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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

addy an email address.
advergaming a method of interactive marketing in which free downloadable computer games appear on websites (often as pop-ups) to advertise a company or product.
arpa a site concerned with internet infrastructure.
bashtag a hashtag used for critical or abusive comments.
botnet a network of infected computers.
chatroom a virtual room for computer conversation.
clickbait intriguing or sensational hyperlinks that encourage readers to click through to another website.
clickjacking the practice of using a disguised hyperlink to direct an internet user to a website he or she does not wish to visit.
clickstream a path used in navigating cyberspace.
clicktivism a policy of using the internet to take direct and often militant action to achieve a political or social aim.
clickwrap of a computer button, consented to by user clicking; (noun) an agreement by a computer user through clicking on a particular button onscreen.
conf an online conference.
cyberbullying bullying via the medium of the Internet.
cybercafe a cafe where computers can be used.
cybercast a broadcast over the Internet.
cyberporn pornography on the Internet.
cybersecurity the state of being safe from electronic crime and the measures taken to achieve this.
cybersex sexual communication available through computer networks.
cyberspace the virtual world of computers.
cybersquatting the practice of registering an internet domain name that is likely to be wanted by another person or organisation.
cyberstalking the practice of using electronic communications to harass someone persistently.
darknet the collection of networks and other technologies that enable people to illegally share copyrighted digital files with little or no fear of detection.
datagram a communication channel that uses information routed through a packet-switching network.
dataveillance the monitoring of a person's activities by studying the data trail created by actions such as credit card purchases, cell phone calls, and Internet use.
download to transfer data from a large computer to a smaller one.
downloadable capable of being downloaded.
downvote to register disapproval of (a post) on social media.
dox to publish personal information about (a person) on the internet.
ebaying (Tradename) selling on eBay.
ebook a book in electronic form.
egosurf to search for one's own name on the internet.
email electronic mail; (verb) to send electronic mail over computer telephone lines.
emailable able to be sent by email.
emoticon in computing an icon in email to express feeling.
evernet a hypothetical form of the Internet.
extranet a type of network like the internet.
ezine a magazine available only in electronic form, for example on the internet.
fansite a website devoted to fans of a particular celebrity, TV programme, etc.
favicon a 16x16 pixel square icon associated with a particular website or webpage.
frape to alter the personal details on a social website without the owner's consent.
frapeage the practice of altering information in a person's profile on a social networking website without his or her permission.
fusk to obtain data from (a website) by using a fusker.
glurge sentimental stories sent by email.
goatse a deliberately shocking and offensive, usually pornographic, image placed maliciously by someone into a website.
googlewhack an Internet search that produces one hit only.
hashtag a word or name preceded by a hash symbol used to indicate the contents of a message on a social media site.
homepage the main page on a website.
homesite one's own site on the Internet.
hotlink an area on a website connecting to another site.
hyperlink a form of cross-reference in computer-readable text which allows instant access to related material; (verb) to connect by hyperlink.
hypermedia a system linking information stored as text, graphics, audio and video.
inbox on a computer, a folder in a mailbox in which incoming messages are stored and displayed.
infobahn the information superhighway.
instagram To share (a photograph) using the Instagram application > INSTAGRAMS, INSTAGRAMMING, INSTAGRAMMED.
internet a worldwide computer network.
interweb a facetious name for the Internet, used to imply that the speaker has little understanding of or interest in the subject.
intranet a restricted network of computers such as within a company.
leetspeak a jargon used by some internet groups, in which standard English is translated into a mixture of letters, numerals, and symbols found on a computer keyboard.
linkrot the condition of a website link not being updated, with the result that the host website is no longer hyperlinked to the desired website.
listserv (Tradename) an Internet mailing service.
livestream to broadcast (an event) on the internet as it happens.
login access to a mainframe or server system.
logoff exit from a mainframe or server system.
logon access to a mainframe or server system.
logout exit from a mainframe or server system.
lolz (Slang) amusement derived from mischievous or provocative behaviour on the Internet.
lulz (Slang) amusement derived from mischievous or provocative behaviour on the Internet.
metadata information about information already supplied, eg details about a site on the Internet.
microsite a website that is intended for a specific limited purpose.
midband operating across a range of frequencies between broadband and narrowband.
mouseover on a web page, any item that changes or pops up when the pointer of a mouse moves over it.
mousetrapping a range of techniques employed to stop users leaving a website.
multisite having many sites.
myspace (Tradename) to search for a person's space on the MySpace website.
netiquette etiquette appropriate to the Internet.
netspeak the jargon of internet users.
netsurf to browse the internet for information.
netsurfing the act of browsing the internet for information.
packetise to form data into packets, or bundled units, according to a specific protocol.
pageview an electronic page of information displayed at the request of a user.
paywall an arrangement allowing access to a website only to users who have paid to subscribe to it.
permalink an internet hyperlink that is intended to be permanent.
pharm to redirect computer users from legitimate websites to counterfeit sites in order to gain confidential information about them.
phish to engage in phishing.
phishing the use of fraudulent emails and websites in order to extract personal details.
podosphere the collective podcasting social network or community.
pwn (Sl.) to dominate or humiliate an opponent esp in online gaming.
remailer an internet service that forwards emails anonymously.
retweet to tweet again.
scambaiting the practice of pretending to fall for online scams in order to waste the time of the perpetrators.
scrobble of an online music service, to record a listener's musical preferences and recommend similar music that he or she might enjoy.
shopbot a website that offers price comparisons for particular products.
sidebar a window shaped like a narrow column placed down the side of a web page, offering various options, information, etc.
sig a short personalized message at the end of an email, a signature.
smishing the practice of using fraudulent text messages to extract financial data from users for purposes of identity theft.
smurfing intentionally flooding a computer network with messages generated by a program.
spam (Tradename) a kind of pressed meat (verb) to send out electronic junk mail
spim spam received via an instant messaging system.
spimming the activity of sending unsolicited commercial communications via an instant-messaging system.
stopword a common word not used in computer search engines.
subsite a subordinate site.
subtweet on the Twitter application) to post a message about (another user), usually negative in its content, but not explicitly naming him or her.
textism the language, or a particular usage, characteristic of text messages.
textonym one of several words that may be keyed into a mobile phone by pressing the same sequence of buttons.
textspeak the style of language commonly used in text messages, including abbreviations, truncations, use of numbers, etc.
tweetable (Of a message) short enough to be posted on the Twitter website.
tweetup an online meeting of individuals arranged on the social networking website Twitter.
vodcast a video podcast; (verb) to make a video podcast.
vodcaster one who makes vodcasts.
voip a system for converting analogue signals to digital so that the telephone calls may be made over the internet.
warchalking the activity of drawing chalk symbols in public places in order to indicate the location of wireless Internet access points.
webbie a person who is well versed in the use of the World Wide Web.
webcam a camera that transmits messages over the Internet.
webcast a broadcast of an event over the Internet; (verb) to broadcast over the Internet.
webcaster one who broadcasts over the Internet.
webcasting the act of broadcasting over the Internet.
webchat to communicate in real time over the Internet.
webify to put a piece of (possibly already existing) material on the Web.
webinar an interactive seminar conducted over the World Wide Web.
webisode a short episode which airs initially as an Internet download or stream as opposed to first airing on broadcast or cable television.
webliography a list of items published on the internet, esp one indicating sources used in the preparation of a book or academic paper.
webmail a system of electronic mail that allows users to access their mail via a website.
webpage a page on a website.
webring a collection of websites from around the Internet joined together in a circular structure.
website in computing, a location on a network of internet documents.
webspace storage space on a web server.
webwork work done using the Internet.
webzine a magazine published on the Internet.
whitelist to place a name, email address, Web site address, or program on a list of items that are deemed spam- or virus-free.
wiki a collaborative web site that allows users to add, edit, and delete the site's content.
wikiality information that is assumed to be true because it appears in a wiki-based encylopaedia.
wikitorial a traditional editorial that can be edited in the fashion of a wiki.
worksafe of an internet link,etc., suitable for viewing in the workplace because of an absence of pornographic content.