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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

auteurist a film director whose practice accords with the auteur theory.
biopic a film telling the life-story of a celebrity.
bioscope a form of cinematograph.
blaxploitation exploitation of black people, esp in the American film industry, by casting them in negative, stereotypical roles.
chiller a frightening film.
chopsocky a genre of martial arts films.
cine a motion picture.
cineast (Fr.) one who takes an artistic interest in motion pictures.
cineaste (Fr.) one who takes artistic interest in motion pictures.
cinemagoer one who attends the cinema.
cinematic relating to the cinema.
cinematically (Adv.) CINEMATIC, related to the cinema.
cinematise to produce for the cinema.
cinematize to produce for the cinema.
cinematograph a motion-picture camera, projector, theater, or show; (verb) to record by cinematograph.
cinematographer a specialist in cinematography.
cinematographic relating to cinematography.
cinematography the art or science of motion-picture photography.
cinephile a lover of the cinema.
cineplex (Tradename) a number of cinemas on one site.
cineramic relating to Cinerama®, a method of film projection used in the cinema.
clapperboard a hinged board (or a set of hinged boards) clapped together in front of the camera before or after shooting a piece of film, to help synchronize sound and vision.
deepie (Coll.) a three-dimensional cinematograph film.
docudrama a play or film representing real events.
featurette a brief feature, esp a short documentary film dealing with an aspect of the making of a feature film and included on a DVD of the feature film.
film a thin coating; (verb) to make a motion picture > FILMINGS
filmable that can be filmed.
filmdom the cinema industry.
filmer one who films.
filmgoing the practice of going to films.
filmic pertaining to the cinema.
filmically (Adv.) FILMIC, pertaining to the cinema.
filmish having a flavour of the cinema.
filmland the cinema industry.
filmmaking the making of films.
filmography a list of the films of a particular actor or director.
flashback in a film, novel, etc, a scene of the past, inserted as comment or explanation; (verb) to show a flashback.
fleapit (Sl.) a low-class cinema.
foley the technique of adding sound effects to a cinema film after it has been shot.
footage an amount of TV or camera film.
gargantua a monster in a Japanese film.
gorefest a movie featuring much bloodshed.
gorehound an enthusiast of gory horror films.
grindhouse a type of cinema that deals with sleazy dancing.
grosser a film etc. that brings in a (big etc.) sum of money.
intercut to insert a scene or shot into (an existing scene); to alternate (shots from different scenes).
keyframe the frozen image in an animation sequence.
kidult (Sl.) a film or video for an adult or child audience.
kidvid a television or video entertainment for children.
kinema cinema.
kinematic relating to the kinema.
kinematical relating to the kinema.
kinematically (Adv.) KINEMATICAL, relating to the kinema.
kinematograph an apparatus for filming, printing and projecting a series of instantaneous photographs so as to give a moving representation of a scene.
kinematographer one who operates a kinematograph.
kinematography the art of the kinematograph.
kinescope (Tradename) a cathode ray tube for a television; a motion picture made from an image on this; (verb) to make a kinescope.
kinetograph an early form of cinematograph camera.
klieg a kind of electric lamp used in filming.
lens a piece of transparent matter with one or both surfaces curved to cause regular convergence or divergence of rays passing through it; (verb) to make a film of.
maltese as in maltese cross, a mechanism providing intermittent frame-by-frame movement in a motion picture film projector.
movie a motion picture.
moviedom the world of the movies.
moviegoing attendance at the movies.
moviemaker one who makes movies.
moviemaking the act of making movies.
mutoscope an early form of cinematograph.
nickelodeon an early form of cinema.
nudie (Sl.) a film featuring nudity.
oater a Wild West film, a horse-opera.
offscreen in a film, not actually shown on the screen.
outtake a film scene dropped in final version; (verb, obs.) to take out, to except.
phenakistoscope an early form of cinematograph.
photoplay a motion picture.
picturegoer one who goes to the cinema.
pixilation a technique for making human figures and animals appear to be animated eg by the use of stop-frame methods.
pixillation a technique for making human figures and animals appear to be animated artificially, eg by the use of stop-frame camera techniques.
policier a film featuring police investigating crimes.
pornification the introduction of pornographic elements into a film etc.
postsync (Short for) postsynchronize, to add a soundtrack to a film after recording.
precensor to censor a publication or film before its release.
refilm to film again.
screenland the cinema.
sepmag of a film, having sound recorded on a separate magnetic tape.
silent without sound (noun) a silent film
silently (Adv.) SILENT, without sound.
skinflick a pornographic movie.
slashfest a film or computer game that involves bloody slayings involving blades.
slomo a slow-motion film.
soundman a member of a film crew whose job it is to record sound.
soundstage the soundproof area of a motion picture studio.
stardom the status of a preeminent performer.
suspenser something, eg a film or book, that is filled with suspense.
synthespian a computer-generated image of a film actor used in place of the actor when filming stunts.
talkie a talking film.
tentpole a big budget movie whose high earnings are intended to offset the cost of less profitable ones.
uncinematic not related to the cinema.
verite (Fr.) reality, truth, as in cinema verite.
videogram a commercial video film.
weepie a sentimental film or book.
weepily (Adv.) WEEPY, given to tears.
weepy given to tears (noun) a sentimental film or book
zoechrome an early colour cinematographic process, aka zoetrope.