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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

antiknock an additive in petrol, used to prevent knock.
astatki (Russian) the residue of petroleum distillation, used as fuel.
avgas any kind of aviation gasoline.
benzol crude benzene, used as a motor-spirit.
benzole crude benzene, used as a motor-spirit.
biodiesel a biofuel for use in diesel engines.
bioethanol ethanol produced from fermented plant material, used as a petrol additive or substitute.
biofuel a fuel (as wood or ethanol) composed of or produced from biological raw materials.
biofueled running on biofuels.
biofuelled running on biofuel.
bipropellant a rocket propellant consisting of fuel and oxidizer stored separately until ignition.
boghead as in boghead coal, a variety of coal from which paraffin oil can be derived, aka torbanite.
borane any boron hydride, efficient as a high-energy fuel.
butane a hydrocarbon of an alkane series, widely used as a fuel.
coke a form of fuel obtained by the heating of coal in confined space; (verb) to make into, or to become like, coke.
coky resembling coke.
cymogene petroleum gas.
defuel to remove fuel from.
derv diesel engine fuel.
dipropellant a rocket propellant consisting of two substances, usually a fuel and an oxidizer.
eilding (Scots) fuel.
eldin (Scots) fuel.
elding (Scots) fuel.
fuel material for burning as a source of heat or power; (verb) to supply with fuel.
gasahol a mixture of 8 or 9 parts petrol and 1 or 2 parts alcohol, used as a fuel.
gasohol a mixture of 8 or 9 parts petrol and 1 or 2 parts alcohol, used as a fuel.
gasolene orig. a petroleum distillate used for heating and lighting; now usually petrol.
gasoline orig., a petroleum distillate used for heating and lighting; now usually petrol.
gasolinic of or like gasoline.
hydyne an American rocket-launching fuel.
hypergol a rocket fuel.
hypergolic igniting on contact, applied eg to rocket fuel which ignites spontaneously on contact with an oxidizing agent.
hypergolically (Adv.) HYPERGOLIC, igniting on contact.
isooctane a fuel of the same octane rating.
kerosene a fuel oil, aka paraffin.
kerosine a fuel oil, aka paraffin.
lox liquid oxygen; (verb) to supply with liquid oxygen.
loxygen liquid oxygen.
mazout (Russian) petroleum residue after distillation.
mazut (Russian) petroleum residue after distillation.
monofuel a type of rocket propellant.
monopropellant a rocket propellant containing both the fuel and the oxidizer in a single substance.
nonfuel a type of energy not used for generating heat, power, or electricity > NONFUELS.
nonleaded not leaded.
oilfired using oil as a fuel.
oilgas a gaseous mixture of hydrocarbons used as a fuel.
paraffiny of or like paraffin.
petrol a mixture of light volatile hydrocarbons obtained by the fractional distillation or cracking of petroleum, used as a fuel in motorcars etc; (verb) to supply with petrol.
posigrade having or producing positive thrust.
recoal to take on coal again.
refuel to fuel again.
refuelable capable of being refuelled.
resid a type of fuel oil.
synfuel any type of fuel synthesised from a fossil fuel.
tetramethyllead a volatile poisonous liquid used esp formerly as an antiknock agent.
triptane trimethyl butane, a powerful aviation fuel.
unfuelled not fuelled.
yealdon (Scott) fuel.