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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

axel in figure-skating, a jump from one skate to the other.
blader a person skating with in-line skates.
bobskate a child's skate having two parallel blades.
choctaw (Am. Ind.) a movement in skating.
compulsory obligatory (noun) an exercise comprising specified compulsory figures, movements or dances, eg in ice-skating
icekhana an ice-skating competition.
lutz a jump in figure-skating.
mohawk (Am. Ind.) a movement in skating.
nonskater one who is not a skater.
outskate to surpass in skating.
rink a place for ice-skating; (verb) to skate on a rink.
rollerblader one who skates on rollerblades.
salchow (Swedish) an ice-skating leap with turns from inner backward edge of one skate to outer backward edge of other.
skate a shoe fitted with runners or wheels; (verb) to glide over ice or the ground on skates.
skater one that skates.
speedskating the sport of skating for speed.
walley a type of jump in figure skating.