputerized not computerized.
notworking as in social notworking, the practice of spending time unproductively on social networking websites, esp when one should be working.
offline taking place when the computer is not connected to a network eg the Internet.
online carried out while connected to a computer and under its direct control.
onload to load files on to a computer.
pathname the name of a file or directory together with its position in relation to other directories.
platformer a platform game, a type of computer game that is played by moving a figure on the screen through a series of obstacles and problems.
precompute to compute in advance.
pushdown a store of computer data.
quadplay the supply to a customer by one provider of television, internet and both fixed-line and mobile telephony.
realtime relating to a computer system.
reboot to boot again.
rechip to change the electronic identity of (a stolen mobile phone).
recompute to compute again.
recursion the application or use of a recursive procedure or definition.
robotism belief in robots.
screenshot a print of the contents of a computer screen > SCREENSHOTS, SCREENSHOTTED, SCREENSHOTTING.
scrollable that can be scrolled.
sext to send a text message of a sexual nature > SEXTS SEXTING, SEXTED.
smiley given to smiling (noun) a set of characters representing a smiling face
subcode part of a code.
subfile part of a file.
subfolder part of a folder.
submenu a subordinate menu.
subnet a system of interconnections within a communications system.
subtask a subordinate task.
sumless not to be summed or counted; incalculable.
taskbar an area of a computer screen showing what programs are running.
telematic relating to telematics, the transmission of computerized data over long distances.
telematics the transmission of computerized data over long distances.
telepresence the use of virtual reality to create the illusion of being at a different or imaginary location.
teleprocessing remote-controlled computer processing.
telnet a system of remote access to computers by telecommunications; (verb) to use such a system.
timeout the expiry of a set period of time.
timestamp of a computer, to add a record of the time of an event or transaction to (data).
toolbar a set of tools, as on a computer screen.
toolset a set of predefined tools associated with a particular computer.
tooltip a box on a computer screen containing supplementary information that appears when a particular feature is used.
treeware books, magazines etc printed on wood pulp rather than computer software, audio books etc.
tuple in computing, a row of values in a relational database.
uncomputerised not computerised.
undelete to undo the deletion of a computer file.
uninstall to remove a program from a storage device.
upgradable that can be upgraded eg of computer equipment.
upgrade to raise to a higher grade or standard.
uplink a transmitter which sends signals up to a communications satellite; (verb) to transmit by uplink.
upload to transfer computer information by modem.
username a name given by a computer user to gain access.
whizzy using sophisticated technology to achieve vivid effects.
wireframe a basic visual guide used in interface design to suggest the structure of an interface and relationships between its pages.
wysiwyg denoting the text on a computer screen that exactly corresponds to the text on a printout.