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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

accipitrine birds of the family Accipitridae, which includes most birds of prey other than owls, falcons, and New World vultures > ACCIPITRINES
aedine the aedes genus of mosquito > ANOPHELINES
alcidine birds of the auk family
anguine snakes
anopheline the anopheles mosquito
anserine birds of the goose family > ANSERINES
antilopine antelopes
aquiline eagles
arvicoline water voles
asinine asses
bisontine bison
bovine cattle > BOVINES
bubaline antelopes of the Bubalis genus
cancrine crabs
canine dogs > CANINES
caprine goats
catarrhine one of the two divisions of Primates, including all the Old World monkeys, having a narrow partition between the nostrils > CATARRHINES
cervine deer
colubrine any snake of the family Colubridae, that includes the grass snake, water snakes and whip snakes
corvine crows
crotaline rattlesnakes
culicine mosquitos of a group that contains the genus Culex but not Anopheles > CULICINES
cyprine fish of the carp family
dryopithecine gorillas, chimps, and men
elaphine red deer
elapine the Elapidae, a family of poisonous snakes, that includes cobras
elephantine elephants
equine horses > EQUINES
falconine falcons
feline members of the cat family > FELINES
fringilline the finch family of birds
galeopithecine flying lemurs
giraffine giraffes
gorilline gorillas
gregarine members of the Gregarinida, a group of parasitic insects, molluscs and crustaceans > GREGARINES
hirundine swallows
hominine men
hyenine hyenas
lacertine lizards
larine gulls
lemurine lemurs > LEMURINES
leonine lions
leporine hares
lupine wolves > LUPINES
limicoline plovers
limacine slugs
milvine birds of the kite kind
murine rats and mice > MURINES
musteline weasels or similar fur-bearing mammals such as badgers and otters > MUSTELINES
ornithine birds > ORNITHINES
oscine birds of a sub-order including birds > OSCINES
oscinine of or pertaining to song-birds
otarine otaries or eared seals
ovibovine the ovibos or musk-ox
ovine sheep > OVINES
pantherine panthers
pardine leopards
passerine perching birds, and songbirds eg jays, warblers, finches, blackbirds, sparrows > PASSERINES
pavonine peacocks
petaurine petaurists, or flying phalangers
phocine seals
picine woodpeckers
pieridine the Pieridae family of butterflies, that includes the whites, brimstones, and sulphurs
platyrrhine the division of the monkeys found in S America, which have widely spaced nostrils > PLATYRRHINES
polypine (colonial) polyps
porcine pigs
psittacine parrots > PSITTACINES
ralline the rail family of birds
ramapithecine an early Pliocene genus of primates > RAMAPITHECINES
ranine frogs
reguline goldcrests
rusine deer of the genus Rusa, which includes the sambur deer of India
salamandrine salamanders
sciurine squirrels > SCIURINES
serpentine serpents; also a kind fo rock > SERPENTINES.
sittine the nuthatch family of birds
soricine shrews
strigine owls
sturnine starlings
suboscine a certain subfamily of birds > SUBOSCINES
subursine things like bears but not bears
suilline pigs
sylviine warblers of the genus Sylviidae
tanagrine tanagers, a family of brightly-coloured S American birds
taurine bulls > TAURINES
tigrine tigers
tragelaphine tragelaphs, a kind of African antelope
traguline tragules, a small deer-like mammal
turdine thrushes
ursine bears
vespine wasps
viperine vipers
vireonine birds of the vireo family > VIREONINES
vituline calves
viverrine animals of the ferret or the civet family > VIVERRINES
volucrine birds
vulpine foxes
vulturine vultures
xenurine a genus of armadillos in which the tail is almost without plates
zebrine zebras > ZEBRINES