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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

ab an abdominal muscle.
ancle (Arch.) ankle.
aris cockney rhyming slang for arse.
arm a limb; a weapon; (verb) to provide with weapons.
arse (Sl.) the backside; (verb) to bother with.
backside the hind part.
bahookie (Coll.) the buttocks.
ballocks (Sl.) testicles; (verb) to screw up.
bazoo (US sl.) the mouth.
bazoom a woman's breast.
bellybutton (Coll.) the navel.
bigmouthed having a large mouth.
bingy (Aborig.) the stomach.
blee (Arch.) complexion.
blude (Scots) blood.
bludy (Scots) bloody.
bluid (Scots) blood.
bocca (Ital.) a mouth.
bodikin diminutive of body, in Od's bodikins, God's little body.
boep (S. Afr.) a protruding belly.
boko (Sl.) the nose.
bolix (Sl.) testicles; (verb) to screw up.
bollix (Sl.) testicles; (verb) to screw up.
bollocks (Sl.) testicles; (verb) to screw up.
bollox (Sl.) testicles; (verb) to screw up.
boobie (Sl.) a breast.
botty (Coll.) bottom.
bouk (Scots) the body; bulk.
bowr (Spenser) a muscle.
breadbasket (Coll.) the stomach.
breest (Scots) breast.
breist (Scots) breast.
browed having brows.
bubby (Coll.) a woman's breast.
bunghole (Aust. sl.) mouth.
cakehole a person's mouth.
cankle (Sl.) an obese or otherwise swollen ankle that blends into the calf without clear demarcation.
capernoitie (Scots) the head, noddle.
capernoity (Scots) the head, noddle.
cappernoity (Scots) the head, noddle.
caul a foetal membrane covering the head.
chaft (Scots) the jaw, cheek.
chinless lacking a chin.
chollers (Dial.) jowls, cheeks.
clit (Sl.) the clitoris.
coit (Aust. sl.) the buttocks, the backside.
cooch (Coll.) taboo slang word for the vagina.
cooze (Coll.) US and Canadian taboo slang word for the female genitals.
corey (Romany) the penis.
croupon (Obs.) the croup, the human buttocks.
cuit (Scots) the ankle.
cunt (Sl.) the female pudendum.
curlies (Coll.) the pubic hairs, as 'got him by the short and curlies'.
danny (Coll.) the hand.
delt (Coll.) a deltoid muscle.
derriere (Fr.) backside.
diddy (Coll.) small, tiny (noun) a female breast, a nipple or teat
donny (Coll.) the hand.
doup (Scots) the bottom of anything.
dowp (Scots) the bottom of anything.
earhole the external opening of the ear.
ee (Scots) an eye.
eine (Obs.) eyes.
entrall (Spenser) an entrail.
eyen (US) eyes.
eyne (Arch.) eyes.
fanny (Sl.) the buttocks; the female genitals; (verb) as in to fanny about, to procrastinate.
geggie (Scots) the mouth.
girdlestead (Obs.) the waist.
gnasher (Coll.) a tooth.
gooley (Aust.) a small stone; (pl.) testicles.
goolie (Aust.) a small stone; (pl.) testicles.
gooly (Aust.) a small stone; (pl.) testicles.
gristle cartilage.
gristly consisting of, or containing, gristle.
groof (Scots) the front of one's body, one's face.
grouf (Obs.) the front of one's body, one's face.
grufe (Scots) the front of one's body, one's face.
grundle (US sl.) the perineum.
haffet (Scots) the side of the head, the temple.
haffit (Scots) the side of the head, the temple.
hammy a hamstring > hammies.
harigalds (Scots) viscera.
harigals (Scots) viscera.
haun (Scots) a hand.
hawknose a strongly curved nose.
heartikin (Obs.) a little heart (used euphemistically in an oath).
heartling (Shakesp.) little heart, used in the oath ods heartling.
heid (Scots) head.
heinie (Coll.) the buttocks.
hinderland a type of linen cloth from Europe.
hinderlands (Scots) the buttocks.
hinderlans (Scots) the buttocks.
hinderlings (Scots) the buttocks.
hinderlins (Scots) the buttocks.
hindhead the rear portion of the head, the occiput.
hond (Obs.) hand.
hooknose a strongly curved nose.
hooknosed having a hook-shaped nose.
huckle the hip; the haunch; (verb) to force roughly.
hucklebone the ankle bone, or talus.
hurdies (Scots) the buttocks, the thighs.
innards the internal organs.
jacksie (Sl.) the posterior, the anus.
jacksy (Sl.) the posterior, the anus.
jaxie the posterior, the anus.
jaxy the posterior, the anus.
johnson (Sl.) a penis.
keester (Sl.) backside, bottom.
keister (Sl.) backside, bottom.
keyster (Sl.) backside, bottom.
kiester (Sl.) backside, bottom.
kisser (Coll.) the mouth, the face.
kyte (Scots) the belly.
langer (Sl.) a penis.
lith (Scots) a joint; spec. the last joint of the finger.
longhead a person with a long head.
loof (Scots) the palm of the hand.
lughole (Coll.) the ear.
minge (Sl.) the female genitalia.
mou (Scots) a mouth.
nads (Sl.) testicles.
neafe (Shakesp.) a fist.
neaffe (Shakesp.) a fist.
neif (Arch.) the fist.
neive (Arch.) the fist.
niddick the nape of the neck.
nief (Arch.) the fist.
nieve (Arch.) the fist.
nob a person of high social rank.
nole (Shakesp.) the top of the head.
noll the top of the head.
noop (Scott) a knob, the tip of the elbow.
nork (Aust. sl.) a woman's breast.
noul the top of the head.
noule (Spenser) the top of the head, the noddle.
nowl (Shakesp.) the top of the head.
ockodols (Dial.) one's feet when wearing boots.
oxter (Scots) the armpit; (verb) to take under the arm.
painch (Scots) the paunch.
pannikell (Spenser) the skull.
pate the top of the head, usually a bald head.
pated having a pate of a specific kind eg knotty-pated.
patoot the buttocks.
patootie (Coll.) the buttocks.
pec (Coll.) a pectoral muscle.
pechan (Scots) the stomach.
pecker that which pecks; (sl.) the penis.
peptics jocularly, the digestive organs.
phisnomy (Obs.) physiognomy.
phiz (Coll.) physiognomy, the face.
phizog (Coll.) physiognomy, the face.
phizz (Coll.) physiognomy, face.
piehole (Sl.) a person's mouth.
pillicock the penis.
pinkie (Scots) small; (noun) the little finger.
pinky somewhat pink; (noun) the little finger
poepol (S. Afr.) a slang word for the anus.
poitrine (Fr.) a woman's bosom.
potbelly a protruding abdominal region.
pow (Scots) the head.
puddy (Coll.) a paw, fist (adj.) short and pudgy
punany (Sl.) the female genitalia; women collectively, regarded as sexual objects.
quim (Sl.) the female genitalia.
ringman the ring finger.
rondure (Shakesp.) a gracefully rounded curvature.
roundure roundness; a round or circle.
rump the buttocks; (verb) to turn one's back upon.
rumpless destitute of a rump.
schlong (Sl.) the penis.
schnoz (Yiddish) the nose.
schnozz (Yiddish) nose.
schnozzle (Yiddish) nose.
scuft (ON) the nape of the neck.
shacklebone (Scots) the wrist.
shinne (Arch.) chin.
shlong (Sl.) a penis.
shouther (Scots) shoulder; (verb) to shoulder.
speal (Scots) the shoulder.
spule (Scots) the shoulder.
spuleblade (Scots) the shoulder-blade.
stomack as in to have a stomack, to be pregnant.
tailbone the coccyx.
thairm (Scots) an intestine, catgut.
tharm the belly, intestines.
thew muscle, strength.
thewed having thews.
thrapple (Scots) throat, windpipe; (verb) to throttle, strangle.
thropple (Scots) throat, windpipe; (verb) to throttle, strangle.
ticker (Sl.) the heart.
tockley (Aust. sl.) the penis.
todger (Sl.) the penis.
tonguelet a little tongue.
tuchis (Yiddish) the buttocks.
tuchus (Yiddish) the buttocks.
tum (Coll.) the stomach.
tummy (Coll.) the stomach.
tunbelly a protruding abdominal region, a potbelly.
tushie (Yiddish) the bottom, the buttocks.
tushy (Yiddish) the bottom, the buttocks.
twat (Sl.) the female genitalia; a foolish person; (verb) to strike violently.
underbelly the undersurface of a body or of something suggesting a body.
visnomie (Arch.) physiognomy.
visnomy (Arch.) physiognomy.
wame (Dial.) a womb.
wamed having a wame, womb.
wazoo (Sl.) a person's bottom.
weamb (Dial.) a womb.
weasand (OE) the windpipe.
weason (OE) the windpipe.
weazand (OE) the windpipe.
wem (Arch.) the womb or belly.
wemb (Dial.) womb.
wesand (Spenser) the windpipe.
wessand (OE) the windpipe.
wezand (Obs.) the windpipe.
willie (Hypocoristic) the penis.
windpipe the trachea.
wizzen (OE) the windpipe.