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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aparejo a kind of pack saddle used in the American military service and among the Spanish Americans > APAREJOS.
bail bayle a barrier or pole separating horses in an open stable.
balk baulk to pull up short; to refuse a jump.
balkiness the state of being BALKY, apt to balk.
baulkiness the state of being BAULKY, apt to baulk.
balky apt to balk; as, a balky horse > BALKIER, BALKIEST; BALKILY.
baulky apt to balk; as, a baulky horse > BAULKIER, BAULKIEST; BAULKILY.
bareback without a saddle; (verb) to practise unprotected sex (not necessarily on horseback) > BAREBACKS, BAREBACKING, BAREBACKED.
bayle see BAIL.
bellyband a strap that secures a saddle, aka GIRTH.
bit the part of the bridle that the horse holds in its mouht; (verb) to put a bit in the mouth of > BITS, BITTED, BITTING.
bitless not having a bit or bridle.
blinder blinker (usu. in pl.) backwards or sideways flaps to prevent a horse from seeing backwards or sideways.
bradoon bridoon a light military bridle.
brank to prance, toss the head.
brecham brechan a horse-collar.
breeching a harness strap behind the haunches.
bridle an apparatus on a horse's head by which to control it; to control with a restraint.
bridler one who bridles; one who restrains and governs, as with a bridle.
bridlewise obedient to the pressure of the reins on the neck rather than to the bit.
bridoon see BRADOON.
browband the bridle-strap that goes over a horse's forehead
bullwhack a heavy short-handled whip; (verb) to strike with this.
buzkashi a game played in Afghanistan by teams of horsemen contesting for possession of a goat's carcass.
calk a pointed piece on a horseshoe to prevent slipping; (verb) to provide with a calk.
calker calkin caulker cawker a pointed piece on a horseshoe to prevent slipping.
canter an equine pace, between a trot and a gallop; (verb) to proceed at canter.
cantle the raised high part of a saddle.
capriole a leap and kick performed by a trained horse; (verb) to make such a kick.
caracol a half turn by a trained horse; a caper; (verb) to make such turn > CARACOLS, CARACOLLING, CARACOLLED.
caracole a half turn by trained horse; caper; (verb) to make such a turn > CARACOLES, CARACOLING, CARACOLED.
caracoler one who CARACOLES.
cavalcade a procession of people on horseback or in vehicles; (verb) to ride in a cavalcade.
cavalero a horseman > CAVALEROS.
cavaletti cavalletti a series of timber jumps, adjustable in height, for schooling horses.
cavesson a noseband for a horse.
cawker see CALKER.
chabouk chabuk a horse-whip.
charlier as in charlier shoe, a special light horseshoe. No —S.
checkrein a short rein looped over the check hook to prevent a horse from lowering his head, aka a bearing rein.
cinch a strong saddle girth, as of canvas; (verb) to fasten this.
cronet the hair growing over the top of a horse's hoof.
croup the rump of a horse, the place behind the saddle; (verb) to speak hoarsely.
croupade in dressage, a leap in which the horse draws its hind legs up towards its belly.
croupe the rump of a horse, the place behind the saddle.
crouper crupper a strap buckled to the back of a saddle and looped under the horse's tail, to prevent the saddle from slipping forward.
crownpiece the strap of a bridle that goes over a horse's head behind the ears.
curb a chain or strap attached to the bit for restraining a horse; (verb) to restrain.
curpel (Scots) a CRUPPER.
currycomb a metal comb used to groom horses; (verb) to comb with this.
demipique an eighteenth-century war-saddle.
demivolt demivolte a half-turn of a horse, the forelegs being raised in the air.
demount to dismount.
dishorse to dismount.
dismount to get off a horse.
dressage the training of a horse in deportment.
ebrillade a bridle check; a jerk of one rein, given to a horse when he refuses to turn.
equestrian one who rides on horseback.
equestrianism horsemanship.
equestrienne a female equestrian.
equitation the act or art of riding on horseback.
estrapade a horse's attempt to throw its rider.
event (verb) to take part in a horse-riding event.
eventer a horse trained to take part in three-day events.
eventing show-jumping.
falcade a motion of a horse throwing itself on its haunches.
footcloth a housing or caparison for a horse.
gait the way a horse moves; (verb) to teach (a horse) its gaits > GAITS, GAITING, GAITED.
gallop to ride a horse at full speed.
galloper a rider, esp. a huntsman, who gallops.
gambade a bound or spring of a horse.
gambado a bound or spring of a horse > GAMBADOS; (verb) to bound or spring > GAMBADOES, GAMBADOING, GAMBADOED.
girding that which girds, spec. a saddle-girth.
girth a strap that secures a saddle, aka BELLYBAND.
groom to tend a horse.
groomer one that grooms.
gymkhana a sporting contest, esp. one involving riding or driving skills.
hackamore a halter consisting of a long leather or rope strap and headstall, used for leading a pack animal.
halter a rope for holding and leading an animal; (verb) to put a halter on.
halterbreak to break (as a colt) to a halter.
harness to put tackle on a draft animal.
headstall that part of a bridle or halter which encompasses the head.
hippodrome a place set aside for horse and chariot races.
horseback the back of a horse.
horseflesh horses collectively.
horseman one who rides a horse.
horsemanship the art of riding.
horseshod shod with horseshoes.
horseshoe to put horseshoes on > HORSESHOES, HORSESHOEING, HORSESHOED or HORSESHOD.
horseless without a horse.
horsewhip a whip for use on horses; (verb) to strike with a horsewhip.
horsewoman a female HORSEMAN.
jodhpur (usu. in pl.) long riding-breeches.
jumpoff a deciding jump in a showjumping.
kajawah a camel saddle or pannier.
latigo a strap for tightening a CINCH > LATIGOES or LATIGOS.
manege the managing of horses; (verb) to train a horse.
martingal martingale a strap from the reins to the girth of a horse preventing it from carrying its head too high.
mochila a large leather flap which covers the SADDLETREE.
mount a horse for riding; (verb) to get on a horse.
noseband a band that goes over a horse's nose.
nosebanded wearing a NOSEBAND.
numnah a pad placed under a saddle of a horse to prevent chafing.
offsaddle to unsaddle.
outgallop to surpass at galloping.
outride to surpass in riding.
outtrot to surpass in trotting.
palfrenier a groom.
palfrey a saddle horse, esp. a light easy-gaited horse suitable for a woman.
palfreyed riding on a PALFREY, a saddle horse.
passade the motion of a horse to and fro over ground in dressage.
pelham on a horse's bridle, a type of bit.
pesade a dressage manoeuvre in which a horse rears up on its hindlegs without forward movement.
piaffe to perform a PIAFFER, a movement in dressage.
piaffer a movement in dressage.
pillion a light pillow; a saddle for a woman rider; (verb) to equip with a pillion > PILLIONS, PILLIONING, PILLIONED.
polo a game like hockey played on horseback > POLOS.
pommel the high part of a saddle-bow.
puissance a showjumping competition with very high jumps testing the power of a horse.
quirt a riding crop or whip; (verb) to beat with a quirt.
racker a horse that walks with a racking gait, i.e. with both legs on one side moving nearly together.
randem a tandem with three horses.
rearer a horse that rears.
reesty of a horse, liable to balk.
reinsman a skilled rider of horses.
resaddle to saddle again.
reshoe to shoe again > RESHOES, RESHOEING, RESHOD or RESHOED.
ridable rideable suitable for riding.
ridership being a rider.
ringbit a horse's bit with rings at the end.
roach a silvery freshwater fish of the carp family; (verb) to clip or trim (a horse's mane) short so that the hair stands on end.
rodeo an exhibition of cowboy skill; (verb) to take part in a rodeo.
roughshod provided with horse-shoes with projecting nails to afford extra grip.
rouncy a riding-horse, a nag.
rowel a revolving disk with sharp marginal points at the end of a spur; (verb) to apply a rowel to a horse > ROWELS, ROWELING or ROWELLING, ROWELED or ROWELLED. [Ult. from L. rota, wheel].
saddle to put a saddle (a leather seat for a rider) on.
saddlebow part of a saddle.
saddlebred a breed of saddle horses developed chiefly in Kentucky.
saddlecloth a cloth placed under or over a saddle.
saddleroom a room where saddles and harness are kept.
saddlery a place where saddles are sold.
saddletree the frame of a saddle.
selle a seat, saddle.
shabrack shabracque a trooper's housing or saddle-cloth.
shier shyer a horse that shies.
showjump to take part in a SHOWJUMPING competition.
showjumper a horse or rider in a SHOWJUMPING competition.
showjumping a competition in which a succession of riders on horseback have to jump a series of obstacles of different kinds > SHOWJUMPINGS.
shyer see SHIER.
sidecheck part of a horse's harness.
sidesaddle a saddle for women in which the rider sits with both legs on one side of the horse.
snaffle a jointed bit for horses (less severe than the curb); (verb) to purloin.
soring the practise of making a horse's front feet sore to force high stepping > SORINGS.
spur a goading instrument on a horse rider's heel; (verb) to apply the spur to.
spurless having no spurs.
spurne to spur > SPURNES, SPURNING, SPURNED.
spurrer one who spurs.
stablemate a horse from the same stable as another.
startlish startly startish of a horse, apt to start.
stirrup a support for a rider's foot, usu consisting of a metal hoop suspended on a strap from the saddle.
surcingle a girth or strap for holding saddle to animal's back; (verb) to fasten with a surcingle. >
surreined of a horse: overridden, overworked.
tapadera tapadero the leather guard in front of a Mexican stirrup.
terret territ torret a metal ring on a harness through which the reins pass; a ring on an animal's (e.g. dog's) collar for a leash.
throatlash throatlatch a strap used to fasten a horse's bridle.
tripple a horse's ambling canter, between a fast walk and a trot; (verb) to proceed at this pace.
trippler a horse that tripples, proceeds at a pace between a walk and a trot.
trot a pace between walking and running (of a horse, with legs moving together diagonally).
unbear to remove or loose the bearing rein of (a horse).
unbridle to remove the bridle from.
ungirth to remove a girth from.
unhorse to cause to fall from a horse.
unpanel to unsaddle, from PANEL, a saddle > UNPANELS, UNPANELLING, UNPANELLED.
unrein to loosen the reins of; to remove restraint from.
unridable that cannot be ridden.
unsaddle to remove the saddle from.