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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aquafortist an etcher or engraver who uses aquafortis.
crible a method of engraving in which holes or indentations are made in the surface of a material > CRIBLES.
ectypography etching in relief.
etch to engrave with acid.
etchant an acid or corrosive used in etching.
glyphograph a plate formed by glyphography.
glyphographer one who practises glyphography.
glyphographic relating to glyphography.
glyphographical relating to glyphography.
glyphography a process of taking a raised copy of an engraved plate by electrotype.
insculp to engrave, to cut or carve from something > INSCULPT.
intagliated incised, engraved.
photoxylography wood engraving after a photographic impression on a woodblock.
pokerwork the art of producing designs on wood by burning it with a hot metal rod.
pyrographic relating to pyrography.
pyrography the tracing of designs by burning.
pyrogravure design traced by pyrography.
rebite in engraving, to freshen (a plate) by a new application of acid.
rebitten (PaP.) REBITE, to freshen (a plate) by a new application of acid.
reengrave to engrave anew.
retroussage (Fr.) in etching, the action of drawing a fine cloth across an inked plate to draw out some ink and smear it irregularly across the plate.
underbite the (amount of) extension of the lower incisors beyond the upper when the mouth is closed; (verb) to bite insufficiently with acid, as in etching.
xylographer one who practises xylography, the art of making engravings on wood.
xylographical relating to xylography, the art of making engravings on wood.
xylography the art of making engravings on wood, esp for printing.