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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aeradio a Canadian radio service for pilots.
aircheck a recording made from a radio broadcast.
airdate the date on which a broadcast is scheduled to take place.
airplay the broadcasting of a play etc. on the air.
airwave a channel for broadcasting.
animatic a section of animation in a TV commercial.
animatronic relating to animatronics.
animatronically (Adv.) ANIMATRONIC, relating to animatronics.
animatronics a technique of constructing robot models in accurate likenesses of humans, animals, etc., which are programmed to perform intricate, lifelike bodily movements in synchronization with a prerecorded soundtrack.
atmospherics audible disturbances produced in radio receiving apparatus by atmospheric electrical phenomena (as lightning).
autocue (Tradename) a text device to assist newsreaders.
backlot an outdoor area, often next to a TV studio, used for exterior scenes.
bandpass the range of frequencies transmitted through a filter.
bandspreading an additional tuning control in some radio receivers whereby a selected narrow band of frequencies can be spread over a wider frequency band, in order to give finer control of tuning.
bandwidth the width of a band of radio or TV frequencies.
baseband capable of operating only over a narrow range of frequencies; (noun) a device operating only over a narrow range of frequencies.
blipvert a very short television advertisement.
blooper a radio that makes a howling noise; a mistake.
boombox a powerful portable radio and cassette recorder.
cablecast to broadcast on cable.
cabler a cable broadcasting company.
cablevision television transmission by cable.
celebreality a television genre that is unscripted and involves either the day-to-day documentation of a celebrity's life or competitive challenges that a celebrity or celebrities must perform.
chatline a television service in which callers contact each other through a monitored central switchboard.
chromakey a special television effect by which a coloured background can be removed from a picture and a different one substituted.
colorcast to broadcast in colour.
colourcast to broadcast (a television programme) in colour.
comm as in comm badge, a small wearable badge-shaped radio transmitter.
directional suitable for detecting the direction from which radio signals come or for sending out radio signals in one direction only.
doco (Aust. sl.) a documentary.
docu (Coll.) a documentary film.
docusoap a television series that follows the lives of real people over a period of time.
emmy (Tradename) a gold plated statuette awarded annually for television.
factsheet a printed sheet containing information relating to items covered in a television or radio program.
flopover a defect in television reception.
godslot a religious broadcasting slot.
handset a device for eg operating a video recorder remotely.
headend a facility from which cable television is transmitted.
headphone an audio receiver worn in pairs over the ears, esp for listening to a radio, cassette player, etc.
heterodyne in radio communication, applied to a method of imposing on a continuous wave another of slightly different length to produce beats; (verb) to change the frequency of (a signal) by a heterodyne process.
homodyne applied to the reception of waves strengthened by the imposition of a locally generated wave of the same length.
ident a short visual image displayed between television programs that works as a logo to locate the viewer to the channel.
infotainment television programming that presents information (such as news) in a way that is meant to be entertaining.
iso (Short for) an isolated replay, a TV and film facility.
izvestia (Russian) news, information.
kine cattle a type of television tube
letterboxing showing a film on television in its original wide screen format.
listenership the audience for a radio program or recording.
miniseries a short series eg on TV.
minisode a heavily abridged version of a television episode, esp. as broadcast on the Internet.
multicast a broadcast from one source simultaneously to several receivers.
narrowcast to distribute material on video tapes, cassettes etc.
newsbeat a particular area of news reporting.
newscast a news broadcast or telecast.
newsclip a brief extract from broadcast or published news.
newsfeed a service that provides news articles for distribution.
newsflash a brief preliminary dispatch about news just becoming known.
newsreel a short movie presenting current events.
newsroom a room where the news is gathered.
nonpeak not peak (eg of television hours); (noun) a period of low demand.
nowcast a report on current weather conditions.
nowcasting broadcasting events as they happen.
overdub to add sound to an existing recording.
playlist those recordings selected to be broadcast regularly by a radio station; (verb) to feature on a playlist.
podcast an audio file of a radio broadcast; (verb) to make a radio broadcast available as an audio file.
preradio before the invention of radio.
preselector a component of a radio receiver, improving reception.
radio signalling through space, without connecting wires, by means of electromagnetic waves (verb) to transmit by radio
radiogoniometer an instrument for finding direction through radio signals.
radiolocational relating to radiolocation, position-finding by radio signals.
radioman a radio operator.
radiopacity the state of being radio-opaque i.e. not allowing radio waves through.
radiopager a radio receiver which functions as a pager.
radiopaging the use of a radiopager, a radio receiver which functions as a pager.
radiophoto a picture transmitted by radio.
radiotelephony coomunication by radiotelephone.
radiothon a marathon talk-in on radio.
raster a set of scanning lines on a receiver, on which the image is reproduced; (verb) to create an image by raster.
rasterise to convert an image into raster form.
rasterize to convert an image into raster form.
rebroadcast to broadcast again (a radio or television program being simultaneously received from another source).
rescreen to screen again.
romcom a film or television comedy based on the relationship between the characters.
shortwave a radio wave with a frequency of between 10m and 100m; (verb) to broadcast on shortwave.
shoutout a public greeting, esp one broadcast via television or radio.
sideband a radio frequency above or below the carrier frequency.
simulcast to broadcast simultaneously on radio and television.
sitcom (Coll.) a situation comedy.
soaper (US) a soap opera.
soapie (Aust. sl.) a soap opera.
soundbite a brief section on radio or television in which eg a political leader makes a short succinct statement.
squarial a flat diamond-shaped aerial for receiving satellite TV broadcasts.
sudser (Sl.) a soap opera.
superhet a type of radio transmitter.
superheterodyne radio, applied to reception in which oscillations of slightly different frequency are imposed on the received oscillations, producing beats of a frequency above audio-frequency which are easily amplified.
supershow an exceptional show.
syntonise to adjust to agree in frequency.
syntonize to adjust to agree in frequency.
syntony the tuning, or agreement in resonance frequency, of radio apparatus.
talkback a two-way radio system.
tapescript a tape-recorded reading of a complete script.
telco (Short for) a telecommunications company.
tele (Short for) television.
telebridge a television broadcast of a discussion between studio audiences in different countries linked by satellite.
telecamera a television camera.
telecast to broadcast or transmit by television.
telecine the transmission of filmed material by television.
telecom (Short for) telecommunications.
telecomm (Short for) telecommunication.
telecon (Short for) teleconference.
telecourse a course of study conducted over television.
telefilm a film made specially for television.
telegenic well-suited to the medium of television, esp in having an appearance and manner that are markedly attractive to television viewers.
telegenically (Adv.) TELEGENIC, well-suited to the medium of television.
telemeeting a teleconference.
telepic a feature-length motion picture made for TV.
teleplay a play written for television.
telerecord to make a telerecording, a recording for broadcast by television.
telerecording a recording for broadcast by television.
telesale a sale via television.
telescreen a television screen.
teletext a system by which an adapted television set is able to show alphanumeric information selected from displays transmitted using the spare capacity of existing television channels.
telethon an exceptionally long television programme to raise money for a charity or cause.
teletron a cathode-ray tube for synthesis of television images.
televerite the televising of scenes from actual life to give a sense of heightened realism.
teleview to view by television.
televiewer one who views by television.
televise to broadcast by television.
televiser one who televises.
television the transmission by radio waves, and reproduction on a screen, of visual images, usually accompanied by sound.
televisor a receiver for television.
televisual of, relating to, or suitable for broadcast by television.
televisually (Adv.) TELEVISUAL, of, relating to, or suitable for broadcast by television.
telly (Coll.) television.
transceiver a radio transmitterreceiver that uses many of the same components for both transmission and reception.
transponder a type of radio or radar transmitter-receiver that transmits signals automatically when it receives predetermined signals.
transpondor a type of radio or radar transmitter-receiver that transmits signals automatically when it receives predetermined signals.
transverter a piece of equipment attached to a radio transceiver to enable it to transmit and receive on additional frequencies.
travelog a film, talk etc. on travel.
travelogue a film, talk etc. on travel.
triniscope a cathode-ray tube for colour television.
troposcatter the propagation of radio waves by using irregularities in the troposphere to scatter the signals beamed up by means of high-powered uhf transmitters and parabolic antennas.
unicom a designated radio frequency for communications at some airports.
vid a short form of video.
videodisc a compact disk on which video is stored.
videodisk a compact disk on which video is stored.
videofit a type of identikit picture put together on television.
videoland television as a medium or industry.
videophile a lover of videos.
videotex a system used to display information on a television screen.
videotext a system used to display information on a television screen.
viewership a programme's viewers taken collectively.
visiogenic suitable for transmission by television.
voiceover a spoken commentary by an unseen narrator on film.
waveband a range of radio frequencies.
weathercast a weather forecast esp on radio or television.
wideband operating over a wide band of frequency; (noun) a wide bandwidth transmission.
wireless signalling through space without conducting wires (noun) a wireless device; (verb) to communicate by radio
wirelessly (Adv.) WIRELESS, without wires.
yagi (Japanese) a type of shortwave antenna.