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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

cartilage gristle, a firm pearly white substance forming the embryonic skeleton of vertebrates (temporary cartilage) converted into bone in adults.
cartilaginous hard, tough, without chlorophyll and vasculature; like cartilage.
chondral relating to a chondrus, a cartilage.
chondrification the process of chondrifying, converting into cartilage.
chondrify to convert, or be converted, into cartilage.
chondrin an elastic, gelatinous substance, the matrix of cartilage.
chondroblast a cell that forms cartilage.
chondrogenesis the production of cartilage.
chondroid like or resembling cartilage.
chondroitin any of several glycosaminoglycans occurring in sulfated form in various animal tissues such as cartilage.
chondrus (Greek) a cartilage, a chondrule.
cricoid ring-shaped; (noun) a ring-shaped cartilage forming the wall of the larynx.
fibrocartilage cartilage with embedded fibres.
galactosamine an amino derivative of galactose that occurs in cartilage.
hamstring a tendon at the back of the knee; (verb) to disable by severing the hamstrings.
ligament a band of firm, fibrous tissue.
ligamental of or like a ligament.
ligamentary of or like a ligament.
ligamentous of or like a ligament.
perichondral of or like a perichondrium.
perichondrial relating to the perichondrium, a fibrous membrane covering cartilage except at joints.
perichondrium a fibrous membrane covering cartilage except at joints.
sinew a piece of strong fibrous tissue that joins a muscle to a bone (verb) to bind as if by sinews
tendinous of or like a tendon.
urachus (Greek) a cord or band of fibrous tissue extending from the bladder to the umbilicus.