Association of British Scrabble Players

ABSPThe Association of British Scrabble Players (ABSP) was formed in 1987 as a not-for-profit association to promote interest in the playing of Scrabble. We co-ordinate tournaments and the provision of a rating system for players in the UK, as well as providing information and support to members, tournament organisers and tournament directors. Media Contact Point

Tournaments Coming Soon
Per advice from the UK government, there are no rated tournaments scheduled in the foreseeable future.
Several unrated online tournaments are being run on the Internet Scrabble Club, on various days of the week.
Aug 1613:30-17:45 28 Multi Divisions with Open 5pp (8)
Aug 1819:30-22:30 24E Tuesday Night Scrabble Club (6)
Aug 2310:30-13:30 29 Sunday Brunch Special (6)
Aug 2519:30-22:30 24F Tuesday Night Scrabble Club (6)
Aug 2913:00-18:15 30A Summer Sizzler (10)
Aug 3013:00-18:15 30B Summer Sizzler (10)
Aug 3113:00-18:15 30C Summer Sizzler (10)
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