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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

agateware a form of ceramic made to look like agate.
amberina (Tradename) a type of clear glassware.
argil clay, esp as used in pottery.
azulejo (Spanish) a brightly coloured tile of the Near East, Spain and Holland.
ballclay a fine-textured highly plastic clay used for ceramics.
barbola an ornamentation of small flowers, fruit etc. made of plastic paste and coloured.
barbotine (Fr.) a paste of clay used in decorating coarse pottery in relief.
basaltes (Lat.) unglazed stoneware.
basaltware stoneware wrought of basalt.
belleek a very thin translucent porcelain.
blunge to mix clay with water.
blunger a machine or person that blunges, i.e. mixes clay and water.
canopic relating to a kind of ancient Egyptian vase, used to store intestines.
ceramic made of pottery; (noun) an article made of pottery.
ceramics pottery; the art of making pots.
ceramography the historical description of types of pottery.
china fine porcelain ware.
chinaware goods made from china.
clayware goods made of clay.
cloam made of earthenware or clay; (noun) earthenware or clay.
crackleware pottery with a crackled glaze.
creamware a type of earthenware with a cream-coloured glaze.
dabbity (Scots) a cheap pottery figure found at fairgrounds.
delf pottery made at the city of Delft in Holland.
delft pottery made at the city of Delft in Holland.
delftware pottery made at the city of Delft in Holland.
delph pottery made at the city of Delft in Holland.
earthenware ceramic ware made of slightly porous opaque clay fired at low heat.
engobe (Fr.) a slip applied to ceramics before the glaze, eg to mask their natural colours.
famille (Fr.) a type of Chinese porcelain.
fictile used or made by a potter; capable of being moulded, esp in clay.
figuline of or relating to earthenware; (noun) potter's clay, earthenware.
figurine a small modelled or sculpted figure.
fireclay a clay poor in lime and iron, suitable for making fire-resistant pottery.
flatback a pottery figure with a flat back, designed to stand on a mantelpiece.
flatware articles for the table, as china or silverware, that are more or less flat, as distinguished from hollow ware.
glost an oven in which glazed pottery is fired.
gombroon a kind of Persian pottery.
hizen (Japanese) a type of richly decorated Japanese porcelain.
holloware hollow articles of china, iron etc. eg pots and kettles.
hollowware hollow articles of china, iron etc. eg pots and kettles.
imari (Japanese) a type of porcelain, richly decorated in red green and blue.
jolley a guide for fixing a pottery mould for plates.
jolleying using a jolley, a guide for fixing a pottery mould for plates.
kakiemon (Japanese) a kind of Japanese porcelain.
keramics pottery; the art of making pots.
kiln a large oven for drying, baking etc.; (verb) to dry, fire in a kiln.
kokowai (Maori) a type of clay used in decoration because of its reddish colour.
lithophane porcelain with pictures showing through transparency.
logie the space in front of a kiln fire.
lusterware pottery with a metallic glaze.
lustreware pottery with a metallic glaze.
maiolica (Ital.) an elaborate, highly-colored, glazed Italian pottery.
majolica (Ital.) an elaborate, highly-colored, glazed Italian pottery.
majolicaware goods made from majolica.
malax to soften by kneading.
malaxage the softening of clay by kneading it.
malaxate to soften by kneading.
murra (Lat.) an unidentified precious material for vases, conjectured to be agate.
murrha (Lat.) an unidentified precious material for vases, conjectured to be agate.
murrine a kind of clear glassware used to make ancient Roman vases.
parian a hard white porcelain from Paros, an island in the Aegean Sea.
peachblow a delicate purplish-pink colour, used as a glaze on porcelain.
pintadera (Spanish) a decorative stamp, usually made of clay, found in certain Neolithic cultures.
porcelain a fine earthenware, white, thin, transparent or semitransparent, first made in China.
porcelaineous like porcelain.
porcelainlike like porcelain.
porcelainous like porcelain.
porcelaneous like porcelain.
porcellaneous like porcelain.
porcellanous like porcelain.
potshard a fragment of pottery.
potshare a fragment of pottery.
potsherd a fragment of pottery.
pug clay, ground and worked with water; (verb) to fill in with clay or mortar.
raku (Japanese) a kind of earthenware made in Japan.
sancai (Chinese) in Chinese ceramics, a three-colour glaze.
scroddled of pottery, made of clay scraps of different colours.
semiporcelain any of several ceramic wares resembling or imitative of porcelain.
sgraffito (Ital.) the technique of scratching the surface of pottery to reveal a different colour.
shippo (Japanese) a kind of cloisonne ware.
slipware pottery decorated with slip.
softpaste as in softpaste porcelain, an artificial porcelain made from clay, bone ash, etc.
spode a porcelain made with the addition of bone-ash.
spongeware pottery on which patterns etc. are applied using a sponge.
sprigger one that decorates with sprigs.
stemware a type of glassware.
stoneware a species of coarse potter's ware, glazed and baked.
tanagra a kind of terracotta figurene.
terracotta (Ital.) reddish-brown; (noun) a type of pottery.
underfire to fire or bake insufficiently.
whiteware articles made of white porcelain, pottery or other ceramic material.
yellowware pottery made from buff clay and covered with a transparent yellow clay.