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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

bevel a slant or inclination of a surface; (verb) to form so as to have a bevel or slant.
bevelment the process of bevelling.
boiserie (Fr.) wood panelling on a wall.
boullework a type of wood surface decoration.
buhlwork (Fr.) a form of marquetry with eg gold and silver inlaid in tortoiseshell.
cabinetry cabinetwork.
cabinetwork finished woodwork made by a cabinetmaker.
chamfer to channel or make furrows upon; to bevel.
chamferer one who chamfers.
chippie (Coll.) a carpenter.
dovetail a tenon shaped like a dove's spread tail, for fastening boards; (verb) to make a certain type of joint in carpentry.
dowel a wooden peg used in carpentry; (verb) to join with dowels.
drawbore a hole bored through a tenon to draw parts together.
ebeniste (Fr.) a cabinetmaker.
ebonist one who works in ebony.
featheredge an edge of a board or plank thinner than the other edge; (verb) to provide with feathered edge.
fretty adorned with fretwork.
fretwork ornamental work consisting of a combination of frets; perforated woodwork.
giltwood made of wood and covered with gilt. No -S.
intarsia (Ital.) a form of decorative wood inlay work.
jigsaw a narrow saw for cutting awkward shapes; (verb) to saw with a jigsaw.
joinery the art of the joiner.
marqueterie (Fr.) furniture inlaid with multicoloured wood, ivory, or metal.
marquetry furniture inlaid with multicoloured wood, ivory, or metal.
menuisier (Fr.) a joiner.
miter (US) a high, pointed headdress, cleft crosswise on top and with two ribbons hanging from the back, worn by archbishops and bishops; (verb) to join with a miter joint.
miterer one that miters.
monoxylous made of one piece of wood.
mortice a hole or recess made in wood to receive a tenon; (verb) to cut a mortice in.
morticer one who makes mortice joints.
mortise a hole or recess made in wood to receive a tenon; (verb) to cut a mortise in.
mortiser one who makes mortise joints.
nulling knurled work in woodcarving.
purfler one who purfles.
rabbet a groove cut to receive an edge; (verb) to join by a rabbet.
repro (Short for) reproduction, a piece of reproduction furniture.
scarfer one who scarfs, joins by scarfing.
swashwork a woodturner's work cut obliquely.
sypher of boards, to join edge to edge or overlap to form a level surface.
tarsia (Ital.) a form of decorative wood inlay work, developed in Italy.
tenon projecting part of joint for inserting into mortise; (verb) to fix or fit with a tenon.
tenoner one who tenons.
treen made of wood; (noun) cups, dishes etc made of wood.
treenware cups, dishes etc. made of wood.
turnery the art of turning in a lathe.
veneer to overlay or face (coarse wood, etc) with a thin sheet of fine wood or other material.
whittler one who whittles.
willowware goods eg baskets made of willow.
windshake a flaw in wood said to be due to the bending of the tree in the wind.
woodcarving the art of carving in wood.
woodenware ware made of wood.
woodwork work made of wood.
xylopyrography engraving designs on wood with hot poker.