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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

adland an idealised land portrayed by advertisements.
admass the mass audience of advertisements.
advertorial an advertisement presented as if it were editorial material.
antipress opposed to the Press.
backfile the back numbers of a journal etc.
blatt (Sl.) a newspaper.
broadsheet a newspaper of large format, measuring approx 4060cm (about 1624in); a quality newspaper.
byline a line at the head of a newspaper or magazine article or photograph naming the author or photographer; (verb) to write under a byline.
centerfold the centre pages of a magazine.
centrefold the centre pages of a magazine.
churnalism a type of journalism that relies on reusing existing material such as press releases and wire service reports instead of original research.
cliffhang to keep a reader in suspense.
cliffhanging the act of keeping a reader in suspense.
copyedit to proofread copy for a newspaper.
copywriting writing advertising copy.
cutline (US) a caption.
factoid an invented fact believed to be true because of its appearance in print.
factoidal like a factoid.
fandom the world of fans.
fanzine a magazine for fans.
fauxmance (Coll.) a fake romance between two celebrities in order to gain press coverage.
feuilleton (Fr.) in French and other newspapers, a part ruled off the bottom of a page for a serial story, critical article, etc; a contribution of this kind.
flackery publicity.
freesheet a newspaper distributed free.
frontlist a list of books about to be published.
frontpage to put on the front page of a newspaper.
girlie a magazine showing scantily clad females.
girly like a girl (noun) a girly magazine showing scantily clad females
headline to provide with a title.
iconic like an icon.
iconical like an icon.
iconically (Adv.) ICONICAL, like an icon.
iconicity the state of being iconic.
iconify to make an icon of.
iconise to make an icon of.
iconize to make an icon of.
izvestiya (Russian) news, information.
journalism the collection and editing of news for presentation through the media.
lamestream the traditional media such as newspapers, television and radio, considered by some people as old-fashioned and gullible when compared to online news sources such as blogs.
leaderette a brief newspaper leader.
lede the introductory section of a news story.
magalogue a large mail-order catalog in the form of a magazine.
magazine a type of periodical publication.
masscult culture as popularised by the mass media.
mook (Japanese) a book produced in magazine format.
newsiness the quality of being newsy.
newspaper a collection of folded printed sheets of paper published periodically (usu daily or weekly) for circulating news, etc; (verb) to work on a newspaper.
newssheet a simple form of document or publication giving news and information.
newswire a teleprinter which transmits news stories as they occur.
newswriting journalism.
nonstory an insignificant news story.
offprint a reprint of a single article from a periodical; (verb) to make an offprint.
personal related to oneself (noun) an advertisement or notice in the personal column of a newspaper
photojournalism journalism in which written copy is subordinate to pictorial usually photographic presentation of news stories or in which a high proportion of pictorial presentation is used.
photojournalist a practitioner of photojournalism.
plugola free incidental advertising.
promo (Short for) promotion, in sense of a promotional video recording; (verb) to promote with a video.
rapportage (Fr.) the description of real events in writing.
reportage the act or process of reporting news.
reportorially (Adv.) REPORTORIAL, relating to the work of a reporter.
scarehead a newspaper heading designed to raise a scare.
screenwriter a writer of screenplays.
semimonthly half-monthly; (noun) a periodical appearing twice a month.
sportswriting journalism on sports subjects.
strapline a subsidiary headline in a newspaper or magazine.
sub (Short for) submarine; subscription; substitution; (verb) to subscribe, substitute etc.
subedit to proofread and correct text for a newspaper.
subhead an inferior heading.
subsidiariat a collective term for the news sources that would not survive without being subsidized directly (by a government, etc).
tabloid a small newspaper.
tabloidy like a tabloid newspaper.
telejournalism journalism for television.
termly once a term; (noun) a periodical appearing once a week.
thinkpiece a journalistic piece designed to provoke thought.
topline important enough to be mentioned in a headline; (verb) to feature in a headline.
topliner a person who is topline, important enough to be mentioned in a headline.
zine (Sl.) a specialist magazine.