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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

armlike like an arm.
armpit the hollow under the arm at the shoulder.
axilla (Lat.) an armpit.
brachial pertaining or belonging to the arm; (noun) the brachial artery or nerve.
brachiocephalic relating to the arms and head.
brachium (Lat.) the upper arm; the segment of the fore limb between the shoulder and the elbow.
crural of or belonging to the thigh or leg.
crus (Lat.) a part of a leg, the shank.
digit a finger or toe.
digitation a division into fingers or fingerlike processes.
eponychium a narrow band of cuticle over the base of a nail.
finger one of the digits of the hand; (verb) to touch with the fingers.
fingertip the end of the finger.
foot the terminal part of the leg on which the body stands and moves (verb) to walk
footlike like a foot.
forefinger the finger next to the thumb.
genicular relating to the knee.
genu (Lat.) the knee.
hand the end of the forearm (verb) to present with the hand
handlike resembling a hand.
heel the raised part of a shoe; (verb) to supply with a heel.
instep the arch of the foot.
intercrural within or pertaining to the area between the legs.
knee a joint of the leg; (verb) to strike with the knee.
kneecap the patella; (verb) to punish by shooting through the kneecap.
kneelike like a knee.
leg a limb for walking and standing (verb) to walk briskly
medius (Lat.) the middle finger.
membered having limbs.
membral relating to the limbs rather than the trunk.
midleg the middle of the leg.
nailless without nails; having no nails.
pachydactyl having thick digits.
pachydactylous having thick digits.
palmar of or relating to the palm of the hand.
pelma the sole of the foot.
pelmatic of or relating to the sole of the foot.
perionychium tissue surrounding a nail.
pes the human foot.
planta (Lat.) the sole of the foot.
plantar of or relating to the planta, the sole of the foot.
podal of the feet.
podalic of the feet.
pollex (Lat.) the thumb, as in phrase pollice verso, with thumb turned down, indicating condemnation, esp to death.
pollical of the thumb.
popliteal of or relating to the back of the knee.
poplitic of or relating to the back of the knee.
prehallux an extra first toe, or rudiment of a toe, on the preaxial side of the hallux.
shin the forepart of the leg below the knee; (verb) to climb by gripping and pulling alternately with the hands and legs.
sural pertaining to the calf of the leg.
thenal pertaining to the thenar, the ball of the thumb.
thigh a part of the leg.
thighed having thighs.
thumb the short, thick digit of the human hand (verb) to leaf through with the thumb
thumbnail the nail of the thumb; a sketch as small as a thumbnail.
underarm the underside of the arm, the armpit.
uniped a one-legged or one-footed person.
vola (Lat.) the hollow of the hand or foot.
volar pertaining to the palm or sole.
wrist the junction between the hand and forearm (verb) to sweep the puck alongside the ice before shooting