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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aisleway a passage for inside traffic.
alameda (Spanish) a public walkway between rows of poplar trees.
alley a narrow passageway.
alleyed furnished with alleys; forming an alley.
alleyway an alley.
alure (Obs.) a walk behind battlements; a gallery.
aqueduct an artificial channel or pipe for conveying water, most commonly a bridge across a valley.
arterial relating to an artery (noun) a type of highway
arterially (Adv.) ARTERIAL, relating to an artery.
autobahn (Ger.) a motorway.
autopista (Spanish) a motorway.
autoput a motorway in the former Yugoslavia.
autoroute a Continental motorway.
autostrada (Ital.) a motorway.
avenue a wide street.
backstreet a street away from the main thoroughfares.
bankit a raised way or footway above a parapet.
banquette (Fr.) a raised way or footway above a parapet.
beltway a highway round an urban area.
bikeway (US) a route set aside for bicycles.
boardwalk (US) a footpath made of boards.
boreen (Irish) a lane.
boulevard (Fr.) a broad street (esp in France) with rows of trees planted along it.
bridleway a path on which horses may be ridden.
broadway a broad road or thoroughfare.
bylane a side lane or alley off a road.
bypass a road, route or passage for carrying traffic, fluids, electricity, etc round an obstruction, congested place, etc.; (verb) to avoid by going around.
bypath a secluded or indirect path.
byroad a minor or side road.
bystreet an obscure street.
byway a side road.
cableway a structure for transport of material in cars, suspended from a cable.
canalise to make a canal through, provide with canals.
canalize to make a canal through, provide with canals.
carfax a junction where four or more roads converge, esp in the middle of a town.
carfox a junction where four or more roads converge, esp in the middle of a town.
carrefour (Fr.) a crossroads, a plaza.
carriageway the part of a road used by vehicular traffic.
cartroad a road for carts.
cartway a road for carts.
causeway a raised road or path through a marsh or across water; (verb) to construct a causeway.
causey a causeway.
causeyed with a causey, a causeway or raised road through a marsh.
chuckhole (US) a hole or rut in the road.
chunnel the tunnel beneath the English Channel.
churchway the public way or road that leads up to the church.
clearway a non-stopping route.
compital relating to crossroads, or to the intersection of leaf-veins.
contraflow a system of traffic regulation on motorways, when one carriageway is closed and the other is arranged for two-way traffic.
corniche (Fr.) a coastal road, esp one running along a cliff face.
corsey (Dial.) a pavement, causeway.
cradlewalk an avenue arched over with trees.
crawlway a small, low tunnel.
crossfall the transverse inclination on a road.
crossover a road passing over the top of another road.
crossroad an intersection of roads.
crosstown extending over a town, as in crosstown bus.
crosswalk (US) a pedestrian crossing.
crossway a way that crosses others or links others.
cruiseway a canal for exclusively recreational use.
curbside the side of a pavement bordered by a curb.
cutoff something that reduces distance.
cycleway a route esp for cyclists.
drangway a narrow lane.
dual twofold (verb) to make a road into a dual carriageway
dually (Adv.) DUAL, twofold.
duckboard a board with slats nailed across it to help passage across wet ground.
escalator a moving stair.
expressway (US) a motorway.
floodway an artifical passage for floodwater.
flyway a migration route used by birds.
footpath a path for pedestrians.
footway a passage for pedestrians only.
freeway a toll-free road for high-speed traffic.
frescade (Fr.) a cool walk.
gennel a narrow alley between high buildings.
ginnel a narrow alley between high buildings.
guideway a track for controlling the line of motion of something.
highroad a highway; a much travelled or main road.
highway a main road.
hoistway an opening for the hoist, or elevator, in the floor of a wareroom.
horseway a road along which a horse may pass.
igarape (Tupi) a canoe waterway in Brazil.
interstate any of a system of expressways connecting most major United States cities.
invious impassable, trackless.
kerbside the side of a pavement bordered by a kerb.
lane a narrow passageway.
laneway a lane.
lichway a path by which the dead are carried to burial.
logway a ramp used in logging.
loke (Dial.) a short narrow lane; a grass-covered track.
macadam pavement made of layers of compacted broken stone, now usually bound with tar or asphalt.
macadamed paved with macadam.
metalled of a road, with a proper surface.
motorable of roads, able to be used by motor vehicles.
motorway a type of highway.
multilane having several lanes; (noun) a highway having several lanes.
multiway having several paths or routes.
offramp a road leading off an expressway.
oilway a channel for the passage of oil.
overpass to pass across or overhead.
packway a path, as over mountains, followed by pack animals.
parkway a broad road adorned with turf and trees, often connecting a town's parks.
passageway a way that allows passage.
pathless having no path.
pathway a path.
pedway a walkway for pedestrians only.
peritrack at an airport, a specially prepared track used for the movement of aircraft, aka taxiway.
ridgeway a track following a ridge.
ringway a ring road.
riverway a river as a waterway.
road an open way for public passage.
roadbed the foundation of a railway track; the material laid down to form a road.
roadcraft knowledge and skill useful to road users.
roadless destitute of roads.
roadside land adjoining a road or highway.
roadway a road.
rodeway (Shakesp.) a roadway.
rollway a place prepared for rolling logs into a stream.
ropeway a means of transmission by ropes.
roundabout circuitous (verb) to go round and round
roundaboutedly (Adv.) ROUNDABOUTED.
roundaboutly (Adv.) ROUNDABOUT, circuitous.
route a way or course that is or may be travelled; (verb) to set a route for.
routeway a route.
seaway an inland waterway on which ocean-going vessels can sail.
sheeptrack a track made by sheep.
shunpike a side road used to avoid the toll on or the speed and traffic of a superhighway; (verb) to travel on shunpikes.
shunpiker one who avoids toll roads.
sidepath a byway or sidewalk.
sideroad a byroad.
sidewalk the pavement.
singletrack an off-road trail used by cyclists, wide enough for only one bicycle at a time.
skyway a route for aircraft.
slideway a route along which something slides.
slype a covered passage between walls, or between transept and chapterhouse.
snicket a narrow passage or back street.
speedwalk (US) an endless conveyor belt or moving walkway used to transport standing persons from place to place.
spurway a bridle path.
stockroute in Australia and New Zealand, a right of way for travelling stock.
street a public thoroughfare (verb) to lay out in streets
streeted having streets.
streety characteristic of the streets.
subgrade levelled ground under the foundations of a road or railway.
superhighway a multilane highway (as an expressway or turnpike) designed for highspeed traffic.
superroad a superior road.
taxiway at an airport, a specially prepared track used for the movement of aircraft.
telford a road made of stones.
telpherway a route for the conveyance of vehicles or loads by telpher.
thoroughfare a through road.
throughfare (Shakesp.) a thoroughfare.
throughway (US) a motorway.
thruway (US) a motorway.
toby in thieves' slang, the road.
tollbar a movable bar across a road to stop travellers passing before they have paid a toll.
tollway a route liable to a toll.
towpath a path beside a canal for horses towing a barge.
trackroad a towpath.
trackway a trodden path.
trailhead the terminus of a cattle trail.
trailside relating to or situated at the side of a trail.
trainway a railway.
tramroad a road prepared for easy transit of trams or wagons, by forming the wheel tracks of smooth beams of wood, blocks of stone, or plates of iron.
tramway a route for a tram.
transe a through passage.
travelator a moving footpath for pedestrians.
travolator a moving footpath for pedestrians.
treelawn the strip of lawn between the street and the sidewalk.
troade (Spenser) a track, path.
trod (Obs.) a track, path.
trottoir (Fr.) pavement.
truckline a transportation line using trucks.
turnoff a smaller road leading from a main road.
twitten a narrow lane between two walls or hedges.
underbridge a bridge carrying a road or railway.
unpathed not having a path.
unpathwayed without paths.
unpaved not paved.
vennel (Scots) a lane.
via (Lat.) by way of; (noun) a way, road.
voyageable that may be sailed over, as water or air.
walkway a pedestrian route.
wayless having no road or path.
waymark a signpost; something that serves as a guide to a traveller; (verb) to mark a trail.
wayside the side of a road.
went (Spenser) a path, a journey.
woonerf (Dutch) a road in the Netherlands primarily for bicyclists and pedestrians.
wynd a narrow street or lane.