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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

acierate to turn into steel.
acieration the process of turning into steel.
albata (Lat.) a variety of German silver.
aluminothermy a process for reducing metallic oxides using finely divided aluminium powder.
anneal to make (as steel or glass) less brittle by heating and then cooling.
annealer one who anneals.
anodiser something that anodises.
anodization the process of anodizing.
anodizer something that anodises.
anvil an iron block on which metal can be hammered into shape; (verb) to shape on an anvil.
applique (Fr.) a work applied to, or laid on, another material, either of metalwork or lace etc; (verb) to do applique work.
aumail (Arch.) to enamel.
ausform (Ger.) to deform, quench, and temper a metal.
babbitt to line with Babbitt metal.
bainite a constituent of a certain stage in the heat treatment of steel.
begild to gild.
bimetal something composed of two metals.
bracteate thin beaten plate of gold or silver.
brassfounding the craft of casting objects in brass.
brassware goods made of brass.
braze to solder with an alloy of copper and zinc.
brightwork polished metal on cars etc.
calx (Lat.) the substance of a metal or mineral that remains after strong heating.
chalcographer one who practises chalcography, the art of engraving on copper or brass.
chalcographic relating to chalcography.
chalcographical relating to chalcography.
chalcographist one who practises chalcography, the art of engraving on copper or brass.
chalcography the art of engraving on copper or brass.
chalybean in metallurgy, tempered.
champleve (Fr.) a type of enamel work in which vitreous powders are laid in channels cut in a metal base.
chromise to chrome.
chromize to chrome.
ciseleur (Fr.) a chaser (of metal).
ciselure (Fr.) the art of chasing metal.
cloisonne (Fr.) decorative work formed of enamel inlaid in compartments formed by small fillets of metal.
copperwork craftwork in copper.
cribble to decorate wood or metal with small dots or punctures.
cruset a goldsmith's crucible.
cupel a goldsmith's vessel for assaying metal; (verb) to assay in a cupel.
cupellation assaying or refining using a cupel; the separation of silver from lead in this way.
damasceene to decorate or engrave metal with wavy lines and patterns.
damascene to decorate or engrave metal with wavy lines and patterns.
damaskeen to decorate or engrave metal with wavy lines and patterns.
damaskin to decorate or engrave metal with wavy lines and patterns.
damasquin to decorate or engrave metal with wavy lines and patterns.
docimology the art of assaying.
drypoint a sharp needle by which fine lines are drawn in copper engraving.
electrogilding electroplating with gold.
enamel a vitrified coating fired onto a metal or other surface; (verb) to coat with enamel.
enamelware craft goods made from enamel.
enamelwork work done in enamel.
engrave to form by incision.
gadrooned ornamented with gadroons.
gadrooning ornamentation with gadroons.
geat the channel or spout through which molten metal runs into a mold in casting.
gild to cover with a thin layer of gold ) GILDEN or GYLDEN.
gilden (Spenser) golden, gilded.
goldsize an adhesive used to attach gold leaf to a surface.
goldsmithery the craft of a goldsmith.
goldwork gold articles collectively.
grave severe, serious (noun) a hole in the ground to receive the dead; (verb, arch.) to engrave
grillwork something wrought in the form of a grill.
gylden (Spenser) golden, gilded.
ingot a mass of unwrought metal, esp gold or silver, cast in a mould; (verb) to shape (metal) into a convenient form for storage.
ironware goods made from iron.
ironwork objects made of iron.
koftgari (Urdu) the craft of inlaying steel with gold.
koftwork steel inlaid with gold.
latten metal in thin plates.
lattin metal in thin plates.
leadwork something made of lead.
lemel the dust and filings of metal.
limail the dust and filings of metal.
lingot (Obs.) an ingot.
linish to give a smooth surface to metal.
linisher one or something which linishes, gives a smooth surface to metal.
liquate to separate or purify (metals) by heating to liquify certain components.
maraging a process by which an alloy is slowly cooled in the air.
metalliding a high-temperature electrolytic technique for creating metal alloys on the surface of metals.
metallurgical relating to metallurgy.
metallurgically (Adv.) METALLURGICAL, relating to metallurgy.
metalware goods made of metal.
metalwork work in metal.
metalworking the process of working in metal.
millscale scale formed on iron or steel from heating for forging.
mitis a type of wrought iron.
neal an aphetic form of anneal, to heat and cool metal gradually to temper.
nickelise to plate with nickel.
nickelize to plate with nickel.
nickle to plate with nickel.
niellated inlaid in niello.
niellist one who practices the style of ornamentation called niello.
overgild to gild over; to varnish.
passivation the act of passivating.
paveed set close together to conceal a metal base.
platinise to coat with platinum.
platinize to coat with platinum.
postheat to heat a material (usually metal) after welding or treating to relieve stresses.
prometal a kind of cast-iron highly resistant to heat.
quartation mixing one part gold with three parts silver prior to purifying it.
redsear brittle at red-heat.
redshare brittle at red-heat.
redshire brittle at red-heat.
redshort brittle at red-heat.
regild to gild anew.
repoussage the art of doing repousse work.
repousse (Fr.) shaped in relief by being beaten up from under or reverse side; such artistic work; (noun) repousse work, an article made from repousse.
resmelt to smelt again.
rhodanise to electroplate with rhodium.
rhodanize to electroplate with rhodium.
ringwork work executed in rings.
riza (Russian) an ornamental silver plate covering a Russian icon.
scalework imbricated ornament.
scissel metal clippings; scrap metal.
scissil metal clippings; scrap metal.
scorifier a thing which scorifies something; spec. a fireclay vessel used in the process of refining or assaying.
sherardisation the process of sherardising.
sherardise to coat with zinc by heating with zinc-dust in a vacuum.
sherardization the process of sherardizing.
sherardize to coat with zinc by heating with zinc-dust in a vacuum.
shoder a package of gold beater's skins in which gold is subjected to the second process of beating.
silverware items, esp tableware or sporting trophies, made from or coated with silver.
sizel metal clippings; scrap metal.
smelter one who smelts.
smithery a smithy.
smithy a smith's workshop; (verb) to forge.
sorbitise to turn (a metal) into a form containing sorbite.
sorbitize to turn (a metal) into a form containing sorbite.
spelter zinc ingots, slabs, or plates.
stabile an abstract art construction of metal, wire etc.
steelware articles made of steel.
steelwork work executed in steel.
tinplate thin sheet iron or steel coated with tin; (verb) to coat with tinplate.
tinware goods made of tin eg trays, cups etc.
tinwork things made of tin.
toreutic of metal, chased or embossed.
toreutics artistic work in metal, producing by chasing and embossing.
touchmark the maker's official stamp on pewter.
tutania a kind of Britannia metal.
ungild to remove the gilding from.
weldable capable of being welded.
weldless without a weld.
weldment the act of welding.
wiredraw to draw into wire by pulling through successively smaller holes in a hard steel dieblock.
wiredrawing drawing wire by pulling through successively smaller holes in a hard steel dieblock.
wirework work, esp openwork, formed of wires.
wireworking working in wire.
zincification the process of coating with zinc.
zinckification the process of coating with zinc.
zinkification the process of coating with zinc.