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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aikido (Japanese) a type of martial art.
basho (Japanese) in sumo wrestling, a tournament. No -S.
budo (Japanese) the system or philosophy of the martial arts.
dan a level of efficiency in Japanese combative sports.
dohyo (Japanese) a sumo wrestling ring.
dojo (Japanese) a martial arts school.
gi (Japanese) a loose-fitting white suit worn in judo, karate, and other martial arts.
hapkido (Japanese) a Korean martial art.
ippon (Japanese) a clean throw in judo.
jiujitsu (Japanese) a combat art.
jiujutsu (Japanese) a combat art.
judo (Japanese) a Japanese form of unarmed combat.
judoist one who practises judo.
judoka (Japanese) one who practises judo.
jujitsu (Japanese) a combat art.
jujutsu (Japanese) a combat art.
karate (Japanese) a martial art.
karateist an exponent of karate.
karateka (Japanese) an exponent of karate.
kata (Japanese) a sequence of movements in the martial arts.
kendo (Japanese) a martial art, stick fighting.
kendoist one practises kendo.
ki (Japanese) the spirit of Japanese martial art.
koka the lowest score awarded for a throw or hold in judo, worth three points.
kumite (Japanese) freestyle sparring or fighting.
kyu a novice grade in judo.
ninja (Japanese) one of a body of trained assassins and spies in feudal Japan, skilled in ninjitsu.
ninjitsu (Japanese) a martial art, teaching stealth and camouflage.
ninjutsu (Japanese) a martial art, teaching stealth and camouflage.
niramiai (Japanese) in sumo wrestling, a period of stamping and glaring to cow the opponent.
ryu (Japanese) a school of Japanese martial arts.
seiza (Japanese) a kneeling position in Japanese martial arts.
shiai (Japanese) a judo contest.
taekwondo (Korean) a Korean martial art.
wushu (Chinese) the Chinese martial arts.
yuko (Japanese) in judo, a points penalty.