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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

alchemic relating to alchemy.
alchemise to change by alchemy; to transmute.
alchemist a practitioner of alchemy.
alchemize to change by alchemy; to transmute.
alchemy the infant stage of chemistry.
alchymy the infant stage of chemistry.
alembroth an alchemists' word for mercury ammonium chloride, aka salt of wisdom.
alkahest (Arabic) the universal solvent sought by alchemists.
aludel (Arabic) a pear-shaped pot used in sublimation.
athanor (Arabic) an alchemist's self-feeding digesting furnace.
azoth (Arabic) an alchemist's name for mercury.
bufo (Lat.) a black tincture in alchemy.
chymic a chemist.
chymist (Arch.) a chemist.
elixir a medicinal beverage.
hermetic of or relating to sorcery or alchemy.
hermetics the philosophy contained in the Hermetic Books, esoteric alchemy.
sericon a conjectural red or black tincture in alchemy.
spageric alchemical.
spagiric alchemical.
spagirist an alchemist.
spagyric alchemical.
spagyrics the science of alchemy.
spagyrist an alchemist.