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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

backlift a backward lifting of the bat.
bail a piece of wood balanced on top of the STUMPS to serve as evidence that the stumps have indeed been hit.
batsman the one currently trying to stop the sticks being hit.
batsmanship skill with the cricket bat.
batswoman a female batsman.
beamer a fast ball at head height.
blockhole the place where a batsman rests his bat.
bodyline a style of bowling aimed directly at the batsman.
bosie another name for a GOOGLY.
bouncer a short-pitched fast delivery bowled so as to bounce and rise sharply off the ground.
boundary the edge of the pitch.
bowler the person throwing the ball at the sticks, or oil-drum as the case may be.
bumper much the same as a BOUNCER.
bye a run made from a ball that passes the batsman but is not struck or touched by him.
century a score of 100 runs.
chinaman a left arm wrist spinner.
crease any of the lines that regulate the positions of batsman and bowler at the wicket in cricket.
creep a ball that stays low after bouncing.
cricketer one who plays cricket.
deep in the OUTFIELD, not close to the wickets.
dilscoop an attacking shot that lifts the ball over the wicketkeeper's head.
dolly a slow, easy catch.
doosra a type of delivery bowled by an off-spinner.
duck a score for an INNINGS of zero runs; (verb) to bob down.
fielder fieldsman one whose job is to retrieve the ball after the batsman hits it.
fizzer a fast ball.
gazunder a low ball in cricket; (verb) the opposite of GAZUMP.
google to bowl a GOOGLY.
googly an off-break ball bowled with apparent leg-break action.
grounder a ball that keeps low.
grub grubber a ball that travels along the ground.
gully a fielding position on the offside, between point and slips, or a player in this position; (verb) to wear a gully in.
howzat a cry in cricket appealing for dismissal of the batsman. No —S. The H is silent, unless you are very posh.
infield the area of the field near the pitch.
infielder a FIELDER who stands near the wicket.
innings a team's or individual batsman's turn at batting in cricket, etc >FONT color=red>INNINGSES. A singular INNING exists but is used in baseball not cricket.
inswinger a ball bowled so as to swerve to leg.
jaffa a well-bowled ball that is likely to take a wicket.
kilikiti a Polynesian version of cricket played by teams of 15-20 players > KILIKITIS.
leggie a leg-break or a bowler of leg-breaks.
legside that half of a cricket field on the side on which the batsman stands when waiting to receive the ball.
maiden an over that is completed without any runs being scored.
misfield to make a mistake in fielding.
notcher one who keeps score by making notches.
nurdle to score runs by gently pushing with the bat rather than hitting hard.
outfield the area of the field further from the pitch.
outswing an outward swing of a ball in cricket; (verb) to cause an outswing > OUTSWINGS, OUTSWINGING, OUTSWUNG.
outswinger a ball in cricket that swings outwards.
over a number of balls delivered by the same bowler after which there is a change of ends.
overarm done with the arm above the shoulder; (verb) to throw a ball overarm > OVERARMS, OVERARMING, OVERARMED.
overpitch in cricket, to bowl a ball so that it bounces further up the pitch than intended.
overthrow of a fielder, to throw such that the ball goes past the intended point.
paceman a fast bowler.
pads protective gear worn by the BATSMAN on the legs.
runless without runs.
runout a dismissal at cricket due to being run out i.e. not getting back to the CREASE in time.
seam a sewn joint on a cricket ball that can be used to influence its actions on bouncing.
seamer a ball delivered by seam bowling.
shooter a cricket ball that stays abnormally low after pitching.
sightscreen a screen used in posh cricket to counter dazzle.
skier skyer a hit high into the air.
sledge to seek to upset the batsman's concentration by making offensive remarks.
slip any of several FIELDERS (e.g. first slip, second slip, etc) positioned in a row next to the wicketkeeper on the offside.
spin a bowling technique for imparting angular momentum to the ball, thus influencing what it does when it bounces at the other end.
spinner a delivery with spin; a bowler who uses spin.
stonewall to play defensively, thus making the game even more boring than it already is.
stump one of the three sticks forming, with the BAILS, the WICKET; (verb) to get a batsman out by breaking the wicket when the striker is out of his ground.
tailender a batsman coming in at the end.
tonk to hit the ball into the air.
tonker one who TONKS.
ump to umpire.
umpie umpy an UMPIRE.
umpire the cricketing equivalent of a referee, who decides e.g. whether a batsman is out.
underhand an underhand ball in e.g. cricket.
wicket the upright arrangement of three STUMPS with two BAILS on top which the batsman defends against the bowling.
wicketkeeper the fieldsman who stands immediately behind the batsman's wicket and whose object is to stop balls missed by the batsman.
wide a ball that passes completely beyond the batsman's reach.
yahoo an exuberant attempt to hit the ball hard, often with disappointing results.
york to bowl a batsman with a YORKER.
yorker a ball bowled so as to pitch on the popping crease and pass under the bat.