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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

autocross motor racing round a rough grass track.
autodrome a track or circuit for racing cars, go-karts, etc.
autopoint a point-to-point over rough country in motor vehicles.
autosport the sport of motor-racing.
autotest a competition in which drivers race standard cars around a circuit.
dragster a car built or modified for use in drag races.
dragstrip a track for drag racing.
dragway a race course for drag racing.
enduro a long distance race testing the endurance of motor vehicles rather than their speed.
equipe (Fr.) in motor-racing and other sports, a team.
karting go-kart racing.
minimoto a reduced size replica motorcycle used for racing.
motocross a form of scrambling, motorcyle racing round a rough circuit.
rallycross a form of motor sport in which cars race over a one-mile circuit of rough grass with some hard-surfaced sections.
rallye (US) a (car) rally.
rallying the sport of driving in car rallies.
rallyingly (Adv.) RALLYING.
rallyist one who takes part in rallies.
roadeo a competition for truck drivers.
speedway a road designed for rapid travel.
stockcar a specially adapted and strengthened ordinary saloon car used for stock car racing.
supermoto a form of motorcycle racing over part tarmac, part dirt.
trackside the side of a (racing) track.
yump in rally-driving, to leave the ground when going over a ridge or crest.